Normal Bob Smith’s artwork includes several websites that satirize Christianity. The most well-known is Jesus Dress Up, a game in which users can dress a crucified Jesus in clothing like a traditional dress up doll. As a result of the controversy surrounding this site, Normal Bob Smith created a companion refrigerator-magnet set, as well as other game editions, including Revenge Dress Up, featuring his likeness, and Muhammad Dress Up.

The official website for Normal Bob Smith showcases some more art: Creatures of Neptune depicts unusual beings, and The Sheeples are caricatures of actual people who have sent hate mail. These caricatures are accompanied by verbatim quotes from the subjects’ letters. So far, Normal Bob has responded to over one thousand complaint letters which he publishes alongside his satirical replies in the Hate Mail section. At over 300 pages, Hate Mail accounts for the bulk of his site. Another feature is Satan’s Salvation, a comic strip chronicling a humorous ongoing struggle between Jesus and Satan who interact with each other and the artist as he’s drawing them.

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