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The files of Daniel Lee
Since that NY Times article came out the incoming emails have really been behaving differently. It’s hard to put a finger on, but I’m betting you’ll be able to see the difference in the weeks to come. These Daniel Lee files are pretty obvious though. Someone complaining about something other than me being Satan. I know many of you don’t like this section to get off topic, but this particular exchange is worth it in my opinion.

Amazing Strangers of Union Square
Amazing Strangers is still rollin’ out the hits! This week I’ve decided to top everything you’ve ever seen before and take it to the next level of patheticness. You didn’t think it could be done, then I deliver it on a bed of ooze. Wait’ll you see what “Free Massages” has gone and done.
And your votes count in the great Jimmy Vega vs Day Day election! Well, they sorta count. Not really.
Anyhow, you think you’ve seen Graver? You haven’t seen shit until you see The Ultimate Graver Warrior armed to the teeth! Are you prepared to do battle? Come and see another exciting page of Strangers. Your participation is expected.

Amazing Stranger Summer 2010!

Without a doubt this has easily been the best Amazing Stranger summer I’ve ever had. The crazies are as crazy as ever and I’ve had more balls than ever before filming them. This week we’ve got more Quarter Guy, more Cockroach and another installment of the incredible Methods of a Peeper series.

Go ahead and try and find anywhere else on the web where the content is so unpredictable, original and hilarious! You know you’ll come crawling back on your knees begging for more Amazing Strangers!

Union Square interview with park regs

Let’s try this again… Check out this video my friends made at Union Square, featuring me and a whole lot of other Union Sq regs. Funny note: My interview was cut short because at one point there were so many whackjobs interrupting and freaking out, total chaos ensued and conducting any sort of conversation became futile. An honest presentation of the park.

Fluffy Heads Demo from FLUFFY HEADS on Vimeo.