Sept 17th, 2001

Page 42, Part 2
As usual, their letters are in blue and mine are in black and white.

So many of you have contacted me regarding this issue, but I also want to continue the Hate Mail as usual, thus I have tagged on a Part 2 to Hate Mail page 42.

Hi Bob -
I thought perhaps this might interest you and those who follow the Hate Mail debates on your site. Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson recently blamed the WTC attack on feminists, homosexuals, and the ACLU. In essence, they claim the sinful beliefs and behavior of these groups have caused God to lift His protection from America. So much for the claim that Christians have a "live and let live" attitude toward the beliefs and lifestyles of others...

Emails asking "How could you have a site like yours at a time like this?" reveals the lack of any rational or reasonable argument against

Not one of your hate-mailers has ever presented a case against your site, except "I don't think you should and my parents/priest agree." As for respecting the beliefs of other people, I don't recall Jesus respecting the money lenders and merchants in the Temple. Unless acts of violence and destruction of property indicates respect.

If one of the disciples of self-denial would put up a dressupdarwin site, I couldn't care less. It would have no effect on the essential truth of Darwinism. Only imaginary ghosties are destroyed by wit and humour.

It has been interesting to note the parallels between organised religion and the government. The question of "How/why could they do this?" is never answered, except as "Because they're evil, full stop [period?]."

Also the inability to accept another point of view, not everyone believes in God and not everyone believes in the Land of the Free. Yet those who question this dogma are condemned, for example, to many people the USA is the terrorist supporting state.

Religion and Government both need people who do not or cannot think for themselves. From time to time I watch the humans play their little games and I despair.


After the recent trajedies, I was compelled to write, even if you don't want to hear from me. I really think people need to wise up now (as they should have a long time ago). I don't think all the religionatics realize how they aren't so different from the jackasses that feel they have to blow up people to prove a point. Most don't have guns or the will to kill, but the brainwashing is the same. It's two seperate, closed and ignorant societies. It's dangerous to be so dedicated to religion, and this is what happens when people don't think for themselves. Hitler all over again. A scary thought is that there's christians out there saying "go over there and kill them all". Yet these nutcases have done what they feel they need to in the name of god. It is so obviously wrong, however, maybe some people will realize that religious brainwashing made it come about. And cause they're assholes. I think it's an even greater trajedy if nobody looks inside themselves and realizes how shit like this happens. This is a struggle of one religious group thinking that the other is so horrible they have to die. Americans have killed for their causes and the middle east has killed for theirs.

The recent attack is so devastating it has affected everyone the world over, like a knife in the back. And how no responsibility by anyone was taken, no one to fight, no point made other than what is assumed. It makes me sick. No one understands it, but no one wants to. These people cannot be bought. There are people out there that could turn those responsible in, knowing that there's a 5 million price tag on Bin Laden's head. It's pure blind faith in their god that keeps them going. That same blind faith that so many write to you about, trying to convince you how necessary it is. Christians try to perpetuate this blind faith, yet it is the same faith that caused so many deaths. Notjust 2 weeks ago, but over years and years. Yet during these past weeks constant coverage, you hear the President telling everyone to pray and look to god. How about, if no one believed in god this would never happen. I guess it wouldn't be very politically correct. The very things that are caused by worship are the things that cause people to worship more. And for this reason, on top of the senseless deaths, the prospect of war and the economic devastation of it all, I am very sad. It think it's good news that people have come together, but it's temporary at best.

Sincerely, Stuck in a Country with 2 Fighter Jets and 5 Guns

"Call me a fanatic, a zealot, an extremist, what ever you want. Because I am an extremely zealous fanatic in the Lord..."

There are 7,000 people who know what I know. The majority of them know it the hard way now. They would like to come back and tell all of us what they know. But they can't. There were those who felt like you did when it comes to God. They wish they could take it all back. Or at least warn their family and friends not to make the same mistake. They can't do that.

However, I can respect them by doing it for them. What we saw go up in smoke was 7000 piles of dirt. What we didn't see was the 7000 cherished spirits that went to and fro from out of that building. That's what is important here. They all know that now. They all know the importance of believing. They know the importance of a relationship with God.

And yet, I'm stuck here with obstinate, self-important, self-gratifying, rebellious, stubborn, ignorant and lost people. People who don't see where they're going and yet have the nerve to decide that they know the beginnings and ends of the universe within their limited minds. Oh, that I could be with them in the glory of God. It would be much easier.

But you, you don't believe in the glory of God, do you? You think, that whatever created this existence just appeared out of nowhere, don't you? As if this 16.5 billion light year universe, with all it's myriad shapes and forms came from an exploding cloud of dust? As if this planets various life forms came from the same bacteria? As if Jesus' prophecies in the book of revelations is just coincidence?

Oh, but you, you're just looking out for the minds and sensitivies of the people, aren't you? You don't want them to be subjected to this at such a sorrowful moment. Garbage. You are being led by a force you can't understand to believe things that aren't true. You think that you're being sensitive, yet you are condeming people to eternal death, whether you're soul has been to clouded to perceive it or not. To you, this is all just religious banter that won't mean a thing until you've seen the light for yourself or, you're being charbroiled with Satan.

