Monthly Archives: October 2009

Hate mail page 420!

Believe me, I realize that page 420 of Hate Mail holds significant meaning to many of you, and is quite possibly a milestone in the history of the site, but all I could really get together was a sidebar with somebody who sounds high. But don’t let my understating fool you! This edition of hm. if fucking outrageous, cocky, irreverant and as always, heartless.

Find Jesus at Union Square, NYC!

Find Jesus at Union Square is finally LIVE, and I couldn’t be more proud. I started drawing it and it just kept getting bigger and bigger and more involved, and before you know it it’s way past the deadline I set, and larger than I imagined! But in the end I know it’s all for the greater good.

I’ve been told by some that their computers can’t handle the page with all those animated gifs, but I can’t stop myself! And I also know that I’ll continue to add characters as the months and years go on at the park. So it’s not going to get any easier. Hopefully computer technology will catch up to my obsession with multiple animated gifs. I thought all this shit was taken care of after the Hamster Dance craze, but perhaps I was wrong.

So have fun diving into Union Square on a quest for Jesus. He could be anywhere, doing most anything, so keep a sharp eye out! All of your favorite Union regulars are there to search through. And don’t miss the other Find Jesus boards that are available too!

Tell me how it goes.

I owe my Google placement to Sunday Schoolteachers searching “Jesus.”

The results are in and it seems to no longer be theory. I owe my Google placement, which is my main source of advertisement, to the Sunday schoolteachers. Make me a cake, rent out the ballroom, and start throwing confetti, my ultimate plan has come full circle! Hate mail page 418 is written in stone.