Monthly Archives: November 2011

Thanksgiving is for Thanking Hate mailers
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who participated in getting this page of hate mail to you in time for the holiday! And special thanks to anyone who participates in the Grand Opening of the Normal Bob Smith Store just in time for Black Monday Mania! See more on this brand new page of hate mail.

From Union to Wall Street, Amazing Strangers
For the first time Amazing Strangers doesn’t have to stop for winter. Union Square has found a place to relocate through the cold! And I look forward to bringing it all to you as best I can. But don’t think that lets Union off the hook! I’m there too. For all of you.

Newfound Joy part 2
If you haven’t already been convinced of the newfound joy that’s been discovered in Christianity and all the magical promises it offers to its followers, Part 2 of Joy’s files should all but drive it through your skull.
“Does your mom think that when someone writes to you “you suck” and you respond “on pretty women’s breasts” that that is a positive thing?”