4 thoughts on “The War to Remove me from the Web Continues!

  1. Steven Bently

    I AM A CHRISTIAN!! I AM A CHRISTIAN!!! I have the resourses to take this site down, I have Jesus!!! Jesus will destroy!!! I pray to Jesus, He will take this site down, Jesus will destroy, Jesus, Jesus,,,Jeeeeeebus!!!!!

  2. DjWysh

    The David Sidebar:
    I don’t see how you can’t prove a negative. There is no elephant in my pocket. {pulls out pocket with no elephant} Proven. I though this is what logic and science tries to do all the time. Am I missing some basic point? Also, from what I am looking at you can easily prove the non-existence of any god. To first disprove an ideal the idealist must first have a definition of what said ideal is. In this case god. Since we don’t know what god is or don’t believe we must first agree on what we are talking about, after all this is not a “table” which is clearly defined. With such varied gods this makes the argument very basic. Once this god is defined it will be quite obvious that it is not logically possible (square circle) or really not much of a god at all (natural law). The necessity of proof always lies with the person who lays charges, as an atheist you are are simply saying that the theist is wrong either due to lack of evidence or due to the incoherent definition. At least this is the way I use it. I believe that you can firmly say theists are wrong and say there is no god. It may be semantic but I have to know what we are talking about to get anywhere in the conversation.

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