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Mancow interview from 2001 & Penn Jillettes response

In 2001 Mancow interviewed me about Jesus Dressup, and just in case you never had the opportunity to hear it I was able to convert the mpeg files to mp3s and make into a video which I’ve posted on YouTube in two parts.

Part 2 also includes Penn Jillette’s comments on the interview. Penn made his statements on his own show,, in 2006.

And you can read my comments at the time on the Special People Club page I made for it back then, entirely transcribed and editorialized.

April 8th, 2009 Jesus Dressup for sale at Walmart this Easter!

So it’s Easter time and Walmart just started selling Jesus Dressup fridge magnets. Don’t believe me? Here’s the video to prove it!

No joke. These sets were bought at both the Princeton, NJ & Nassua Park, NJ Walmarts, so THAT makes it official! More details can be found at the Catholic Forums message boards.

Please share this magical Easter miracle with everybody you know! And if you’re truly filled with the spirit of Easter download the video mp4 here and upload it to your YouTube, Google or Myspace video profile.

Happy Easter from Jesus Dressup… and Walmart!

Dec 9th, 2008

You’ve probably noticed some of the new, beautiful ads scattered throughout the site featuring Super Chic Christy Christ showcasing various Jesus Dressup magnet sets. I’ve added some new images to the Banners section of my site that you’ll find hard to resist. Go ahead, try to resist her. You can’t can you? That’s why she’s my Super Chic.

Nov. 19th 2008

Get the new Christmas Jesus Dressup widget for your Myspace, Facebook or any personal website! Show your friends exactly what Jesus means to you this time of year.