If there is one thing I do not feel it is this.

As usual all of the Christian emails will be in blue and my replies will be in black and white. Enjoy!

I realize that Jesus did not teach hate.

"God does not hate sinful people. He only hates the sins that they do."

This is what I was taught and the majority of Christians are not hateful people.


this teaching opens the door to legitimizing the actions of hate. I'm sure that this will not be news to anyone but "hate" comes from ignorance and ignorance relishes in the teachings of one exclusive idea.

A fanatic will carry forth on an act of hatred believing it to be the Will of God.

It is the clique mentality generated by ANY extreme belief that feeds a fanatical mind. Encouraging cliques (of any kind) is a sure fire way to feed ignorances bred in a sheltered environment.

Exclusive exposure to any one way of thinking is a fanatic waiting to happen (Whether it's Satanists, Cubs fans, NAMBLA or Dittoheads). And in my experiences the Christian religion does not teach an accepting of other people's beliefs. Other beliefs are damned and, any way you look at it, this separates people.

I am writing this for several reasons.

First, I believe that this exposes the flaw in a Christian God. Giving mankind the information that it's either Heaven or Hell separates, and places an exact value on people.

Second, if your mindset is exclusive to only one way of thinking, expose yourself to other beliefs, life styles and cultures and understand that people aren't "evil" for having different ideas.

Last, I do not hate. Except for The Dave Matthew's Band, baby murderers and Microsoft, I do not dislike any one group of people enough that it could be be defined as hate.

Now as for gratifying the hate filled mind, well I'm more than obliged to help out. I am now in the process of creating a Normal Bob Smith Dress Up page. I need your input on outfits, objects and/or scenarios. Because if it's left up to me, it's sure to be a self indulgent, masturbatory me-fest and the revenge that your hateful mind desires will be left unfulfilled.

So send me your hilarious and clever ideas and soon you'll have the freedom to do with me as you please. Won't that be fun?!

I'd like to conclude by singin' this little country shuffle I know from way back...

Well, ol' Buddha was a man,
and I'm sure he meant well.
But I pray for his disciples
lest they wind up in Hell.

I'm sure that ol' Mohammed
thought he knew the way.

But it won't be Hare Krishna
we stand before on Judgment day.

No, it won't be ol' Buddha
that's sittin' on the throne.
And it won't be ol' Mohammed
that's callin' us home.

And it won't be Hare Krishna
that plays that trumpet tune,
We're goin' to see the Son,
not Reverend Moon.

We can all just live for Jesus,
He's coming back real soon.
We're goin' to see the Son,
not Rev-er-end Moon

Not Rev-'rend Moon....

Thank you very much!
There are anti-Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist and Charismatic verses as well. You can sing it at home if you'd like! Enjoy...
Here's page 1 of "Oh Buddha"
Here's page 2 (more verses)

"I hate you."

I hate you. One day you will see. It's too late for you.

Debra Rossa

Unfortunately for you Debra, the hate that you feel only reflects poorly on yourself.

I no longer know what it is to "hate" since I've grown up and out of the belief in God. And talk about hate? What's up with that guy?!


"...don't waste your time hating Christians."

Not really hate mail Bob. Your site is somewhat amusing -not overly so - but okay.

Several assumptions of yours must be addressed. All of your problems are man-made. Devil, baptism, etc. Everything you detest about Christianity is man-made. Jesus only taught two things: 1) You should love God and; 2) You should love all people. That's it. Everything else is politics, man-made theology, fiction. Many of the stories in the Bible are just that - stories. People were trying to relay the indescrible experience of possessing a relationship with God. So they told stories. Nothing wrong here until later when officious officials decided they were literal. They are just stories.

God loves you, whether you love him or not. Follow the Golden Rule and don't waste your time hating Christians (or Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus - we all worship the same God!). God Bless brother.

Anthony Andre' Bradshaw


Where you got the idea that I hate Christians is beyond me. I do not want them dead. I don't preach or condone violence of any kind. I don't even think that there is anything morally wrong in believing in a Supreme Being. I simply think that the concept is outrageous. I was once a Christian myself so I even understand the reasoning behind it all.

I reread my Hate Mail and God Ate My Balls section to see where such an idea could have been construed. Sure I'm being funny and poking fun at the letters of damnation that I've received. It is a necessary defense for the drama that takes place here. But not once do I spew hatred, anger or bile of any kind.

