Finally the guesswork is over and we now know the face of God.

All of the Christian emails will be in blue and my replies will be in black and white . Enjoy!

In case you haven't heard, this is your God,
and he's lurking in your heart.

Using the latest forensic and historical findings in combination with today's computer technology, scientists have reconstructed the image of a first-century man called Jesus Christ only to discover that he had an oafish, "missing link" countenance rounded out with a Judd Hirsch-esque good looks.

It can be a scary realization discovering that your god, the one whom you love, worship and obey is not the muscular, puppy-eyed pretty boy you'd been introduced to.

This is not a look that your average, God fearing, middle American invites into their home to sit on their $1200 sofa bed.

Where's the blue-eyed hippie that we'd all grown to love so dearly?! How could the facts have gotten so distorted over just a couple thousand years? Doing such a thing, romanticizing a life could mislead millions, if not billions, who would devote their lives and earnings to such a story teller. Who would do such a thing?

It makes me start to wonder if other "facts" of this Jesus guy could have been stretched over time. Do people do that sort of thing?!

It isn't necessarily lying when you tell the stories of a dead man, leaving out imperfections that could tarnish a "holy" image. And a little bit of embellishing is a respectful way to maintain such a legacy.

Listen people, humans are imperfect. This has to be remembered when you're being told hearsay anecdotes, and tales of perfection.

For more on this story be sure to visit Discovery Channel.com

Here are some more fan letters to balance out all of this hate, and some interesting work experiences too.

Those stupid peckers are on the net trying to save someone who is just having fun and entertaining people when there are all those rapists, killers, lawyers, and thieves to save! I understand why... they aren't true followers. They are like the racist people who are only racist when in a crowd of racists. Basically, it's a bunch of bored, panty-waste jerk-offs who have had everything go their way. The funny thing to think of is that after they send their emails to you they probably go back to a porn site and beat off. Haha. Kick ass site.

See you in hell, Bob! Bless you! Billy

Scene 1:
. . . So there I am at work. . . . . sitting in front of my PC(I am a PC support help desk technician). . . . .wishing that I had something to do. . . . . so I check my e-mail. A buddy had sent me your URL so I clicked on it. . . .and began laughing my ASS off!!

Scene 2:
As I am hysterically laughing my ass off, my boss walks by. . . . .looks at my screen, and says,"You're going to burn in hell for that". "I already AM burning in hell!", I tell him through tears and roaring laughter,"So I might as well dress up Jesus!!!". .

continually existing in the now,
dustin cole

Hey, just wanted to tell you that your sight is awesome, I enjoyed every aspect of it, and it kept me entertained for many hours at work =). My boss actually forwarded on the dress up jesus link. Anyway, I also loved the super chic section, I was there forever! Each girl has a page then links from there for other super things...

OK I just wanted to tell you,

Hey bob! I sent a link of dressupjesus to my boss and got fired. THANK YOU! I was beginning to think that i would be forced to live out the rest of my days with these tools. Now I can get burnt and put high heels on the savior all day long.

Ed Blaze


"Indeed most of your critics may be young. So let me say I am 20..."

Indeed most of your critics may be young. So let me say I am 20 and a Religion Minor in my third year of College. I think you are the biggest moron in the world. You obviously have no life. I have a few corrections you might want to put on your web sight. First of all Catholics are Christians you retard. As a devout Catholic myself I can say that Christianity began with Catholicism. It is only when the eastern Orthodox and all the Protestant churches split from Catholicism that Christianity was more than just Catholicism. Secondly any nitwit with half a brain would realize that Allah is the same God the Jews and Christians worship. All the Moslems did was call him by a different name. However Jews, Christians, and Moslems all worship the same God just in different forms. How dare you say Mother Theresa is going to Hell, that women is 1 year away from being declared a saint brain surgeon. Also Christianity professes unity among all Religions so although Hinduism is a polytheistic religion Christians respect the Hindu's beliefs just as Hindu's respect Christians beliefs, you do not have to be that religion to see how people feel about it. Finely I would like to close my letter by saying you really are a loser, get a hobby, or better yet get a life. sincerely,

That Guy - You will never know my name

P.S. Just because I know you do not want me to this Saturday at confession I will say an Act of Contrition for you and Sunday at Mass I will Pray for you.

