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Amazing Strangers of Union Square
Amazing Strangers is still rollin’ out the hits! This week I’ve decided to top everything you’ve ever seen before and take it to the next level of patheticness. You didn’t think it could be done, then I deliver it on a bed of ooze. Wait’ll you see what “Free Massages” has gone and done.
And your votes count in the great Jimmy Vega vs Day Day election! Well, they sorta count. Not really.
Anyhow, you think you’ve seen Graver? You haven’t seen shit until you see The Ultimate Graver Warrior armed to the teeth! Are you prepared to do battle? Come and see another exciting page of Strangers. Your participation is expected.

The Robert LaRocca files
Robert LaRocca is the friend of a friend who emailed me months and months ago and we’re been on and off conversing about where morality comes from and what not.There’s been so much bouncing between chats and emails that some of this has been condensed so it can be more readable and enjoyable. Your comments and input are welcome.

The John Asby files
Last weekend the Christians decended upon Union Square and completely took over the park. Friday they arrived, hundreds of them, forming a circle (facing inwards so they only saw themselves) and sang songs to Jesus for hours. This page is one of those Christians, John Asby, who was willing to talk somewhat reasonably, with us.

Strangers everywhere! Pg 101

Have you not gotten your fill of Amazing Strangers yet? Well this is your lucky week, because the park’s been over flowing with ‘em! So many that they’re flooding in from last week, and this week’s flowing into next’s! And like normal, there’re some that’ll make you fall in love, and others who’ll make you shit your pants. The unique and memorable experience that is known as Amazing Strangers of Union Square NYC…

100 pages of Amazing Strangers!

It’s here! It’s here! Page 100 is here! And the true reality of my addiction to this park isn’t a secret anylonger. And there’s no better way to celebrate this occasion than by giving you a full, video-packed page of Amazing Strangers with all your favorite regulars. Teenagers with cigarettes and cheap highs, bumfights,  gravers, and harassing Christians from the midwest.
It’s all here on the much anticipated hundredth page of my homage to Union Square, NYC.


Oh Sheeples! I love you so so much! And to prove my love I’ve gone and drawn more Sheeple comics to celebrate your greatness. If you’re not familiar with them, I’ll tell you quite simply they are my favorite hate mailer quotes, illustrated.

And if you ever read through a hate letter from my site and think you’ve found a terrific quote worth illustrating- LET ME KNOW! I love your suggestions. And, in regards to my Sheeples, you’re usually spot on.