Did you know that what seems funny may not be funny at all?

There is a growing argument that none of this may be funny. Sure it may seem that way, but there will be a day when you'll realize that it isn't and it never was.

Once again, the Christian letters are in blue and mine are in black and white.

None of the following emails were sent with the attached photos.
But imagine if they were...

You are alot bolder than I am! What you are doing is wrong-I'm sorry I ever saw this- Only God can help you.


Parker, Dana, Reece & Reagan Bates twins917@alltel.net


Hi Bob. Dont dress up JESUS man. He was a real cool dude. A rebel even. Fought the system. Criticised the rich and religious. Dressing him up in bunny slippers or a devil suit maybe funny in a bad taste sort of way, but if you study his philosophy you will see he stood for every one who has been done wrong by without getting even....COOL.

Michael Percy
mpercy @bigpond.net.au


I received this email from a friend and was not amused one bit. There are some things in life that just should not be made fun of. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. I am not the most religious person, but I respect people's religious beliefs and would not mock any one's religion or symbols of religion for that matter. I don't know where people get the idea that it's ok to mock Jesus Christ, what he stands for and the message in his word. I do not expect a response from you, neither do I want one, whoever you are. Why don't you put a picture of yourself and maybe we can play dress up with you.

Angel Silva asilva@dbp.com

For those of you living on Mars, that page can be easily accessed here.

I think this is sick............ How dare you violate Jesus this way? It is RIDICULOUS!! THERE ARE A MILLION OTHER THINGS TO MAKE FUN OF BESIDES GOD!! Find something better and more productive to do with your time, please.

LUCKYGIRL2346 @aol.com


I don't mean to be rude but that's sacrilegious and an insult to me as a Christian. Just my opinion and I know everyone has one. hehe

Donna Booth donnabooth@juno.com


"Mocking Jesus Christ may seem funny to you but when you die you are going to meet Him."

Hi there Bob,

You must be one sad person, perhaps there is bitterness, hate or some other problem in your life. Mocking Jesus Christ may seem funny to you but when you die you are going to meet Him. Perhaps you might think about where you want to spend eternity. I hope you get sorted out in this life, perhaps you could read the Bible...John 3:16 would be a good place to start...assuming you haven't read it already.

Regards, Tony

Yes, yes, And there'll be giant pearly gates and an angel (St. Peter) with his long list of names, directing non Christians to an elevator to Hell.

You know, sometimes I wish that it was all true. I'd love to get my chance to meet Jesus. I'd ask him about the reasoning behind this "plan" He and His Dad had. I'd like to know why our souls are so expendable? Is the average 73 year life span and 3% usage of our brain enough to rest the fate of our everlasting life on?

But I can see it now. I'd be dragged away by my shackles, blindfolded and gagged while Christ rants "TOO LATE! TOO LATE! TOO LATE!" (àla Vampire's Kiss). The heartless bastard, still without answers.

Tony, you have no idea how quickly sadness, bitterness and hate dissipates when the reality of its outrageousness is understood and the prejudices of God are done away with. I only wish that everyone could experience the joys of expression that the laws of Christianity discourage. We'd all be a lot more tolerant, that's for sure.

* * * * * *

"I will NOT recommend it to anyone except to complain about it."

Your site is ridiculous ! Why on earth would you use Jesus to dress up as a ballerina-devil etc?

You need to be more respectful of Our Savior. I will NOT recommend it to anyone except to complain about it.



I believe that you are genuinely curious. So my question to you is, why didn't you seek?

If there's one thing that I've learned since I gave birth to JesusDressUp.com is that there are a great number of people who will not put the effort into finding the answers themselves. (Clicking on the NormalBobSmith.com logo on the bottom of the page would have solved the mystery). But despite your emotion and concern you did not attempt to find the answer yourself.

It is what your curious nature LACKS that you believe what you do. And it is THIS that has kept the stories in the Bible believed for far too long. Mankind's laziness to find answers on their own.

Not to mention complaining about things that they do not understand, don't even get me started on that!

* * * * * *

"I can't believe anybody would do something like this."

This is the worst site I've ever seen!! Why do you mock Christ this way? I can't believe anybody would do something like this.

Daniel R. Crusan

Sure, I'm as shocked as the next guy that there are still people in this day and age (with all of the technologies, psychological awareness and avenues of learning available) who still believe that God impregnated a virgin so that premarital sex could be forgiven.

What surprises me even more is there are those who don't believe that there are those who don't believe.

I've been getting the impression that there's an entire cross section of the United States where there are nothing BUT believers. It's outrageous! Something riddled with so much outrageousness, stories professed to be history, regular occurrences of impossible acts performed by the hand of God, devils and angels, talking snakes and 2 headed lions. And you don't believe me?!

If my reasons aren't obvious then I guess that I understand why you're so easily duped.

* * * * * *

"If you want respect, you gotta respect the others too."

If you want respect, you gotta respect the others too. I was going to tell you that you are an "%&~*^%)(*&_" but you don't even deserve that.




I have yet to decide if it is respect that I want. If "respect" means that I can no longer poke fun at others (as well as them poking fun at me) then respect is not worth sacrificing humor.

If "respect" forbids the ridiculing of another (or me) then count me out.

I think that the word "respect" needs to be defined more clearly before I can say for sure that it's what I want. OK?

* * * * * *

"I am not an extremely religious person, but your page made my stomach turn. "

I find your dress up Jesus in bad taste. I am not an extremely religious person, but your page made my stomach turn. However, I believe in your right to think. If that was what you were doing...

Patsy Maxwell

Would you like to know what makes my stomach turn? People still gather in masses to worship that symbol that I have spoofed. It's like some Sci-fi movie come to life. A society's fear of written words and icons. The unquestioned submission to an invisible force.

There are actually folks that think there's a god who worries about the contents of the Internet! It's a sorry state of events. It's like we've hardly evolved from those Neanderthals who thought rainstorms were a bitter vengeance from an angry god.

Well, I'm here to prove different.

* * * * * *

"Many people are angry at you."

Your site is very offensive. Many people are angry at you. It is not funny.

Margery Greenwood

The period of my life that was spent trying not to anger people was the worst time of my life. Do you know why? Because you can never please all of the people all of the time. Ever. The next best thing is being true to one's self.

Now their anger only convinces me more that what I am doing has value.

* * * * * *

"Your site is announced on Featured Tacky Site of the Day... :-( "

Dear friend,

I want to tell you that I`m in total desagreement with the site you created showing JC on the Cross and ready to be clothed with funny stuff. :-(

Even if I`m not practicant I feel offensed and you showed your total irrespect of religious mattters.

Jesus Christ is not Ken, the Barbie`s boyfriend, and deserves much more respect. For God's sake please modify your site as soon as possible.

Your site is announced on Featured Tacky Site of the Day on my site devoted to tackyness at the following URL : www.ketaineries.com

I invited my fellow visitors to write you to protest of that maters. I hope you will understand if you have some class.



I can not believe that you are doing this to my site! I DO NOT understand and am going to ask you to please take down your protest. I hope that you can see why I would be so upset. You have no right to do such a thing on your web page.

If you do not remove me from your Tacky Site of the Day page within 24 hours I will be forced to contact you again.

Sincerely, Bob Smith


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