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Normal Bob Smith

New & Improved Final Justice Jesus Dressup!

I don’t think it’s any big secret that my favorite version of Jesus Dressup is the Final Justice version. So I just went back and added some more villains, repaired a few glitches in the coding and tweaked the existing artwork to make it even better than it was before! So go see what I consider the greatest Jesus Dressup ever!
• Can you name all 14 villains?
• Any other villain ideas? Mind you, the character must be recognizable using just clothes.

My new GOD IS FAKE money stamp!

I realize I’m not the originator of this, I do not know who made the one I first saw, but when I did I knew it was good. So the other day I couldn’t help myself, stopped off at my local rubber stamp store and had one made just for me! My very own GOD IS FAKE stamp! And Christ, it’s FUN!

So after stamping all the bills in my wallet and my secret stash under my mattress, all my friends’ bills, and asking everyone I came into contact with for a dollar, which I’d stamp & return, I withdrew all my savings, stamped it, every last one, and redeposited it to guarantee my money was branded MY MONEY!

But my peace of mind was short lived.

After a long day of stamping every bill I encountered, I remembered what I always remember: The Bible. THE BIBLE!! And immediately I got to work stamping out God verse by verse, page by page, all night long until the sun came up.

I can’t say enough how satisfying blotting out the word God can be. I’ve even started accepting tracts from proselytizers again just to show off my new stamp to them!

I’m still not entirely happy with the legibility of the “IS FAKE” portion so I’m stopping back at the stamp maker’s with a thinner, simpler font. I’ll be sure to let you know how that all goes. Also, to be quite honest, I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to be doing this, so please, let’s keep this between you and me. I suppose that also explains why it’s so much fun. And best of all this takes care of my stocking-stuffers for everyone on my shopping list this Xmas (emphisizing the “X”). [Available as of Nov. 19th, 2009]