4 thoughts on “Haters Welcome!

  1. Reverend Doktor Jim B. Warnke, FSD (AKA Uncle Satan)

    That’s a very valid point… If Moniker Frost would just put his money where his atheism is, he could own the magnets and never suffer the server’s feindish glee in making his use of the free online dress-up Jesus problematic again!

  2. greengoddess

    Was the sidebar letter legit? From Kenyan Christians? Did you just start an international incident? (GASP)

    And the last letter cracked me up. Nice twist.

    Love you (as always) Bob!

  3. Steven Bentley


    He would tie you up by your tits and then stick a hot poker up your ass and then douse you with acid and boil you in oil and then peel the skin off your bones and suck the marrow out of your bones and then he’ll toss your sorry fucking ass into hell.

    God Bless You! I’ll be praying for you! Jesus loves you too!

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