11 thoughts on “Hate mail- End is near?

  1. Joseph DeBarr

    I would hate to see the hatemail stop! It is one of my most favorite parts of your site and I read every update. I love your ability to ask the big questions (How can there be a heaven when those you know and love are in hell”, The buy-bull’s support of slavery and genocide…etc.) I agree that you do not want to fake it and admit that it may just be the way of things, but I will grieve for some time if you never post hatemail again.
    Maybe you could post comments about news events centered around all the religious nuts who are breaking the law or just going against thier beliefs, like the recent top guy at Focus on the Family, hiring a gay prostitute for his trip, or this http://bucknakedpolitics.typepad.com/buck_naked_politics/2009/04/via-memeorandum-the-colorado-independent-reportsa-colorado-springs-man-who-narrates-the-bible-in-spanish-on-cds-and–works.html.
    Most people I know really like the arguments you make in the hatemail section and would love to read your thoughts on the hipocracy by these self Righteous Bastards.
    Whatever happens Bob….I want to thank you for this site. It has helped make me a strong Atheist and better prepared to argue why I do not believe.

  2. Steven Bently

    To Justin, If you believe in one god, you must also believe in all the other gods, because just in case you happen to be wrong and you go to another god’s hell for not believing in him/her?

    Everyone, the simplest route, do not leave yourself undefended, believe in all gods, just to be safe..OK?

    We wouldn’t want anyone going to the wrong god’s hell!!!

  3. ApostateLois

    Well, I sincerely hope the hate mail doesn’t completely end. I find it so hilarious sometimes, the things Christians say in an attempt to scold, threaten, or scare you into accepting Sweet Jesus into your heart. But I also have to admit that by now, it is getting repetitious. How many ways are there to say “You better pray for God to forgive you or you’re gonna be sorry!” and how many ways are there to respond to it? Maybe that’s another reason why they’ve given up–they’ve tried everything and it hasn’t worked!

    Consider, too, that a lot of the people who wrote to you ten years ago have grown up a bit, maybe mellowed out and moved on to other causes besides being angry at some guy with a goofy webpage. Some might even have kids of their own (scary, I know), and those kids are growing up in a different world than their parents did. People are no longer tolerating religion as much as they did only a short decade ago, and this is reflected in the attitudes these kids are encountering on the Internet. To them, anti-Christian sentiments are just par for the course, and it doesn’t occur to them to make a big deal out of it. Fewer and fewer Christians are going to church, as young people just aren’t interested in pursuing the musty old rituals and outdated beliefs of their parents and grandparents.

    So maybe it’s time to end the Hate Mail section. I think you should leave it up, though, so we can all peruse past letters and have a laugh. And you never know when you might get a really good letter from some fanatical religious nutbag yelling hell and damnation at you in all-caps, and you won’t be able to keep it to yourself!

    Can’t wait to see what the book will be about. Amazing Strangers? Super Chicks? A compendium of Hate Mail from all over the world? Or something else? You’re very imaginative and talented, and I’m sure it will be a success. I know I’ll buy a copy when it comes out!

  4. Mike

    To Justin: To claim that atheists believe in nothing is a cop out and an insult. I’ve firmly believed that there is no god for decades. No doubt. If you have had even the slightest doubt about your god, ever, then my belief has been stronger than yours! And believing just to cover your ass is lame. Do you really think that your god is stupid enough to fall for it?

    To Bob: Hate mail is the highlight of your site for me, and I look forward to each installment. Please keep posting it, even if the pages are fewer and farther between. While that freak show that is “amazing strangers” is a hoot, it’s not the reason many of us come to your site!

  5. Julius

    Hate Mail is my favorite part of the site and it’ll be sad to see it go, but after 10 years, I understand. Everything you do is so cool and awesome… I think all the regular visitors to the site personally relate to your thought and reason as applied through your art. Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing what else is coming down the the pipeline!

  6. normalbob Post author

    Julius, I completely agree. Hate mail is one of my favorite parts of the site as well. When good mail comes in I’ll most definitely post it. If nothing comes in, I’m helpless.

    My suggestion is if you love hate mail, post Jesus Dressup, or links to specific arguments I’ve made, or anything else from the site that could inspire hate mail in blogs, newsgroups, or wherever else to reach the masses. It’s getting the site(s) out there that inspires angry letter-writing. And if they start coming in again I’ll be on ‘em like a fly on shit.

  7. Roger Bunting

    People who say “Why do you not believe in God? ” always amuse me. Apparently they think that belief is something that is a matter of decision:
    “What shall I do today? I know, I’ll believe in … what? … God!
    “Tomorrow I’ll believe in … ? Lessee … yellow envelopes that hold the secret of tomatoes.
    “On Tuesday it’ll be carboniferous limestone theodolites.
    “Wednesday: Great Thundermask the demon of Gorp
    “then on Thursday I’ll go back to God”
    Those who can switch belief just because they want to, are using the word in a manner I don’t recognise. The only reason to believe anything is evidence – it’s not a matter of deciding to believe for convenience. Ye gods! I’d believe I was wealthy/strong/handsome/popular/etc if I thought it would make me so, but all I can do is believe the evidence Such deviance is happily redundant because I am obviously all of the above (wealthy, strong, handsome & popular) and a devout Thundermaskian [all hail Thundermask demon lord of Gorp].


  8. Isaac Asekokhai

    I’ve been coming to your site for ages, check it like everyday. If hate mail is over that’s a shame coz I really liked it. But in all honesty, it was getting a little repetative. There were loads of good ones, but alot of christians repeating the same old bible bullshit. If you still get some I’m sure if you post them I’ll read it lol I would love to see more amazing strangers. I really do think there amazing. I’m from the U.k and being an atheist’s isn’t seen with any shock or horror. We’re not nearly as relgious as america, it’s interesting to see the affect religion has around the world. Also nice to see that england isn’t the only country with amazing strangers lol Maybe you could do amazing strangers from around the world. Get people to send videos?

    Keep up the good work!

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