Jan 15th, 2009

Don’t think I don’t see page 400 creeping up here like a angry, homicidal, bastard child of God! Believe me, I’ve got something special planned for that, but right now I’m overjoyed to say that my detractors put in the extra effort and squeezed in one last death threat before the big Four Double O! So come on in and enjoy the party Murat Alemdar’s throwin’ in honor of his god, Allah!

8 thoughts on “Jan 15th, 2009

  1. Douchebag McGee

    You sir, are a fundamentalist atheist. You act on your beliefs in a very similar manner as fundy christians. Both are absolute in your resolves to never convert to the opposing belief. I’ve read what you said about caring for people and the general idea of love, which is common between atheists and christians alike, but doesn’t talking shit and harrassing people make you a hypocryte if that’s one of the major things you trash about these people? (besides the fact that using merely faith or logic to describe the universe as a whole is a bit absurd considering we have yet to know much of anything about it, relatively speaking?)

  2. Steven Bently

    To Murat Alemdar,

    Let me ask you were you first heard about Allah and Mohammad?….tick…tock….let me take a guess Murat,….answer, another human being.….Most likely your mother or your father told you that Allah and the Qu’ran was absolutely the universal truth. And who told your mother and your father that the Qu’ran was absolute truth? Guess who Murat? Their mother and their father and their mother and their father before them, and so on and so on.

    Guess what Muslims and Christians?

    The default position the moment you are born is:

    No Beliefs in any gods or religions.

    Beliefs in gods and saviors and all religious beliefs are passed down through indoctrination according to the current geographical location that you happen to be born in.

    I hope this helps.

  3. Apostate Lois

    “allahim ben eyer bir kiafir sem benim Jesami burda bile ver ameeeen!!”

    I ran this through a Dumbass-to-English translation program, and it means “Allah is a big, fat poopyhead who whacks off to Barbie doll porn.” Seems like an odd thing to shout at someone over the Internet, but then, who knows what’s going on in the minds of these religious fruitbats?

  4. doctor mario

    OMG Bob. How can I thank you enough for this little gem…

    “Naturally I accepted Muhammad’s pathetic pleas and even had a special dog collar made up for him of used condoms strung together by sewer rat intestines and tied to a shiny new penny with his name engraved on it!

    He still needs to be potty trained. I give him a sharp tap on the nose with my finger every time he piddles in the house, but he’ll learn eventually because “Muhammad’s such a gooooood boy!! Aren’t you a good boy, my Prophet Muhammad! Oh yes you are! Yes you are!”
    Muhammad: “ARF ARF ARF!!!”

    I haven’t laughed that hard in a long, long time. And all you easily offended types reading this, please don’t bother. I may be going to hell, but I know comedy gold when I read it. :D


  5. Artem Nagimov

    I think it’s hilarious the way all these Muslims and Jewish and Christians are trying to convince you that their Gods exist, and they all say how bad you are, they do not probably get it. So that’s the message to them: “This genre called HUMOR, I am reading a book called JOKES in my restroom when I do my thing there, and like reading all these religious jokes, about your Gods, so what I’ve found out, the God created a woman with three boobs, and he made Adam out of one that’s why women are stupid, especially blonds, and that God liked to have his vacations on the Mars and even skates on Pluto, and Saint Peter is an alcoholic, LOL, that was a good one. I bet my book could be renamed to Holy Jokes, or Holy Crap, whatever, everyone has an opinion about things, if I say God does not exist, he doesn’t!!! And one more thing I think that website where you can dress Jesus as Marilin is so funny. Thank God, we have this website, or should I say, Thank Bob, or maybe God Bob, or God Dammit”.
    With all the kindness in my heart
    Prophet A.N.

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