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Dec. 2nd, 2008 News

I just received word that a large French newspaper “le Figaro” ( reported that my magnets were on sale at Toys-R-Us. I just finished a phone interview with Matthieu Bock, a reporter for French National Radio Europe (will air tomorrow), and apparently a Christian person called in the news to the paper.

From what I could gather from the reporter’s account, a call was actually made to Toys-R-Us and they responded “No. That is not us. It’s a boy in New York who did this. We do not carry the magnet.”

Of course the rumor stemmed from the visit I made 4 months ago to Toys-R-Us Times Square when I infiltrated their store and planted the toys on their shelves myself. Read the sidebar of hate mail page 382.

I told the reporter that I did indeed go and put them on the shelves myself because Toys-R-Us refused to stock them and I felt they should. I waited and watched people go up and take them to purchase, so I was right. The reporter asked if I was aware the story was in this very big paper in France and I said I was not, but am happy it is, and I’ll go put my magnets in Walmart next.

Here is the letter from a French fan explaining what he read, and the article translated from here:

“Hi Normal Bob

First of all thanks for the silly humor on your site which I enjoyed. I live in Paris France and only just discovered it because of the internet buzz about the Toy’R'us boycott mentioned in le Figaro, a conservative right wing daily newspaper, which once again has made a fool of itself. Bravo for taking on the fundies as you call them. Luckily here in France they are not so powerful as in the US (after all our forefathers and mothers did kick their butts in 1789 when we also chopped of our good king’s head, so they tend to keep a lower profile here). But there are a few left and they’re as stupid as everywhere else. Also many kudos for taking the time to answer the mounds of appalling hate mail you receive! It’s nice to hear someone tell’em like it is. You mention the Figaro article on your site saying you’d like to know more about it , I found it and translated it for you. It was a short piece but is being relayed a lot on other webmedias and blogs so you’re probably getting a lot of hits from France these days. Here’s the figaro piece, in case you haven’t found it already:

A Toy Upsets Christians
Mobilization of christian groups: a few weeks before christmas, the toy store Toys’R'Us is selling an untasteful game, to say the least..

This magnet game consists in sticking on a figure of christ disguises of Hitler, members of the KKK, and Satan. Some groups have not hesitated to call for a boycott of Toys’R'Us. They demand that this company remove this product that they judge insulting for the millions of french people who believe in the christian faith.”
So how do I translate all of these fun articles?

Oct. 28th, 2008 is a site you needed to know about even before they interviewed me for their site. “A love letter to Alternative Culture” is the perfect description of what they do. You’ll probably find yourself bookmarking it and appreciating the original information about the alt world you never knew about on an impressively regular basis. This is a warm thank you to my friends at

Oct 26th, 2008, Sunday

So Skater Bob and I are hangin’ out at Union Square trying to enjoy the beautiful day while there’s not only an obnoxious Christian band playing in the center of the park, but their god-awful power generator is behind us booming like 20 broken lawnmowers. That’s when Skater Bob had this genius idea…..

And if you’re interested in pulling the plug on this band they’ll be at Union Square again next week – Sunday Nov. 2nd, 2008. See for yourself, it’s just as much fun as it looks.

October 22, 2008 News

Wonderful story about advertising atheism on the sides of buses in the UK. Again, thanks to Richard Dawkins. Now let’s make this happen here in the U.S.
‘No God’ slogans for city’s buses

Bendy-buses with the slogan “There’s probably no God” could soon be running on the streets of London. [Click to continue]

And it seems to be a well funded campaign! Check this out…