Monthly Archives: September 2011

Christian Hate Mail, as you’ve ordered
Believe me, I get the message how much you people love the Christian hate mail, and for many of you it’s the only reason you return to the site. You make no secret of it emailing me your complaints about how little you care about the other aspects of my life that I post. But never fear! All of this this Peeper publicity I’ve been getting these last few weeks has also done wonders for the influx of religious hate mail! Your dinner’s been served…

The Amazing Strangers of Oz!
It’s been a CRAZY week all around, and Union Square is no exception! Imagine me having to change my Featured Video 4 times while constructing this page, because every day had an event that topped the one before it! It was finally settled last night with Katya’s amazing performance! But the rest of the events below are nothing to gloss over. All I can tell you is Welcome to Oz, my friends!

Amazing Strangers & Inside Edition!
BIG NEWS! Monday the 12th of Sept, 2011, New York CBS, yours truly will be appearing on Inside Edition on the topic of The Peepers of Union Square! For the last several months I’ve been helping Larry Posner and his crew at IE weed out and nab the peepers on film, just as I’ve been doing for the last 8 years. And tomorrow (Sept 12th) they’re going to all be stars! Oh, and just one little thing, I HAVE NO TV! So if anyone could record it, or post it online, or point me to the place to see it I think you’re my only hope!
Update 4/10/12, I present to you the segment. Short, but sweet!

Anyhow, all that aside, I present to you another fantastic page of Amazing Strangers.

Pretty/Disturbing Amazing Strangers
Nothing pleases me more than to be able to present a page of Amazing Strangers that can be described as both “pretty, and disturbing.” So prepare yourself for the show, because Union Square is all lotioned up, decked in severed animal parts, and winking the most alluring flirtations in your direction.