Well, I warned you and if you choose not to listen, it's your life. Your soul is no longer on my head. But there are those who are 'crazy' enough to be drawn to the Lord through an e-mail with just the right words. I count two already. And I'll deal with a million confused souls who say I should just shut up to get two more. Call me a fanatic, a zealot, an extremist, what ever you want. Because I am an extremely zealous fanatic in the Lord and I appreciate that you noticed. Because when you're on his team, you come to learn that it's a good thing.

The same way you learn that some people could have Jesus himself knock on their door and still won't get it. So, I don't feel I have to waste my time trying to beat it in your head. You got the seed, take it or leave it.

As for me, I'm going to go through this world offending everybody who is too covered in darkness to understand. I'm going to keep typing, keep talking, keep calling, keep praying until someone comes to my door to kill me. Whether you like it or not. I'm more than likely to piss off the whole world, because my savior told me I would. I don't care, because this world isn't long in the lasting.

But you keep leaning to your own understanding. As if you know the dynamics of the universe, oh exalted one. As if you were there when it all began, maker of worlds. As if you can even see anything outside of our solar system, oh great one. Me, I'll keep doing my duty. And we'll see who the rewards go to at the end. I'll leave you one last bouy, whether you want it or not: You'd be doing yourself a favor to grab a newspaper and the book of Revelations and read them simultaneously. You never know, some common sense might just get through all that presumptuous arrogance of yours.

See ya.

P.S.: Tomas Santiago and Kelly Williams are two friends of mine who reside in that area. Tomas worked at Carr Inc. inside the WTC. He missed death by seconds. I know what the grievers are going through. I'm still preaching, aren't I just sick? Heh.


Revelations? REVELATIONS?! Besides being opium induced psycho-babble, it also could pertain to ANY war that's included both fire and death. It doesn't take a psychic to predict that the end of the world will be horrific (stars falling from sky, dead bodies in the streets, hopelessness, sorrow and pain). What part of Revelations could you possibly attach to the events of past weeks that wouldn't pertain to any catastrophe in the last 2000 years?

Brandon, have you ever seen a cell divide in two? Do you know how quickly a mosquito can turn from two to two million? Have you seen that diagram of a monkey evolving into a man? Have you noticed how far man has come in the last 2000 years? Imagine what a billion years could produce. Now I'd like you to explain to me in your own words the sweet, dramatic tale of "Adam, Eve and the Talking Snake" without sounding like you're on opium. And you wonder why we're all so stubborn.

So you're claiming to know the dynamics of the universe because you've got a book written by the guy who invented Earth. I'm claiming to know the dynamics of the universe through science. And there's really not much more that can be said when one side of the debate 'fesses to being nuts. Either way, I suppose that enough time has passed and I can now permit you to continue in your gathering of souls for your lord.


"I never professed to being nuts."

I never professed to being nuts. I said I'm proud to be a fanatic or an extremist or a zealot. Because when you curse my name on account of my message to the Lord, you let me know that I'm doing my job. People thought Jesus was radical for his teachings. They called him alot worse than what you call me.

If you actually took the time to understand, interpret and apply what revelations is talking about, you'd realize that it's refering to our time. Why? You name a point in time where a nation had a 200,000,000 man army in history? Nobody until China in 1968. You name a period in time where cloning was possible? You name a time that 1/3 of the earth was killed? It hasn't happened yet. Has there ever been a restored Roman Empire? Nope, but the EU is talking about doing it now. And you don't have to take a "fanatical extremist's" word for it, you can ask any lukewarm bible reader you want.

Never before in history has the entire world been able to witness an event simultaneously. Never before in history has their been such hatred from Russia towards Jerusalem. Never before has there been such strange weather. Chalk that up to el nino. But, I guess you think it's all coincedence.

Plus, you can note the changes that occur between man and mosquito all you want. But the bottom line is: They had to come from something. If you say it was protoplasmic genetics, then the goo had to come from somewhere. If you say it was from bacteria, then that had to come from somewhere. If you say it's the Big Bang, then the gases had to come from somewhere. Any theory with which you believe this was all created, bottom line: the beginnings of it had to come from somewhere.

I believe that the ever despised void in and endless amount of time produces life. This theory is from Stephen Hawking's "A Brief History of Time". But if your assessment is that it all has to come from somewhere, then that applies to a god as well then. If infinity can exist in your god then infinity can exist in my universe.

You show me scripture (I never thought those 4 words would leave my mouth) that gives those numbers and specific predictions and you might have an argument on your hands. But if you're giving me interpretations (yours or someone else's) then these references are useless.

I think you still owe me a logical explanation for Adam & Eve too, don't you?


"I've felt real forces in my lifetime that let's me know that he is real. So, it must be true."

You have a good point about beginnings. However, this may seem to be unacceptable to you, but God was always here. How? I can't tell you that. All I know is that I've felt real forces in my lifetime that let's me know that he is real. So, it must be true.

As for the revelations passages, I don't have time to write them out right now, but I'll have one for each and every one of my points tomorrow. Count on it.

I kind of don't get what point you're trying to make with Adam and Eve. Spell it out slowly for me.


So far there have been no further emails from Brandon.

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