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Amazing Strangers Days Numbered?

Are the days of Union Square numbered? Will Amazing Strangers soon be only a distant memory of how things once used to be? Well, until then I’m gonna play with all my little buddies at the park like I’ve never played before! And we’re going to keep the dream alive until they tear it from our dead rigor mortis hands! Enjoy a new page of Strangers…

Free Hugs Regime takes a stand against Freedom

Back in June of 2009 the Free Hugs campaign of Union Square spun out of control when its leader was personally served with his first FH=FB notice. Since then there’s been an escalating feud between the two camps (Free Hugs vs Free Bedbugs) to an Amber Orange level of threat.  I can tell you from first hand experience

Overflowing with Amazing Strangers

It’s been a fruitful harvest of strangers at Union Square so far! The economy may be in the dumper, businesses shutting down and wallets empty, but there’s been no shortage of scenesters, punks, models, crazies, and both good & horrible fashion declarations. There’s a lot to be said and I’m only here to spread the gossip all over everyone’s toast. There’s enough for everybody!

Also, your response & input to the condom masturbation question is expected!

Normal Bob pinsets & making $6 go a long way

If you’ve loved this site and wanted to help out but didn’t have the time or the money to make any sort of impact, think again. For the past several years I’ve been teamed up with a good friend of mine selling Normal Bob Pinsets to all of you. This is them:

They are only $6 a set, and right now I only need to sell 10 more sets to get a sizable payment from Cold Cocked Cards for all they’ve sold so far. In short, if I sell ten more sets a much needed check gets sent my way. A check that’s going right back into the site to make it better, funnier and yes, more dangerous.

I’m hoping everyone notices that this sort of request isn’t common from me, and the uniqueness of the opportunity is apparent. Your purchases (if they happen) will go a long way, and be greatly appreciated.

There it is. My heart on a platter for all of you.