The Trolling Atheist Hate Mail
What? Another page of hate mail so soon? How can this be? It is so because almost immediately after the last page of mail was posted (page 501) the shit hit the fan! One of my so called “hate mailers” there turned out to be a Troll! Now he get’s his in another “Giving atheists a bad name” issue of Hate Mail!

19 thoughts on “The Trolling Atheist Hate Mail

  1. Lee

    But if people like to go to church and don’t really buy into organised religion, perhaps old people for the company and community, then don’t slate them, they’re not shooting abortionists or spreading religion.”

    But they are providing a thin veneer of respectability behind which the bigots, racists, homophobes and others can hide.
    Fuck the lot of them, just because you’re nice doesn’t mean you get a pass to having your ridiculous beliefs mocked publicly. Let’s break that veneer and give maximum exposure to the festering excrescence that it’s covering.

  2. A.J. Schneller

    “just because you’re nice doesn’t mean you get a pass to having your ridiculous beliefs mocked publicly. ”

    I’m sorry….what?

    (and most of the ramblings were of this caliber, nice big words….but geeeeeez. it has to make sense or its just vomit…somehow.) shit piss fuck.

  3. Thackerie

    Hmmm. Maybe this troll is actually the flip-side of bipolar Peggy Miene (when exuberant mania turns into grouchy depression). Nah, probably just another mentally impaired nutter with nothing to say but all the time in the world to say it.

  4. lame girl

    What if a troll’s job was to extract hatred from someone? In other words “to cause a person to ‘spend (get rid of)’ their hatred” is that really a bad thing?
    Let’s look at it from another angle:
    If the person in question gets angry but they claim they have peace (are secure in themselves/ their understanding of things etc) then why would they get angry? They should be secure no matter what comes along; that is their claim isn’t it?
    Isn’t the fact that they get angry more of an indictment on them than on the troll?

  5. lame girl

    I think Bob has turned into what he hates; he himself casts out those who don’t conform to him.
    This is what he claims God does.
    And as far as the Pastor conversation:

    Don’t you think it’s weird that the Pastor would care WHY the person left their church and went to another? Bob is only seeing it from his point of view; as in a person who stops believing in God but there are other angles.

    If he were a real Pastor all he would care about is whether this person had a real relationship with God.

    If the Pastor were honest, he wouldn’t care which church a person goes to.

    Why would a pastor want to keep a person IN THEIR CHURCH as opposed to another?

    If a person leaves they lose MONEY (and numbers); regular money (far more than the cost of a brunch). If they care about MONEY, it’s not a real church.

  6. lame girl

    Or what if a troll’s job was to expose hatred??? expose that someone has hatred in themselves?? and who’s to say who the real troll is?

  7. Thackerie

    Uh-Oh. Looks like we have another (or the same?) commentator suffering from hypergraphia. Hope this doesn’t devolve into another worthless Peggy Mien (600+ crapful posts) thread.

  8. normalbob Post author

    Have no doubt, Lame Girl is Peggy. She Facebook messaged me almost the exact same sentiment the same day this was posted. I deleted her profile account a week or so ago because she’d gotten so far out of hand with the posts. Now she’s back… as Lame Girl.

  9. normalbob Post author

    Peggy seems determined to break into my site and “play.” I just got this on Facebook:

    “honestly, you/ your site are so much fun to play with…
    i get these ideas (of how to break into your site) and then i can’t help myself and then i just laugh and laugh and laugh. loop holes,,, i can’t help it, i can’t…”
    Peggy Miene

    In short, she making fake accounts.
    She’s going to blather on about whatever she wants whether you like it or not.

  10. normalbob Post author

    And I’m sure it’s just “a coincidence”but I just received notice that a whole handful of new accounts just got created for this blog in the last couple hours. Prepare yourselves people.

  11. pulethamex

    Funniest hate mail section for a while. Keep up the hilarious work Bob.

    Trolls have jobs lame girl? Do they even have a purpose? Well maybe as a stooge. I must admit it is enjoyable watching a troll stretching its massive ego on other people’s computer screens, I bet it gets awfully cramped being stuck in such tiny headquarters all the time.

    Bob is still the glorious winner.

  12. Thackerie

    I KNEW it!

