3 thoughts on “Hate mail, from Peepers!

  1. Thackerie

    Meh. Nice little hobby you have there, Bob, and I hope you continue to enjoy it for years to come. BUT, I don’t really care about what goes on in a park in NYC.

    I come here mainly for your hilarious rebuttal of the e-mails you get from christian fundies and other religious freaks. I hope you get back to publishing “real” hate mail soon.

  2. american girl

    Dear Bob,

    Please continue your adventures in peeping! The day I came across your website was one of the funniest laughs I have had in far too long a time. For that alone I thank you wholeheartedly. My niece, my daughter, and myself replay, Methods of a Peeper 1, just to hear you recite the letter from the preppy peeper and your response. Oh, it is so funny and the Peeper Method series as a whole is informative in providing information to young ladies who are not as aware of their environment as they perhaps could be. My young daughter’s eyes were opened in a way that conveyed more about the peeper and the peeping than I ever could with motherly warnings alone. You do the public a good service, IMO, and again I thank you.

    Perhaps I will write to you about my thoughts and feelings on the whole God issue as you seem to have become a repository on this weighty issue. Be strong, be well, be you.

    Teresa, an american girl.

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