Petition to shut me down! Yeah, I know this isn’t the first petition to shut me down, but it’s a catchy headline, and it is for real! You can decide how chilling the news actually is and decide whether or not to sign it considering that a shut-down would bring some fantastic publicity! Also, lots of hate mail to [...]

Always Hate Mail I know it’s been months since the past page of hate mail, but that’s just how little is trickling in lately. Happily, it’s been good stuff, plus there’s been even more special fan mail to be read in the side bar on the left. I hope it satisfies the longing inside.

Finally more fun Hate Mail Finally, after such a dry spell, Hate Mail has started to trickle in once more. Google did a good job interrupting the plentiful flow with its new feature that tailors people’s search results. I literally noticed the drop off the same month they went live with that. But all is not lost. I hope you enjoy.

The Trolling Atheist Hate Mail What? Another page of hate mail so soon? How can this be? It is so because almost immediately after the last page of mail was posted (page 501) the shit hit the fan! One of my so called “hate mailers” there turned out to be a Troll! Now he get’s his in another “Giving [...]