Monthly Archives: July 2009

Methods of a Peeper Series

Welcome to the Methods of a Peeper series! Three videos filmed in the last week that delve into the secret underground world of Peeping.

Methods of a Peeper 2 is a study of the Tandem Style Passenger Window Technique of Peeping.

Added today, Methods of a Peeper 3 examines the Portrait Peeper and his unique style of Peeping…

There’s much more to come. Your comments are appreciated!
Click here for more Peeper videos:

STAR WARS Limited Collector’s Edition Jesus Dress Up!

It’s kind of insane that it took me this long to create it since I’ve been a Star Wars fiend since ’79. There’s absolutely no way I could get away with making magnets without Lucas Films suing my ass off the planet, but as long as she’s free I can post the online version and avoid any prison time.

So, for the first time EVER I present to you the STAR WARS Limited Collector’s Edition Jesus Dress Up! May the Force be with You!

It’s Summertime at Amazing Strangers!

A whole new batch of Amazing Strangers for July, and lots of Amazing Stranger activities! A new map, new sidebar, and the Dog Molester Decoder Contest has yet to be won! No one can seem to figure out that last word. And I’ll tell you, if no one gets it by the end of the month the prize will go unclaimed and which will be a bitter end for us all.