The hate mail files of Tracy Hargett
I know that before yesterday’s page I’d been shortchanging you all on your deserved Hate Mail for the week! So here’s another chunky back-n-forth to make up for that. The files of Tracy Hargett are sure to put a smile on your face! And thank you Free Radicals for their participation as well.

13 thoughts on “The hate mail files of Tracy Hargett

  1. Steven Bentley

    I swear to god, I believe Tracy’s got a point there Bob, why not open up a christian website and store and sell religious items, there’s got to be more demand for christian relics, effigies, crosses, scents. oils, prayer cloths, bibles, gospel tracts, candles, wax figures, hymnals, statues of angels and Jebus, key rings, coloring books, Jesus soaps, incense, pens, pen sets, pencils, erasers, jewelery, t-shirts, choir robes, baptismal pools, stained glass items, pictures of jebus, book holders, book markers, flashlights, toys, refrigerator magnets, collection plates, Nativity scenes, Noah’s Ark items, candies, it’s almost fucking endless and you can create most of those things yourself and with your connections. You could soon be filthy rich riding on the back of ole JC himself. Thank you jebus!!! And you don’t even have to be there to run it, get a devoted “true extian” like Tracy (there’s millions just like her or worse, well maybe not as insanely worse?) and they’ll run it for you almost for free because they are doing the lords work instead of you. Hell, I might just do that myself. It’s time to cash in on Jebus and his make-believe dad. God that’s sick I know, but money is god…lol

    Oh yeah, but please keep this site going too, of course.

  2. David B.

    Oh I do love the bit at the end where, having complete failed to convince you that you’re unhappy, she spins on a dime and decides it is “really sad” that this fleeting glimpse of happiness is all you’ll have!

    Of course as far as anyone knows a fleeting glimpse is the only opportunity Tracy will get too, and she’s spent a fair part of it begging God to only minimally penalise her in the afterlife and eschewing anything that might conceivably increase her imaginary punishments, or worse damn her to an eternity of them.

    Poor girl, the only way she could entertain some feeling of superiority over Bob was to make herself believe her imaginary friend won’t beat her up as much as he will Bob. Now that is sad!

  3. Reverend Doktor Jim B. Warnke, FSD (AKA Uncle Satan)

    From which part of her puckered sphincter is she pulling the notions that you think that “Hell is no big deal and Heaven is overrated” or that you “go around telling people what a bad person Jesus is and telling people what a great person Satan is?” Haven’t you maintained from the very beginning that you thank all of the above are imaginary?

  4. Martano666

    I don’t get it. Even this idiot thinks that she will be punished by god. Even though she is trying her best to appease him, she is ok with being punished for her efforts? Sad. I hope people with this level of delusion are a dying breed.

  5. Martano666

    That’s the other thing too. So many Christians really don’t understand what atheism means. Many of them seem to think that we atheists actually DO believe god exists, yet we choose to stray from him. Infact, some of them even think that we worship Satan. When are they really going to get this whole concept of atheim? We don’t believe in Supernatual bullshit which includes religion. Show me evidence and I will hop on board. There is no god, there is no Satan. Ray Comfort has difficulty understanding the fact that people don’t believe god exists too.

  6. Steven Bently

    The definition of atheism in most dictionaries is what hurts the position of atheists.

    atheism. The denial or the disbelief in the existence of God.

    It exclaims as if the existence of a God has already been established and a proven fact, therefore the atheist willingly refuses to believe in God because of his/her own stubbornness and don’t want to be subservient under god’s rule and wants to be his/her own god.

    Which really has nothing to do with why an atheist does not believe in a god or any gods, it’s mainly because all gods and invisible beings and demons and angels and myths all look identically the same, you can’t tell them apart, therefore they do not exist.

