The Files of Jennifer, & photographic proof of Jesus Christ

Just when I was beginning to feel down and out about all the lame hate mailers, along comes Jennifer with her stack of evidence and arguments to actually PROVE Jesus was really real! You will not believe your eyes and ears after you visit the link list Jennifer supplies.
So set your expectations REALLY high, get excited, then visit the Files of Jennifer. You”l be really really impressed.

Additional letters added today, 12/07.

8 thoughts on “The Files of Jennifer, & photographic proof of Jesus Christ

  1. Danger Darling

    My favorite is the exact same picture of “Jesus” taken in the clouds multiple times. No, wait, my favorite is the “Sounds from Hell!” that sounds like it was recorded in a busy mall. I also love the explanation for hell being in the physical center of the earth. Those huge ocean worms near the “fire-breathing vents in the crust” of the earth definitely convince me that Jesus is real.

    Love (a former atheist who has recently been converted due to this massive amount of irrefutable evidence),

  2. David Cortright

    Hi Bob, I too had a chance to hear the sounds from hell about a year ago from a catholic who was trying to convert me at an old job. I came back the next day and when I told him I heard it I busted out laughing when he asked me what I thought about it. I have also seen that pic of Jesus in the clouds years ago when I was a fundie, back then that picture gave me chills up my spine. Now it just goes to show just how blinding and stupid religious beliefs can really be. Keep up the good work my friend on dealing with those crack pots and I guess I will be seeing you in hell.

    Till logic and truth reign supreme!!
    David Cortright

  3. Hellbound Alleee

    Wow, she posted some old tired stuff.

    Isn’t it interesting that “Mary” always has these grand pronouncements that aren’t The Secret to Curing Cancer, or How to Feed the World, or Whether Intelligent Beings Live Elsewhere in the Universe, or How to Save the Planet From Global Warming. . No, Mary has more important things to tell us, like We Should Be Supporting The Holy Roman Catholic Church, and We Shouldn’t Stray from Traditionalist Teachings Of The Pope. She is the only one who can remind us to Follow Authority.

    (These are like the questions asked by Carl Sagan in his book, “The Demon Haunted World). Bob, have you read that book yet? It’s awfully entertaining.

  4. stupid old man

    Sorry Jennifer, but two thirds of the worlds population (about 4.5 billions of people) do not believe in or worhsip Jesus. At present there about 2.2 billions of Christians and about 1.5 billion Muslims. Islam is growing at a much faster rate than Christianity; and by the middle of this century Islam will be the number one religion in the world. Sorry, but thems the facts.

  5. Doubting Thomas

    Jesus in the clouds! Back when I was a teenager in the 80′s someone was passing around a photocopy of this picture claiming it was taken by a local woman of clouds in the sky before a bad storm. Of course the copy I had was a photocopy of a photocopy of a photocopy, hell probably a 10th generation photocopy, so it was pretty fuzzy.

    But I like how all those photos are exactly the same with the only variation being a few color changes and in one instance the photo was flipped. And the funny part is that these photos supposedly taken in modern times all look like they were taken in 1920.

    And the sad part is that people believe that they’re all real.

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