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As usual, their letters are in blue and mine are in black and white.

My name is Jeremy and I live in central Pennsylvania. I love the great artwork and your genius mind amazes me. You have one of the best sites on the Web and i admire how you spend so much time helping people in a religious dilemma. I'm 19 now and have been an atheist since i was 9 or 10. Well at 10 i wasn't quite sure what i was, but now i do.

I grew up in a mostly christian neighborhood, which wasn't easy because i kept my atheism to myself for a few years because of fear. My Parents knew that i was pretty much smarter, or a better thinker at that, than the average kid. So they didnt force their christianity or anything on me, because they knew they couldn't. After awhile this fear started to turn into anger and one day, a relative and i were watching tv. I forget what was on, but this relative (who thought i was christian) remarked "All these atheists are so damn stupid, i hope they burn in hell". It took me about 1.3 seconds to flip out "Atheists are stupid? So basically you think you are that much smarter than Albert Einstein, Ben Franklin, Thomas Edison, Darwin, or Sigmund Freud? Name me one, just one really smart Christian. *5 second pause* Thats what i thought. Tell me, who looks like the fuckin' moron now?"

Thats my story, but there are some things that trouble me that maybe you can help me out on. Do you know why christians think that just because we feel there are no consequences for are actions, we can and do whatever we want and commit crimes just because we can? This has troubled me and i cant seem to figure out why. I know that I along with the few athiest friends of mine, that we have better morals than most any of the christians in our area. Christians that steal, have sex with anyone willing, lie, drink, smoke, do drugs, hunt for fun, litter. Correct me if i'm wrong but I thought i heard that christians aren't supposed to put toxins in thier body. And some of that stuff i feel there is nothing wrong with, but i wasnt the one that agreed to not do it.

And do you know why my christian friends are obsessed with lying? It could be a personality problem, but i feel that if you tell 1 lie, you have ruined your credibility. If i ask someone a question, they look for the answer that they think I want to hear, when all i really want to hear is the truth. And they dont understand that. I dont have this problem with my Atheist friends. This sometimes gets me into trouble with most of my christian friends because they expect the opposite, if they ask for the truth, they actually want you to say what they want to hear. They usually get mad when i give them the truth, even though it is what they asked for.

I have one good friend not talking to me because i put a link to your awesome Jesus Dressup page on my web site. I put it up, not to revolt against christianity or mock it, but because i as a computer programmer thought that it was really cool and took a bit of skill and ingenuity in creating. Nice work.

Thanks, Jeremy

Yes Jeremy, it's true. We atheists live a pretty consequence-free lifestyle. Crime, sin, drugs, lying are all at our disposal without any punishments to speak of. It makes for a fun existence, except for the jealous Christians giving us a hard time about it... Hold on a second. What are you talking about?! Who put you up to this?

Of course there are consequences for our actions! There's a little thing called the law! If you steal something, you're going to pay. If you're not caught, it'll catch up to you. It always does.

We humans also have an ability to know the difference between right and wrong. A conscience is a very real thing. Whatever you do will come back, sometimes to reward, sometimes to punish.

You'll find that people who lie, cheat, steal, hunt for fun and litter, will pay for their evil sins here on Earth where it counts. Where lessons can be learned and people still have the opportunity to improve... unlike Hell.

Your Christian friends however, can do anything they please and their god will forgive them. Now that's a free-for-all waiting to happen if you ask me.

I am still not totally sure if your letter is legit or not, but either way, I think that this answers your question.


"I feel sorry for you though because i'm sure you'll be laughing at your twisted self when you spending eternity in hell!"

what kind of sick and deluted freak are you? A man sheds his life for you and this is how you repay him by making a mockery of his name. I feel sorry for you though because i'm sure you'll be laughing at your twisted self when you spending eternity in hell! May God have mercy on you sick soul...


You feel sorry for me because you know that I'll be laughing at myself in Hell? What does that mean?

Bonnie, it's not like Jesus pushed me out of the path of a runaway steamroller. He died more than 2000 years ago for EVERY living being that there'll ever be. It couldn't get any more impersonal.

Now let's say that I was one of only a half a dozen folks that He died for. Then you might have an argument on your hands. But everyone?!? Wow, I feel so special... like when my name got printed in the phone book.

"Why do you have to put it like that..."

Why do you have to put it like that Jesus died for everyone there was no person more important. Now you can take however you want but the fact remain they he did for you. Would you rather he pick favorites it like you parents they love everyone one of their children the same and i see that as a good thing


"What do you do when your lost in this world or hurt who do you turn to? I turn to Jesus..."

How in the world could you reject something that represents all the goodness in life. You say that you don't feel special because he died for everyone and not just you but how selfish is that. I would hate to think that who made me and created everything I love in this world. Can only love certain people. Its like saying to someone there's a place called heaven that's so grand, so wonderful, so much like everything you dream of but oh I'm sorry you can't go. It doesn't matter how much you love me or how good you are I only died for a certain number of people and your not one of them so you can't go.

