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Nov. 22nd, 23rd & 24th, 2008

Today I posted a new page of Hate Mail for you all, and it’s all over the place! Desparate pleas to accept people’s email love, examining “spirituality” and a whole lot of screwed up thinking. Lot’s of fun! And just added today (Sunday the 23rd), Carolyn responds with some interesting questions, followed by my interesting answers.

11/24/08 Officially “the Carolyn files.” I brush off her pleas with me to not post her emails specifically to show what comes of adult thinking when Faith in the obsurd is a requirement.

Dec 6th, The topic of Spirituality is discussed further in the left sidebar.

Nov. 19th 2008

Get the new Christmas Jesus Dressup widget for your Myspace, Facebook or any personal website! Show your friends exactly what Jesus means to you this time of year.

Nov 17th, 2008

So over the weekend I made a couple of these cute little pamphlet-reading videos to post on the page, and I  think they’re quite helpful actually. They’re also going to get some interesting comments on YouTube (like they already have). Anyhow, check them out. There’s one for “Heaven is Awesome” and another for “Can I Be Forgiven?”

Nov. 13th, 2008

One of the long time favorite parts of the site has been my precious Unholy Army of Catholic Schoolgirls. Not only was it one of the most entertaining methods of spreading Godlessness across NYC, but it captured the heart and imagination of the world.

I have a plan to round up another band of godless troublemakers to form the next generation Unholy Army here in NYC. I believe it’s just a CraigsList posting and some phone calls to friends of mine away.

If you’re in NYC and would like to be part of the next Unholy Army send me your contact information and a picture of yourself.

Nov. 10, 2008

Last week I received an email from a fellow atheist and friend of the site. The topic was “Facing death as an Atheist.” The full correspondence is posted on the latest page of Fan Mail, but his initial email is posted here so that you can share your thoughts & feelings in the comments below.

Subject: Death of an Atheist

Hello Bob.
I’ve been getting a bit short of breath so I went to the doctor who sent me off for a chest x-ray.

I was told the results would take about a week so when the doctor phoned me the very next day it wasn’t going to be good news. Since then I’ve had a CT scan and next week I’ll may be having a lung biopsy.

If I do have lung-cancer words and phrases like “too late to do anything” and “abrupt” keep cropping up. In short don’t buy me a Christmas present as I may not be around to receive it.

So what’s this got to do with NBS? Well, faced with one’s own mortality is a very interesting experience and there’s certainly things to learn form it.

My “religious” feelings are and have never been strong but I think for you and many of your fans they have been. If confronted with the prospect of death it’s would be easy to seek reassurance in the familiarity of a religion and as the religious are not above exploiting the weak and vulnerable how can their clutches be avoided?

The best thing you can tell people and what I’d recommend being central to what you tell others is “Which one?”.

It’s too easy to fall back on superstitious beliefs that were firmly indoctrinated in childhood and arguing/reasoning against them is giving them a reality and credibility they don’t don’t deserve.

“Which one?” avoids this path. Don’t argue against specifics as it’s too easy to get entangled.

“Which one?” puts them all into perspective. Focusing on one, the one true one you were lucky enough to be accidentally born into, gives it a reality it does not warrant.

If there was just one thing you could say to your fellow atheists say “Which one?”. It could be more important and telling than you think.

With regards and sincere best wishes

zoo aka Peter
Continued on a new page of Fan Mail

Nov 5th, 2008

“Can you be forgiven for all of your sins? Yes! Well, mostly.”

Check out the new, thought provoking CAN I BE FORGIVEN? pamphlet now available for public consumption! Print it out yourself for free, then hand it out all over town! YOU can make a difference with this flyer, irrevocably damning people’s souls to hell without their consent!!! Check it out….