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Amazing Strangers/Going out with a BANG!
Every year Shaggy and I are more than aware that the park’s days are coming to an end. Winter’s about to set in and the Christmas shopping mall sets up in November closing off all antics at Union. That’s why we save all of the BIG stuff until then. And let’s just say, this year beats all, making the Dog Molester look like child’s play. Am I allowed to say that?

Please take heed on this new page of Amazing Strangers.

A Simple Page of Strangers
Quite simply, things have gotten very stupid and strange at the park. And if one more person comes up to me and says “I know I asked to be on your site, but could you take me off now?” I’m going to throw them the fuck out of the whole goddamned park!

The John Asby files
Last weekend the Christians decended upon Union Square and completely took over the park. Friday they arrived, hundreds of them, forming a circle (facing inwards so they only saw themselves) and sang songs to Jesus for hours. This page is one of those Christians, John Asby, who was willing to talk somewhat reasonably, with us.

100 pages of Amazing Strangers!

It’s here! It’s here! Page 100 is here! And the true reality of my addiction to this park isn’t a secret anylonger. And there’s no better way to celebrate this occasion than by giving you a full, video-packed page of Amazing Strangers with all your favorite regulars. Teenagers with cigarettes and cheap highs, bumfights,  gravers, and harassing Christians from the midwest.
It’s all here on the much anticipated hundredth page of my homage to Union Square, NYC.

Drooling Baptist interviews me at Union Square South

Yesterday evening, after the day-long rain stopped, I went to Union Square where TONS of Christians were preaching. This one, “John the Baptist” had been shown one of my God Is Fake pamphlets and asked if he could interview me for the radio show he was broadcasting from the park. Of course I accepted.

You’ll notice he chose to interview me not by standing in front of me or sitting beside me, but looming over me while I sat back on the steps, elbows rested on the step behind me. This positioning led to drool from him plopping onto my camera lens halfway through the interview. Enjoy!

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