It is the care that I have for people that inspires me to entertain, interact and debate without animosity. Poking fun is not hate. And JesusDressUp.com pokes fun. I would never have put Jesus Dress Up on the Internet if I was not ready to explain myself... tirelessly.

The teachings of Christ are not the issues. It is his claim to be the Son of God and the gargantuan snowball effect that followed.

As for everyone worshipping the same God, be it Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, etc. Well, a majority of Christians do not feel that same sense of unity that you do.

I disagree and I have a sense of humor about it all. That does not make me a bigot.


Sorry Bob. My post implied other than I meant. I understand that your site is intended as humorous and I never meant to imply that you hated Christians - just that it would be a waste of time. I do not think that Jesus claimed to be the Son of God. Most Christians claim that. IT helped elevate Jesus to the level of other demi-gods. Only 2 rules - love God and love people. No dogma, no miracles, no "end-time"(lol). I really think you are very close

I just wanted to , expressly, divide your assumptions about religion from the mess that Christians have made of it(don't blame God for our mistakes). Thanks for replying. Did your reply make your site? lol'

Anthony Andre' Bradshaw

"...105.9 the X can thank you for losing at least 2 loyal listeners."

Hello, Before I get into the main part of my email I'd first like to say that 105.9 the X can thank you for losing at least 2 loyal listeners. I turned on the radio a few days ago and heard DJ Debbie Wylde(sp?) giving a link to your site. That's all I needed to boycott their radio station, and a friend of mine did the same.

But, onward to your sick, disgusting site. It's truly a disgrace to the creativeness of mankind. I'll try to be more creative than just calling you a moron, which I think you are, like many of your "hate mail" members.

One thing I do want to get out of the way is a piece of disinformation you posted on your site, read to me by a friend of mine. You're trying to say that everyone before Christ's resurrection goes to Hell. Well, not so. People before Christ's resurrection went to either paradise or hell. Note when the thief on the cross confesses Jesus' name, Christ tells him, "you'll be with me this day in paradise".

You really have no clue of what your talking about. God has done so much for me in my life, and I've seen the wonders He's worked in the lives of others. It's truly sad what you are doing. Jesus came into the world to die for us, all of us! He left Heaven and died so we could go to Heaven, and now you're mocking Him?

Let me also tell you, evolution is untrue garbage. For evolution to have happened, spontaneous generation, scientifically disproved hundreds of years ago, would have had to have happened. Something non living doesn't come from something living. There's no evidence of "missing links", none around today, none ever visible. Do you honestly think that everything that is just right in our universe was a result of a random bang, compiled with millions of mistakes, or "mutations." It's ludicrous.

I, like every other Christian who's e-mailed you, will probably not be able to get through to you. Hopefully someone who comes to your web site looking for a sick laugh will see this and realize that Jesus brings life and happiness. If only you could use your web sites for the Lord instead of against Him.

There really isn't very much else I can say. I truly hope you come to know Jesus as your Savior and turn from your ways, otherwise you will regret it when you die.


Are you saying that those who died before the crucifixion were divided up between Heaven and Hell? On what grounds? The thief died during Christ's death so he really shouldn't count. I'll admit that when I wrote about that I was just being funny. Before Christ's death how did people get to Heaven? That's the question I posed.

The rest of what you wrote is just the same ol' same ol'. I think that a lot can happen over a billion years. Mistakes get weeded out as a direct result of their imperfection. The successes live and breed on. A billion years later you've got your fully functional universe. It really isn't that outrageous of a concept to grasp.

As for wonderful things happening in people's lives (You say that they're God's doings), I'm going to go out on a limb and bet that bad things have happened to those folks as well. Hell, I've had good things happen to me and I don't believe story one! Call me a moron but I've always just attributed good and bad things as simply a part of life.

And finally wherever life came from, be it from nothing or a supreme being (whose life would be just as implausible as our own), the Bible's plan for life and its 2000 year old stories are the very definition of implausible.

I have no idea how much you've read on my site but the questions that I've asked are the very questions brought up by countless nonbelievers. You'd think that out of all the hate mails I've received one of them would have some sort of reasonable answer. Unfortunately it is your letter and the the only correction it offers is the thief who died simultaneously with Christ. Hardly the proof that all those who died before Christ deserve.

I have attributed the void in your arguments being directly related to your knee-jerk boycotting of anything that offends you. Prove me wrong!

"i think that your little sit is sick."

i think that your little sit is sick. i pray for you

(Gina Davis?)

How dare you comment on the way that I sit. The chairs I use and the positions that I choose to sit in are my business and my business alone!



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