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Christian letters are in blue and mine are in black and white.

Many emails came to me saying that I had to pick up the latest issue of NewsWeek (6/16/01)
with the banner headline
“Jesus Rocks!”

Having missed its shelf availability, I stole a copy of the magazine from, what shall remain, an undisclosed waiting room. My tired eyes were awakened by the picture of a recently teened Christian rock groupie dawning an elaborate pink & blue balloon crown and a T-shirt stating that abortion is homicide.

Ready to rock, I set my accident-waiting-to-happen sensors on high and dove headfirst into the growing popularity of Christian music... at least according to Furler of The Newsboys.

The Newsboys
Said to be second only to Huey Lewis and the News for bands with the word "news" in their name.

I was repeatedly poked with a most deliberate agenda to convince me that Christian rock was the hippest, latest thing (while awkwardly stumbling around the word "cult" to describe its small, dedicated following).

Con Dios in Maryland (the Lollapalooza of religious rock) boasts a crowd of 6,000 (this included accompanying parents and grandparents). It features such bands as Beat the Devil, rapper Raze (presently facing rape and molestation charges on a girl he met at church) and The OC Supertones.

The OC Supertones
Known to goof on stage in afro wigs.

OK, maybe I've been jaded with my history of non-Christian rock performances or maybe I'm out of touch with today's youth, but my already lowered expectations were still set too high.

The article spoke of a refreshingly well behaved mosh pit that stopped midslam to let a bunny-hopping conga line slip through ( I will pay $5,000 for a photo of this moment). One of the features at Con Dios was a special guest appearance from Pastor Anthony Walton who talked about the inevitability of death. He told the story of a girl who contracted a deadly blood disease and children who've eaten their own feces for protein... and the kids were in rock Heaven.

"It's the coolest thing that's ever happened to Christian music!" stated 15 year old Branden Brown.

Furler of The Newsboys assures us that we are now experiencing what the alternative music scene experienced in the 90s,
"It starts small and then it BLOWS UP!"

Boy, things have really changed from what I remember of the alterna-rock scene.

I would have never guessed back in 1991 as I watched Perry Farrell shove a tampon up his butt (then hurling it into the audience much to our dismay) that a mere decade later all of it would all be mercilessly killed with kindness by an unstoppable Christian rock farce... Oops! I mean force! And they've got the numbers to prove it. For every ten country albums sold, seven Christian CD's "fly off the shelf". And the Christian music sales ranked higher than both Classical and New age sales combined!

Wow. Watch out Beethoven and Enya.

Audio Adrenaline
The next Nirvana?

"stop being a bad person"

You are not Normal, Bob. You are a mean person. And a very disrespectful, intolerant bigot. You should stop being a bad person; I'll pray you do.

Oh Mayfair, you and your god aren't helpless, underprivileged weaklings. If I were picking on the less fortunate perhaps I could see your point, but your god is alive and well in Heaven and you are confident and unwavering, destined for paradise.

Calling people that disagree with you "bigots" is not defending your faith, it's a cop out.


"It's mean spirtited, with (obvious) bigoted undertones, to make public humiliating "fun" of another's god."

Bob, Again, that's a mean answer.
My response could be simplified by stating: It's mean spirtited, with (obvious) bigoted undertones, to make public humiliating "fun" of another's god. OK?

I will still pray for you to not be mean like that and make web sites dedicated to making fun of & being mean and bigoted toward others' gods. C'mon..I bet your talent in site making and your sense of humor could make a greta funny site that does not do that (and alienate your viewers/duh)

... PS: Helpless? hhhmmmm... I think not :-) Peace!

Do you even know what a bigot is? If I were intolerant I wouldn't be tolerating you now.

Do you realize that there are real, true bigots out there that teach hate and violence? They believe that they're superior, and that other races and religions are animals and devils. They want these people separated, eliminated and they even want revenge.

Mayfair, we are not having a tea party, we're debating an issue. If you needed me to be nice because your feelings are hurt that easily you shouldn't have emailed me your judgment of me.

I do not hate and it's clear in my writings. I understand the reasons people believe in God. I believed in God. As I grew older I realized that it didn't make sense to me and it was upsetting my life. There are so many basic questions that have no answers. So the questions that I had then, I now ask to the world (in my nonbeliever voice). And I make it funny because that's how I am. I joke. Why your religion considers joking blasphemy is another unanswerable question that I'm adding to my list.

So you can continue to lump in mean people, impolite people and people who disagree with you under the category of "bigoted". I'm going to continue to stand up for what I think and ask the unanswerable questions.

