Monthly Archives: October 2010

Another Love Letter to Union Square
Another love letter to Union Square in this colorful, sexy page of Amazing Strangers! Have you met Peek-a-boo man, or How low can you go? How about some pretty in pink girls from opposite sides of the island? Or maybe all you need is a little spat between Wendel the bum and Signs the bum? Whatever it is you want it’s here on this exact page of Strangers!

No Hate. Just Gay. The files of Sean.
I present to you one of my most favorite types of Christian mail. The “I’m no longer GAY!” Christian mail! Oh how my cup runneth over when I get the newly de-gayed believer who’s sexuality was repaired by Jesus Christ! Also, I’m happy to deliver the first installment of Comic Con 2010 news and photos. What fun we had! Read all about it in this latest page of reader mail.

Amazing Strangers STILL!
Amazing Strangers are still roamin’ around the park without aim, and I use “Roman” loosely. He’s just one of the last few stragglers refusing to leave despite the weather. Luckily I’ve  been able to squeeze out a handful of others to fill up page before the year ends. And not to worry. I have plans for winter, so don’t despair. I’ll get you through.

The files of Kun, and it’s almost Comic Con!

I’m not sure if anyone’s been keeping up with the additions to the latest page of Hate Mail. There’s definitely been a trend of hate mailers sending me their absurd religious jabber, then right after it’s posted publicly some random disaster strikes them leading to their command to have all letters taken down. Sometimes it’s a ruining of a job interview or a death in the family. Today it’s the loss of a fiance. I’m sorry, but there’s just too many instances of the worst thing that’s ever happened to them happening right when their stupidity goes public. I invite you to judge for yourself with the files of Kun.

That all said and done, there’s definitely happy news to share! I am officially ready for Comic Con to begin! And there’s still a couple days left until it does!!! Who do you ever hear say shit like that!!?!

I’ve got a whole crew of excited, anxious, sexy girls ready to go, several surprises set in place to spring on certain targets. And I think I’m even prepared to capture the magic on video for the rest of you to see in Internet Land! This event is such a big deal for me. It’s a chance to spread the news about everything I’ve been doing here to one gargantuan crowd all at once. My hopes are high, and you can bet when I return on Monday I’ll have stories, photos and vids to share. I think I’ll even be keyed up enough to offer updates as it’s happening, so stay abreast! News will be plentiful.