  7. Mikey

    Steven is right about that definition being an obstacle, but I find it so for a different reason. I actually had a friend (?) dismiss my opinion on a subject (completely unrelated to atheism) by saying “well, you don’t believe in ANYTHING…….). What I have to point out is that I believe that there is no god as strongly as they believe in one. Furthermore, I’ve had no doubts about my belief for the last third of a century, something most Christians cannot claim, so my I consider my belief as stronger than most of theirs.

    If monotheism is the belief in one god, and polytheism is the belief in multiple gods, then atheism should be defined as the belief in no god.

  8. Martano666

    Interesting point Mikey. However, to add to the misconception, most atheists , as well as religious people, in addition to their ‘traditional’ beliefs or lack of beliefs, also have a personal theory on what the real story is. That’s why no two christians seem to fully agree on what the bible says. It’s more personal than anything. Each individual interprets their own bible or religion the way they WANT to, conveniently ignoring parts they don’t like, and accepting the parts they do like.
    Atheists are the same in that sense. Sure, the atheist perspective only means one thing and that is the lack of belief in god. BUT, since I don’t have an answer as to what this existence is, or if it has a purpose at all, I find that making claims about ANYTHING beyond the limits of our lives is always speculatory. Even to say “When we die, there is nothing else.” I find that to make that claim, I still would need evidence to guide me to that conclusion. So, instead, we (or I do anyway) try to imagine what the answer is. There are so many possibilities as to what this existence is, it’s pretty easy to fantasize and come up with something that atleast ‘fits’.

  9. Liveliest Crib

    Hee hee. Our “Loud and Savior.” That’s a treasure of a typo.

    And now, to demonstrate that Tracy Hargett belongs in a mental institution, let’s just replace a few words in her simultaneously hilarious and depressing little rant:

    Seeing as how Lord Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy (my confirmation saint, in the Cult of Snoopy), My Snoopy-Authorized Magical Ghost protector, the Leader of the Cult of Snoopy, my good friend Snoopy-Reverent Tidwilly, St. Woodstock the Archangel, my daughter, and I are ALL ON THE SAME COMIC BOOK PAGE in terms of spirituality and what is right and what is wrong, I’m going to guess that my penalties are going to be A LOT FEWER than yours. The rewards in this life are nice, but THIS LIFE WILL END. And then what? Hell? I think not, if Snoopy and I have anything to do with it.

    My goal while here is to serve as many people as I can (and Snoopy, of course) hoping that in doing so I will spend an minimal amount of time in the dog house and then an Eternity with all the Peanuts Gang and Snoopy in Heaven singing hymns of praise and praying for those who still struggle to get by on Earth. I think this is a little bit better goal than making all the money you possibly can and offending every Snoopyist who crosses your path.

  10. Apostate Lois

    “Seeing as how Jesus, Mary, Joseph, St. Peter, My Guardian Angel, Pope Benedict the 16th, my good friend Father Burke, Sr. Isaac, St. Lucy (my confirmation saint), St. Michael the Archangel, St. Augustine, Sr. Faustina, my daughter, and I are ALL ON THE SAME PAGE …”

    Most of those people are imaginary! Poor Tracy, all she has in this life are her imaginary friends and some deluded humans. She has never even met the Pope, probably never will, and if she does, he will not remember her from a wad of spit on the ground.

    And then there’s her notion that she is going to spend time in some awful, terrifying place for awhile before going to heaven, even though she tried her best to please God. This is like beating your child for an hour because he got all A’s on his report card, but there was that one B that he got in the last grading period, and he has to be punished for that. Tracy worships a dickhead.

  11. Atheist Named Jeff

    atheism. The denial or the disbelief in the existence of God.

    Which dictionary seriously printed this? This isn’t even an accurate definition; “God” (with a capital G) is the name of the character in the collection of fairy-tales known as “The Bible.” So if this is the “de-facto” definition, that would be a pretty narrow definition of atheism (e.g. Hindus are atheists?). Atheists philosophically debate the concept of ‘god’ (or ‘gods’), not ‘God’.

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