    If she were really so full of love for us, she’d seek treatment for her bipolar/OCD, take her meds religiously (Hah!), and stop abusing this site with her nuttiness. It’s hard to feel much sympathy for anyone who acts like such a jerk.

  13. Hairyvike

    ….Bob, you mate should be the first fucking atheist Saint for the crap that you put up with from so many either deluded or (occasionally) psychologically unstable people….you certainly missed a calling as a Psychiatric Genius or Counselling marvel!
    It seems to me that too many people out there in “through the monitor land”forget that you’re just an ordinary guy having a bit of a laugh and getting through this weird ole life in any way you can,; just like the majority of us, and that you don’t really have to justify your beliefs to ANYONE if you so wish……mind you, if you didn’t I’d have sod all to read when I come here!
    ….whatever happens, I hope the buggers NEVER grind you down….keep up the sterling work

  14. alleee

    Atheists who say “You shouldn’t criticize people’s beliefs” are either naive, ignorant, or just not very well-read.

    What about Monty Python, The Simpsons, South Park, Family Guy, “Moral Orel,” Luis Bunuel, Ingmar Bergman, Oscar Wilde, Patton Oswalt, Mark Twain, Mel Brooks,

  15. alleee

    …I have more…

    Robert Anton Wilson, The Church of the Subgenius, the Dischordians, Frank Zappa, George Carlin, Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, Woody Allen, Terry Prachett, Douglas Adams, Gary Trudeau, Bill Maher, Hugh Laurie, Stephen Fry, Jello Biafra, The Dead Kennedys, Bill Hicks, Sarah Silverman, Mike Judge, Mad Magazine, Saturday Night Live, The Onion, John Stewart, Stephen Colbert, The amazing Randi, David Cross, Kathy Griffin, Penn and Teller, Rowan Atkinson and the rest of the people and shows and everything else? Will we censor all of this?

    How about we just ban all Satire in the universe and have it over with, if we “can’t criticize religion?”

    Oh, and Scientology.

  16. Celestial Crabs Descending

    This whole idea that religion is harmless is disproved EVERY FUCKING DAY by the asswads who picket the funerals of dead soldiers, or proclaim that “God hates fags,” or fly planes into buildings, or blow up mosques.

    How about the televangelists who make millions off of gullible morons who are too stupid to see through their lies? Is this not harmful?

    Hundreds of thousands of preachers telling their congregations that it is okay to persecute, hate, and harass people for being gay–or black, or female, or Mexican, or Muslim, or Protestant, or whatever their target-of-the-month happens to be….this is not harmful?

    Millions of parents teaching their children that anyone who is not a Christian will go to a place of eternal burning suffering…this is not harmful in any way? Really?

    Teaching children that science is evil, evolution is false, and the world was poofed into existence in six days less than 10,000 years ago…how is this NOT detrimental to the education and intelligence of everyone who receives it? How is it NOT harmful to the overall advancement of the society in which they live–a society that depends on scientific advances to improve life for millions?

    I think it is about time we stop pretending that religion is just a harmless weekend pastime for little old ladies in flowered hats, or a cool place for kids to socialize. We need to get away from the idea that we MUST respect a person’s beliefs regardless of how crazy, stupid, dangerous, or retarded those beliefs might be. Religion has had thousands of years to prove itself, and has failed miserably. It has a shitty track record and a history stained by bloodshed. No, it is NOT harmless. Let us not remain silent when others insist that it is.

  17. mikey

    Damned right it’s not harmless. People think we should leave the believers alone, as if it does no more harm that a belief in Santa Claus. But no one I know gives Santa credit for the finest accomplishments of the human race, or lays blame for the horrors we can inflict on each other, or to our planet, on some diabolical anti-Santa who is locked in eternal conflict with Santa for our very souls.

    At a point in each of our lives most of us leave Santa, and the Easter Bunny and all the other childish myths behind, except for the myth of God. And with that, we never reach adulthood as a species. The human race is capable of greatness, and I don’t consider pride in our accomplishments a sin. We are also capable of great atrocity, and we need to own up to it, not foist the blame off on supernatural forces.

    These beliefs are harmful to our “spirit”, for lack of a better word, and we need to grow up!

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