April 26, 09 – Amazing Strangers & Spring hits Union Square!

I know it’s been a while. Hell, the last page of Amazing Strangers seems like a lifetime ago, with people in winter clothes at Starbucks looking like they’re on their deathbeds. But there’s no looking back now. And for better or worse Skater Bob and I seem to be finding more trouble than ever before, and catching it all on film!

If you’re a regular to the site you know I’m a giant fan of Springtime at the Square, so this episode of AS is dedicated to eveverything Spring & Anti-spring at New York’s most happenin’ hangout.

2 thoughts on “April 26, 09 – Amazing Strangers & Spring hits Union Square!

  1. Apostate Lois

    There are some women who think that they should be allowed to go shirtless, just like men. Well, these pictures convince me that it should be illegal for MEN to go shirtless. Seriously, who the hell needs to see that shit??

  2. infrequent stranger

    Wendel really has outdone himself. I wonder how much effort he puts into these outfits, and what he’s thinking when he makes them.
    I had to laugh when I saw your scene kid photo of inna and dayday (sp?) covering his face, guess he is tired of you labeling him a scene kid (though what else you would call him I don’t know) The one time I was spotted on your site I was labeled as a scene kid as well, which gave me a good laugh. Now I know you’re probably thinking yeah right, no one admits to being a scene kid, but I can’t hold conversation with any of them for more then about five minutes (& I think most of them feel the same about me), I don’t dress in reflective shiny anything, & my hair is usually a total unkept mess. Aside from my constant blazer I don’t know how I could come off as scene unless original beatnik style is coming back.
    Great site though, you may insult some of my long time acquaintances, but I’d be lying if I said they weren’t asking for it. in fact you give them the attention they crave.

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