But Gods not like that, God says that everyone has sinned but if you believe not only will he wipe away all your sins but he'll also give you everlasting life. What do you do when your lost in this world or hurt who do you turn to? I turn to Jesus but you have the love and strength I get through Jesus. How can you look at all the remarkable things in your life or in this world and not say thank you God? You say that he's to impersonal but when I got saved and felt Jesus in MY heart how can you get much more personal than that. I hope that you can see what I see someday because there's nothing that will change and complete your life more than Jeus.


You see Bonnie, when I look at all of the remarkable things in my life and in this world, like my wonderful friends/acquaintances that range from unconventional artists, crossdressers, homosexuals, goths, punks and a variety of other sexploitive personalities, my talent to write opposing viewpoints to God's Word, my gift to draw sexy outrageous chicks, naked freaks and female bodybuilders of stunning proportions, AND my option to never marry and never have children... it seems wrong to thank God for it all.

I think that God should be sacrificing someone every couple of generations so that His plan for us doesn't get filtered through so many centuries. Doesn't He see all of the confusion that His 2 millennium old "heroic deed" is causing?

For you see Bonnie, when I am lost in a world of hurt, I do not hand it over to "God" to figure out. I have constantly learned valuable lessons dealing with problems on my own. I believe that those who pray for help are NOT benefiting from life's low points. They are ignoring the issue (leaving it up to God) and blindly moving forward (leaving it up to God).

"Completing" your life by handing it over to someone else is not a challenge at all. It is laziness and a pathetic acceptance of incompetence.

"it is a great idea and fun for kids"

hi, do you have any other dress ups? besides Jesus? it is a great idea and fun for kids on the net buti cant really enjoy doing it with Jesus Do you have like George W. Bush dress up?

Josh Ericson

You should visit my main site...

"Do you hate God?"

My gosh you are so talented. Question Do you hate God?

Josh Ericson

He does not exist Josh.

"I'm josh's mom Crystal"

I'm josh's mom Crystal

What proof do you have that he does not exist ? i am curious. I have found proof he does but none that he does not, i would like to see that. is there a web site i can go to for this proof ?

Crystal Ericson


For me, the initial proof that changed my mind from Christian to atheist was the fact that there was no proof that He did exist. Everything could be easily explained as a normal part of life; these things would happen without any god at all. As I pursued this notion I started to find proof everywhere that He did not exist. Here are ten off the top of my head.

#1) If there is a God, why does He let bad things happen to good people?... Ha ha, I'm just jokin' around. I love that one! Sorry. Here's the real list.

#1) People love telling stories of good vs. evil (The Lion King, What's Love got to do with it- the Tina Turner Story", Robo Cop II, etc...), however none of it pertains to real life. As I got older and more experienced, I began to realize that generally people are neither good nor bad. We can't be divided up so easily, thus eternal rewards and punishments in Heaven and Hell are clearly stories as well.

#2) Life makes no sense if our main purpose is to worship God. A supreme being wouldn't even vouch for such a plan.

#3) Today if somebody runs back into the village with outlandish tales of a burning bush that spoke aloud in the name of God, the story is not unanimously believed by a bunch of slope-headed glorified cavemen. Through education, science, life experience and evolution we are able to decipher more probable explanations for such occurrences. This explains the complete lack of God-miracles in our time.

#4) Remind me why it is again that He damns primitive natives on little underdeveloped islands that don't know what a Bible is? I forgot the answer to this one.

#5) There can be no Heaven if everyone can't go. If a mother goes to Heaven and her child goes to Hell, can paradise truly be enjoyed?

#6) Adam & Eve, I mean come on! Are you serious? How do the dinosaurs fit into this again?

#7) We all agree that gorillas don't have souls. Mankind "developed a soul" at the same time that our brains were capable of foreseeing our own death. Coincidence? I think not.

#8) With our precious souls at stake, a supreme being would not have made the only key to our salvation so devoid of proof... unless He's an evil god? Wait a second, scratch #8.

#9) Faith is not a virtue in life. Anyone who has ever allowed faith to carry much weight has seen it fail more than it succeeds. Common sense however is a virtue in life. Common sense succeeds more than it fails. The Bible and God do not fit into common sense.

#10) Any supreme being could care less if He were loved by mortals. Unless He's a lonely supreme being : (

There you go Crystal. I've got ten more if you want 'em.
Now it shouldn't surprise you that I am on the edge of my seat, anxious for this proof you have that God DOES exist. Are they photos? Certified documents? And you'd better not say "the Bible" or "rainbows".... because no one can explain those.

Say hi to Josh for me.

"you realy pissies me off!"

you realy pissies me off! Your face youre ass wats the diference!!!!!!??????


Well, my ass is what I sit on and my face is.. what the?!

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