Amazing Strangers do’s and don’ts

Isn’t it great to have the Amazing Strangers back at Union Square? It was a long winter, but now things are back in full swing! And to make things even better, my MATCH GAME postcards are in, and they’re so ripe and ready to be handed out to everyone at the park who’s anyone! That all said, this week we’ve got so many eye-popping fashion statements in this Amazing Strangers Do’s and Don’ts page of Strange.

4 thoughts on “Amazing Strangers do’s and don’ts

  1. Apostate Lois

    There are times when I wish we had such flaming weirdos in this small town. Might liven things up a bit. As it is, the few weirdos I do see occasionally are never around when I have a camera, and they could never live up to the Amazing Strangers of Union Square.

    There’s Guitar Man, who carries his guitar strapped to his back EVERYWHERE, never ever leaving it home where it might get lonely and chew on the furniture while he’s gone. I’ve seen him play it only a handful of times, and he sucked each time.

    There are the Goth Cowboy Twins, whom I’ve seen only once since I moved here. Both dressed in black pants, shirts, cowboy boots, and cowboy hats, one wearing a long black cape and the other wearing a long red cape.

    There’s Double-Mohawk Man, who on at least one occasion wore a beat-up red jacket with “Kill the kids at school” hand-written on it in big felt-marker letters, and gray jeans with “hate,” “kill,” and similar happy thoughts written on them. Wish I had a daughter so I could forbid her from marrying him.

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