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New Amazing Strangers & front page Facelift!

At long last a new page of Amazing Strangers AND a newly facelifted front page! Check it out! How long have you been frustrated with the dated, confusing mess that was Normal Bob’s front page? Well, now that it’s established fact he’s married to this goddamn thing, the front page has to look like a satisfied wife.

iPhone app pulled by Normal Bob Smith

Due to a disagreement between me & the application’s writer the Jesus Dressup iPhone app has been pulled.

Let there be no confusion. Apple did not pull the Jesus Dressup app. Christians did not get it removed. I had a gargantuan disagreement with the person who made the application for me and last night, in a heated phone conversation that ended with us hanging up on each other, the app yanked by us.

I’m noticing rumors already starting and articles being written and lots and lots of questions directed at me so I want to nip this in the bud.

Normal Bob pinsets & making $6 go a long way

If you’ve loved this site and wanted to help out but didn’t have the time or the money to make any sort of impact, think again. For the past several years I’ve been teamed up with a good friend of mine selling Normal Bob Pinsets to all of you. This is them:

They are only $6 a set, and right now I only need to sell 10 more sets to get a sizable payment from Cold Cocked Cards for all they’ve sold so far. In short, if I sell ten more sets a much needed check gets sent my way. A check that’s going right back into the site to make it better, funnier and yes, more dangerous.

I’m hoping everyone notices that this sort of request isn’t common from me, and the uniqueness of the opportunity is apparent. Your purchases (if they happen) will go a long way, and be greatly appreciated.

There it is. My heart on a platter for all of you.

I’m back from a headcold

So I just got over a stupid intrusive cold that laid me out for a long weekend and pretty much ruined my whole attitude on life. But today I’m back and feeling like a superman!

One of the things I do when I’m out of commission and avoiding major updates to the site is I instead do minor little updates. Like for instance a couple extra letters got tagged onto the end of Claire Grace’s collection on page 415. I realize that correspondence was a while back, but maybe it took being away from Union and Claire for this many months to find inspiration and reply to her last.

Also,  it had been brought to my attention a controversy that happened with Jesus Dressup that I didn’t know anything about! Focus magazine apparently published something about Jesus Dressup then got in trouble with The Media Ethic Council back in November ’08. You can read more about that here. If you know anything else about it I’d love to be told.

Oh, and also while I was sick I kept adding new costumes to the latest Final Justice JDU, so I invite you to go take a look and see who you can name! Christ, I adore that version. It’s so much fun!!

Anyhow, I’m back to work today with more hate mail, stranger people, comics and surprises on the way so do not stray.

April 8th, 2009 Jesus Dressup for sale at Walmart this Easter!

So it’s Easter time and Walmart just started selling Jesus Dressup fridge magnets. Don’t believe me? Here’s the video to prove it!

No joke. These sets were bought at both the Princeton, NJ & Nassua Park, NJ Walmarts, so THAT makes it official! More details can be found at the Catholic Forums message boards.

Please share this magical Easter miracle with everybody you know! And if you’re truly filled with the spirit of Easter download the video mp4 here and upload it to your YouTube, Google or Myspace video profile.

Happy Easter from Jesus Dressup… and Walmart!

Jan 23rd, 2009

Just in case you were wondering, I haven’t been slacking off on the site. I’ve been really busy with outside jobs and activities. Last week I attended for the first time a New York City Atheists meetup, attempting to expand my atheistic horizons  and get some much needed human company during this unbelievably cold winter. I also just finished Uncle Sam Dressup for my friends at Medows CPA, PLLC Accounting. And The Quarter Guy saw some of the past work I’ve done on him and hired me to work on his personal page ( and get some of his affairs in order.

There are also efforts being made for my return to Arizona State University & Kentucky, and there’s more comics, hate mail and Super Chics on the way as well! So don’t throw in the towel on me. I’m just playing catchup!

Jan 6th, 2009

Now, I realize I’m getting old (turning 40 this year) so I too can fall victim to Christian parody sites, but I swear I think this lady and her friends are for real. Please tell me they’ve brought the Toys-R-Us boycott full circle from NYC to Europe and now back to the States again and are seriously calling 1-800-toysrus to complain. If it’s a parody (judging from her default pic) then she’s almost doing a perfect act and making me do a double, triple and quadruple take.