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More hate mail, The Juliann Lisanby files for Thanksgivingtime!

It’s been a grueling coupla weeks, and what better way to get through it than some irritating hate mailer talkin’ shit about who knows what?? You may recognize the name Juliann Lisanby from past pages of hate mail where I accidentally repeated his letters. I do that every so often, but don’t despair! The conversation has continued far beyond that so they’ve all been scooped up and grouped together in what the world will now recognize as The Juliann Lisanby files.

Oh, and btw, it was pages 409 and 420 that each had his letters once posted there, but as of today they’ve been replaced with new letters that’ve yet gone unread by the public! See for yourself.

More colorful complaints from striking imaginations!

Again, I have a wide range of assorted hate mail from all over the place! And just for your information, I have been working dilligently on the Find Jesus game which is so astronomically time consumming you wouldn’t even believe, but I’m having so much fun drawing Union Square I can’t stop myself! Unfortunatly the updates for the rest of the site have suffered and your complaints have been coming in.

I’m doing the best I can, goddammit! I ache to please all, but my first priority is me, because I’m a good person with value no matter what you all say! Um, is this a bad time to also mention that I’m available for hire? Hire me! I’m worth the dollar, and my clients return to me again and again, because I’m good.