That's as nice as I'm going to get with you...
... ya sissy. Oops! Sorry!
He he :-)
Peace out.

* * * * * * *

"Its amazing how good God is that he chooses to allow us to love him or not (I beleive he will love us regardless)"

Hiya Bob,

Like many people visiting your site it was because a friend text me with your url. Having looked at your website, if it wasnt for the fact that I'm a Christian I would find the site very funny. I havent always been a Christian so I'm very aware what it is like to not understand what Gods about. I'm not going to bother getting offended by your comments simply cos if Gods big enough to
a) create you and
b) love you then I also believe that he's big enough to cope with your comments.

I find it funny that in a website designed to show us how wrong Christian's are you would choose to make fun out of what is believed to be the worst form of torture man as managed to come up with. Feel free to check out the following url though I know you probably wont. Basically it describes what we believe a guy (or woman or child) goes through when being crucified. But I guess you dont care do you?

Hope you enjoy you website. I believe as you do in the the importance of free thought and speech. Its amazing how good God is that he chooses to allow us to love him or not (I beleive he will love us regardless)

I'm not going to bother responding to any of your points in this mail. But if you really want to here a Christian respond to your points then simply mail me back and then you can have a good laugh at what I say in my next mail.

Hope you like it hot ;-)


What I think is very funny is that you think the reason I don't worship Him is because I don't understand Him. Fact is I don't worship Him because I don't think that He exists. I think that I've stated that somewhere in my site, but you need to hear it for yourself.

I am impressed that the character you worship has been given the personality trait of loving us regardless if we choose to pray to a name in a book or not. Composing together all of the best qualities that a person can have and incorporating them into one fictional icon makes for quite a likable fellow I agree. It also makes for a great multitude of contradictions.

You're amazed by His wondrous ability to let us have the choice to love Him while at the same time you believe that He damns every soul that does not love Him for eternity.

So you can keep worshipping ideas that don't make sense but make you feel loved. I'm going to stick with common sense. It's less confusing when I'm explaining it to people.


"He came down and sorted out a way for us to spend time with him and not be condemned."

Hi Bob,

Thanks for the reply. but from my point of view you don't understand him. If you did you wouldn't see it as a contradiction.

You say 'You're amazed by His wondrous ability to let us have the choice to love Him while at the same time you believe that He damns every soul that does not love Him for eternity. ' God has done all he needs to do - Jesus death and resurrection was the focal point in how we see history, amazing for something that never happened. God loves and respects everyone, he allows us to make our own decision therefore he doesn't condemn us, we condemn ourselves.

What is the alternative? that he forces us to love him? isn't that the greater contradiction? Or that he doesn't allows us condemn ourselves - doesn't that take away free will?

Maybe there should be no condemnation? The Bible tells us that God is so perfect that he can't be around the imperfect (I guess its like magnets) but he didn't just say 'Oh well' and walk away. He came down and sorted out a way for us to spend time with him and not be condemned. If we choose not to take that way, is that really Gods fault? Condemnation isn't part of Gods plan, its a consequence to what we choose to do.


I'd say that the strongest element of proof that Christianity has is that our history's timeline revolves around Christ. It's essentially hearsay. The impressed minds of early man we're certainly more impressionable. There have been many who've claimed to be the Messiah throughout time, but the most popular has been Jesus.

The public crucifixion of a man with the message of peace rocked that society (as it would any). This injustice getting a He-was-the-Messiah spin put on it against an oppressive Roman empire is more plausible than its alternative. Then the romanticizing (excuse my wording) of His life snowballing into a popular religion is precisely how mankind operates. 2000 years of this and you've got a guy who raises the dead, controls every living creature on Earth, and appears in the condensation on a window pane in Jersey.

But all of this is trivial to me when the fact of the matter is God's gift of life is pointless (and hardly a gift at all) if our eternal lives are going to be spent in purgatory.

Never mind the perfect souls going to paradise forever, I want to discuss the people that God loves that are being burned eternally in a pit of fire, and He allows it. This says more about the story tellers than it does a supreme being.

I've stopped believing because I couldn't explain it. I don't think that anyone can. If it ever does get explained to me logically I'll argue the point futilely and then I'll be forced to reconsider. Until then I shall remain on your list of lost souls that you'll be weeping for while you're basking in Heaven's bliss. Is there a greater contradiction that you've had to make sense of somehow?


* * * * * * *

"This is discussing!"

This is discussing! who do you think you are?
I have never seen such a stupid site.
Isn't there anything constructive you can try and accomplish?
You are wrong doing this go to HELL


Suzanne, this really isn't discussing. It's more you Judging me and me putting up with you.


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