Hate Mail/Filter Bubbles & Hypocrisy to Blame

http://normalbobsmith.com/hatemail499.html Page 499 of Hate Mail is here! It’s been a long wait. Come see why. Filter bubbles on Google & elsewhere have disrupted my #2 placement on all those in opposition’s search results. A combination of that, and apparently the exposing of my hypocrisy are to blame for my dwindling hate letters, and more.

Unwanted Blessings Can for Christmas!

http://normalbobsmith.com/hatemail498.html Are you tired of all the holiday blessings and unwanted prayers that come your way at Christmastime? Well, you need to get The Can! The Christmas Blessings Neutralization & Containment Can for under the Christmas Tree! Your Christmases will be less Jesus and more Santa from here on out!

Thanksgiving is for Thanking Hate mailers

http://normalbobsmith.com/hatemail496.html Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who participated in getting this page of hate mail to you in time for the holiday! And special thanks to anyone who participates in the Grand Opening of the Normal Bob Smith Store just in time for Black Monday Mania! See more on this brand new page of hate mail.

Newfound Joy part 2

http://normalbobsmith.com/hatemail495_part2.html If you haven’t already been convinced of the newfound joy that’s been discovered in Christianity and all the magical promises it offers to its followers, Part 2 of Joy’s files should all but drive it through your skull. “Does your mom think that when someone writes to you “you suck” and you respond “on [...]

Newfound Joy a Hell on Earth, hate mail page 495

http://normalbobsmith.com/hatemail495.html So things are really coming to a head here and we draw nearer to page 500! Most importantly, after almost 11 years of smooth sailing, Google has chosen to remove me from their search index. No kidding. Read the sidebar for more on that. Plus, a Christian asks me “why do you hate my [...]

Christian Hate Mail, as you’ve ordered

http://www.normalbobsmith.com/hatemail493.html Believe me, I get the message how much you people love the Christian hate mail, and for many of you it’s the only reason you return to the site. You make no secret of it emailing me your complaints about how little you care about the other aspects of my life that I post. [...]