Sept 16th, 2001

As usual, their letters are in blue and mine are in black and white.

This past week has been a trial for us all. I have concluded that the best thing that I can do personally to help my great country out is to continue providing pointless entertainment for atheists, agnostics, non Christians and miscellaneous alike.

I'm figuring that you all know where to go to find all of the news on the events that you could possibly need, but places where you can smile at useless inappropriateness is running a bit scarce... and very necessary.

Remember that it is our diversity and freedom of expression that the enemy hates so goddammed much.

So with an American flag planted firmly at my right, and a view of the Sears Tower directly ahead, I present to you some fans and their emails to me.

Bob, I'm not looking to get my email on your site, I just honestly wanted to thank you for a website that, the first time I was on it, made me laugh so hard I was in tears. And that's rare for me.

The JesusDressUp Doll is pure genius and I like your art. I think you're a highly intelligent person who deals with criticism and bigotry far better than I ever could.

Anyway, in the wake of this week's horrific happenings in your country, I just wanted to say - thanks for giving me something to laugh at, again.

Yours truly,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

My name is Jeff Wilson, and i am 16 years old living in Littleton Colorado. A few years ago, my high school was hit by the worst school shooting in US history. After the incident, my school divided into those who found religion, lost religion, and those who stayed the same.

Well, i feel like i was born an atheist, and ill die an atheist, but in reality, i really started my life as an atheist around seventh grade. My atheism was never met with open arms, but after the shooting, things got worse. God surrounded me, in the halls and in the classrooms as well. people wore shirts that said "Yes, i believe in god". things were bad and they were closing in.

I waivered in my beliefs as close as a year ago. One day however, i found your site, and as soon as i read my first hate mail, i was hooked. your answers are straight foward and always get the point across. I had a shirt made that said "no i don't believe in god", and wore that to school despite frequent threats. Now I have the confidence to out-argue anyone, especially the ones i hate most; those who tell me im "too young to know what faith is".

With the frequent terrorist attacks, i worry that more atheists may be oppressed by the increase in public christianity. I only hope that they find your site as useful as i did.

Keep up the good work,
Jeff Wilson
Colorado, USA

Just to say thanks for keepin the crazy world smiling during all this crazy shit, and a double thank you for dealing with certain individuals who feel that now would be a good time to preach the end of the world. I live in Britain and travel through London a lot, and although I was not directly affected by what happened, seeing how dense and compact London is made me realise how bad things must have been in New York which is even busier.

I don't believe in this God Bless America stuff, and that isn't to say I have a problem with you guys, as a matter of fact we admire you over here for your bravery and guts to carry on regardless, but it seems as though you sell yourselves short. I have a lot of friends in America, and you are all have an energy and spirit which I can't help but admire. It's a shame you put it down to a "God" when really it is the American people themselves who have all this spirit. You should all be proud of yourselves, and not try and pan the glory onto someone else - you deserve it. Anyhoo I have probably bored you enough, and even if you don't post this email, the people in America get all my respect for what it's worth.

Take Care
Adam Whatson
Britain, England

There is an article that I think you'd find interesting; that the only way that you can get a rational human being that is smart enough to ram an airliner loaded with passengers into a building filled with people is to make them believe in life after death. The article has one quote in particular that I'm committing to memory: "Religion teaches the dangerous nonsense that death is not the end."
This is an incredibly important point.

I know a few people that are currently assisting in the cleanup effort, and on some level, I wish I could be there as well. I think that because of my beliefs, I take this more seriously than most: I don't believe that the victims have gone to a better place, but rather, that their one and only shot at life has been ended quite unexpectedly. I feel that they should be honored and remembered, but that at the moment, we should be more worried about the living; especially in terms of how this nation is going to react. Given the nationalistic and mob-mentality overtones appearing in the media, I worry about the inhumanity that will follow. The tragedy should remind us of the value and frailty of life, not become the rally-cry of violence to come.

Again, I also wish that I could have done more to help besides giving blood. I feel that it would demonstrate a lot to have a non-believer in the trenches looking for survivors, and to be recognized as such; that this hurts everybody, regardless of belief. We're already taking some of the heat for this. But this very same intolerance, as well as blind devotion, is what got us here in the first place.

Anyway. Keep up the good work. My own attitudes have not changed, though I have been forced to consider the importance of what I do in terms of a much larger context, and to think about whether what I am doing matters in the big picture. Events like this serve to remind me that life is all too short. But I am waxing philosophical, so I'll cut it out. But hey, you solicited this message, sort of.


"...when a terroristic attack is being placed on America and people are being encouraged to stay together and live their lives for God."

Um, I am sorry, but I, personally think your website is rude and offensive.
To treat and talk about Jesus Christ like he is some kind of celebrity that you can just do whatever you want with and "dress up" is morally and ethically disgusting. I do not mean to be harsh or unkind but your site is upsetting and absolutely ridiculous. I hope that you will reconsider providing a place where people have the ability to put the most wonderful person that EVER walked the Earth in a police uniform or leopard skin underwear. Especially in times like these when a terroristic attack is being placed on America and people are being encouraged to stay together and live their lives for God. Because whether or not you care about or love Jesus yourself, you know he's there watching you. ALL OF THE TIME. I hope one day you accept Him into your heart. Because if you are responsible for a site like this, so disrespectful and immoral, you must not know Him.

