Monthly Archives: May 2010

Union Square interview with park regs

Let’s try this again… Check out this video my friends made at Union Square, featuring me and a whole lot of other Union Sq regs. Funny note: My interview was cut short because at one point there were so many whackjobs interrupting and freaking out, total chaos ensued and conducting any sort of conversation became futile. An honest presentation of the park.

Fluffy Heads Demo from FLUFFY HEADS on Vimeo.

Amazing Strangers do’s and don’ts

Isn’t it great to have the Amazing Strangers back at Union Square? It was a long winter, but now things are back in full swing! And to make things even better, my MATCH GAME postcards are in, and they’re so ripe and ready to be handed out to everyone at the park who’s anyone! That all said, this week we’ve got so many eye-popping fashion statements in this Amazing Strangers Do’s and Don’ts page of Strange.