Monthly Archives: March 2011

The hate mail files of Tracy Hargett
I know that before yesterday’s page I’d been shortchanging you all on your deserved Hate Mail for the week! So here’s another chunky back-n-forth to make up for that. The files of Tracy Hargett are sure to put a smile on your face! And thank you Free Radicals for their participation as well.

Complaints and Confusion, Hate Mail page 477
Every so often I post a page of hate mail that involves no hate, hardly any complaining, and mostly just confusion. Confused people messily attempting to sort out whatever’s going on in their head. It’s hard for me to keep myself from wanting to sort everything out myself and scold everyone for not keeping up with the rest of the class. This is one of those pages.

Dana Pospíšilová Part 2, Mocking your way towards Truth!
Dana Pospíšilová is back in a Part 2
addition on Mockery, and its value in the hunt for truth! Have I stumbled upon one of the 3 golden keys that unlock truth, or am I just making excuses? I’m so entrenched in hate mail responding I don’t even know anymore, so your feedback, as always, is welcome.

Introducing Super Chic RIX
I am proud as PUNCH to present to you punkrock-playgirl Super Chic Rix – The Prettiest Badass. Where else will you find a bigger eyeful of bared scalp, midriff & claws coming at you? Barely anymore room at the top and Riot Rix is to blame! Is it possible to love her as much as I do?

…You can go ahead and try.