Thank you and I hope you will remove this garbage.


Never before in American history has there been a tragedy as big as what occurred earlier this week (Tuesday 9/11/01). I sat in front of the TV and watched it unfold, as did most everyone else. It is not an event that changed my mind on the existence of a god. It has however made me more willing than ever to stand up for America and defend the freedoms it protects.

We need to unite everyone in this country and not just those who believe in God, because it is our freedom of religion that is despised by the enemy. And as of late, the "thankyou's" have been outweighing the "no thankyou's" regarding this site. So in an effort to return to normalcy, it's business as usual for Normal Bob Smith.

Appreciate the right we have to disagree with each other RockerGirly16... they hate that.


This next letter was far to lengthy to post, but highlights are below and the entire letter can be viewed here.
"My neighbor's son and a frequenter at the local Wal-Mart have already been summoned to go to the Middle East."

I am an African-American, Born again Christian. This passage came to me while in a prayer with my Lord. I asked him to give me a word regarding the recent happenings and to help me understand them. I do this all the time and it has never failed. I said the same prayer to Jesus and then opened the book (Nahum) and this is where he took me on the subject.

...I'm writing this because I want people to get saved and turn to the lord. I truly believe that this is the end of America. Not the end of the world, that's just not possible because all of the prophecies have yet to be fulfilled. However, the destruction of America is one ofthe preludes to the end...

...I urge all people who have yet to be saved, to get saved...

...Verses 2 and 3: ...People are running over the corpses, because there are just so many in the street. I don't believe in coincidence when it involves God.)...

...Verse 5: I will lift up your skirts over your face....

...Verse 7: (At this point, the chapter hits what is going to happen next. Apparently, another tragedy is going to strike us, leaving us completely ruined...
...I'm not clear, but something will have the world opinion of us low during our destruction...

...Verse 16: You have increased the number of your merchant still they are more than the stars of the sky, but like locusts they strip the land and then fly away. (This part may mean that the merchants and business in America, those with wealth, will take what they have and leave the country during the destruction...

...Final thought: Having read this, you cannot deny the similarities. This was revealed to me in prayer with the Lord. The lord even reinforced this to me in Job, chapter 20. What is to come, whether you believe the Bible, the government, the media, or Nostradamus, is going to be bad. Get saved,turn to God while you still can. Be safe and God bless.


Yes, but here's the thing... I think that this is all alarmist B.S. and this sort of extremist God-talk is as misguided as any Osama bin Laden teachings.

This is not the time to be f---ing with people's emotions. No god would save people out of fear, and that's what you're promoting.

How about donating your blood. That's something productive you could do to help, and it's a lot less morbid of a gesture than instilling doom and gloom into broken hearts. Be a pal and maybe do something that'll put a few smiles on some faces.

Normal Bob Smith

"... I won't stop. Because if I piss off the whole world and win just one soul for the lord, then it will all be worth it."

First, this isn't anywhere near what Osama Bin Laden believes or teaches. He doesn't even represent his own religion appropriately. He's an animal and it's not only insulting to compare me to him, but it's completely uneducated.

I don't want to send a message of doom and gloom, I want to send a message of truth. And the truth is, we need to be saved. Let's say for a minute that this message didn't come to me in prayer. Let's say that I end up being wrong about the whole thing, which I doubt. In times like these, don't you feel it's pertinent to be right with God anyway? It's as my pastor taught after this happened: this incident is the most tragic in history. Those people were innocent victims of a heinous mass murder. But none of that will get them into heaven if they weren't right with God.

Then let's look at the fact that every government official is saying that there are many, many more of Bin Laden's people in the U.S. Then add to it the fact that they have many more targets they're going after and they may just hit them at any time. How do you know that the next attack isn't where you are? If it is, are you right with God? If you aren't then the same rule will apply for you as it would fo anyone else. It's my duty as a christian to ask people to go to God. Especially in the wake of a tragic event like this, which is only going to get worse before it get's better.

If my message offends you, I'm truly sorry for that. But, I won't stop. Because if I piss off the whole world and win just one soul for the lord, then it will all be worth it. The smiles of this world have 70 years or so to give their shine. If they are saved, then those smiles will never die out.

Oh, and just for the record: God loves to save those who are afraid and ask for him to help. It's the time he loves to help most. I was afraid that I would taste the fires of hell for the way I was living just a few months ago. I prayed for him to save me out of fear for his wrath. This is the exact same scenario here.

Just think about it.

P.S.: I already donated at Alpha Theraputic Clinic.


The comparison that I made was referring to the "self proclaimed messenger of God/ using tragedy to accomplish your agenda/ no regard for pissing off the world to win over souls for your Lord" similarities.

I understand that you're all hyped up on this "end is near" psycho babble. We are all on edge and grieving. This is not the time to start translating your visions into signs of the apocalypse and putting your ideas into the minds and hearts of strangers.

Your repeated statement that asks if I am right with God assumes that I (and others) believe He exists, and we're just putting it off or we've never heard of this Guy "God" before.
Brandon, the reason that most non Christians don't worship him is because they don't believe that He exists. You are not going to change this belief in an email, and the fact that you think you can makes you look crazy. It's the "crazy" in conjunction with "God" angle that is so inappropriate right now.

Please put your "God's wrath" aside and give us a moment of silence out of respect for the non Christians who died in the horrible events of last week, and their families.


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