11 thoughts on “Mother/daughter Hate Mail, The Jodi & Brittany Prescott files

  1. Danger Darling

    I find it interesting that the sins of one person equal an eternity in hell but “the sin of all the world (past, present, and future)” equals three days in hell followed by an eternity being praised in Magical Baby Jesus Land. Who did that math?

  2. Steven Bently

    Since when is crucifixion not murder?

    If jebus went willingly, if he had a choice, then it’s suicide!! ya?

    What happened to thou shall not kill?

    Oh I forgot, it’s perfectly OK if god wants to kill or murder isn’t it?

    The bible and it’s doctrines have destroyed this country and the minds of it’s people.

  3. God's Holy Angel Steven Bentley

    “my five year old girl comes on the internet looking for a coloring page for church, that’s when it becomes ridiculous!”

    I’ll tell you what is ridiculous, telling a five year old that a god came down from the sky disguised as his only begotten son and was dragged through the streets with a crown of thorns on his head and placed on a cross to suffer for all the sins of the world just because two people ate a fruit from a tree!!!

    Now talk about ridiculous, that’s child abuse plain and simple, that girl will be brainwashed and confused all her life unless she figures it out that it’s all a bunch of fucking bullshit own her own and that her insane mother lied to her, which most people never figure it out, because we are told we must never question our parents, we presume they know more than we do because they were here, before we were born.

    Our own parents to this very day, not having enough gumption to figure out own their own, that they too were lied to and brainwashed into the bible bullshit book of lies.

  4. Apostate Lois

    Who would allow a five-year-old child to go mucking about on the Internet without supervision?? Anyway, I doubt the girl will be scarred for life from seeing a silly picture of Jesus in a tutu. She’s too young to even know what religion is all about.


    wow!! here we go again… soo when exactly did you get our permission to post these emails?? they were personal from my mother to you and vice versa. so, umm yeah. and lil “God’s Holy Angel Steven Bentley” who are you to say how my daughter is going to turn out? grow up people. this is stupid. “Thou shalt not steal” is number 8 of the 10 commandments. how can you, bob, lecture us about these things and then take these emails and post them without permission.. thats stealing. God Bless you all.

  6. Steven Bently

    Let’s see!

    If I’m not mistaken, I think it’s a little thing called…


    I know you do not believe in freedom of speech, unless of course, it’s something that you want to hear!!!

    Here’s a nice little quote for ya!

    “The bible and it’s doctrines have destroyed this country and the minds of it’s people.”

    This includes you! Ya brainwashed fundy!

    Feel free to click on my name for prayer and consultation!

    God Less you!

  7. normalbob Post author

    I had no idea that the people who sent me their complaints, it was me who was actually stealing the letters away from them! And I suppose if someone hits me in the head with a stone, then I take that stone home and post pictures of it on the internet, that’s stealing too.

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