Holy smokes, 20, and me just a mere decade your senior. I have been eagerly awaiting the wisdom of another sponge minded, ex-teen in the midst of an education not yet put to use.

Being raised an Evangelical Free Christian, I can assure you I was taught that Catholics believed differently, thus jeopardizing their eternity in the promised land. There are many forms of Christianity and they all don't follow the rules of your text book. This is something that can only be understood when the schooling stops and reality begins. I know that it may seem twisted but Mother Theresa is in hell. My Christian pastor told me so and Christians never lie.

Did I ever say that Allah wasn't God? I mean, obviously he is and all of these different forms are as well.

Listen, Guy, you've hardly overcome puberty. In the years to come you will realize that there is not a unity among the religions. It may be what you're being told in that over priced Sunday school class you've enrolled in but that is not what's being taught off campus. If you don't believe me, reread my Hate Mail, and even my Fan Mail. Put aside your professor's beliefs and listen to what people are being taught.

Accepting what I believe to be true has given me the life that I had only dreamed about. A majority of my free time is spent creating the art that I love. I am close to my family and enjoy my time with them, and I have been blessed with an adoring, adorable girlfriend with an athletic physique that knows how to fill a pair of rubber pants.

You may go through the motions that your god requires, saying your Act of Contrition. It makes no difference to me and serves as much purpose as a promise to score the winning roundabout on your kickball midterm final for me.

"Indeed you may be Thirty and I am twenty..."
I guess starting letters with "Indeed" just looks smarter.

Hello Loser,

Indeed you may be Thirty and I am twenty, but from the looks of things you seem like you have the mentality of a ten year old. How dare you call me sponge minded, if any one is sponge minded it is you stupid acid head. I have a 3.53 gpa, I am in the National Honor and Leadership Society Omicron Delta Kappa. I am President of The National Civic Voulenteer Orginization ROTARACT, I plan to go all the way with my education and get a PHD some day and be a success. From the looks of things it seams that although you are thirty you probably dropped out of High School and do not even have a GED. You are probably nothing more than a welfare sucking loser waiting for your next unemployment check. Being raised a devout Catholic I can assure you that bot only are Catholics Christian but Christianity began with Catholicism. Trus The Christian Church has split three ways Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant. Also the Protestant church split in to many denominations. However I assure you we are all Christians. The basic definition of Christianity is the belief in Jesus Christ, Catholics I assure you belive in Jesus. As a matter of fact I teach CCD or Contemporary Christain Doctrine Sunday mornings to Children in my Parish. The opportive word there being Christian. My parish is a Catholic Church. I assure you that Catholics will be in heaven, especialy those who do not play with Jesus dress up dolls. The reality is that I did not go to Sunday school because I did not need it because for 12 years before College I went to Catholic school. Mother Theresa, and the Pope are not going to Hell how dare you say that, you are talking about two of the Holiest people ever one of whom will be a saint in about a year or so or did your uneducated flat mind not remember that little fact.Your Pastor is a lier, is he even Christain or is he a cult leader of The ICOC or the or The Church of Satan perhaps. If you are Christain like you claim you are your acusations surly do not show it.
Yes you did say he was not God, as a matter of fact you said Your God was the only God. Allah is God just with a different name, just like the God of the Chrisians, and the God of the Jews. All three of those major western Religions worship the same God only in different forms.
I never said there was a unity among Religions. All I said was that The Catholic Church as well as most Christian Religions acknowledge other Religions exist and that they feel their beliefs are genuine. As a Catholic and a Religion Minor I may not believe the other Religions beliefs, but I know they are there and would never mock them. Not only am I a religious person, but I too am close to my family and have great friends and know how to have a good time.
So Listen Bob your welfare taking Unemployes Blasphomous life and your Nympho girlfriend are not only an offense to society but you are wasting my hard earned tax dollars, so do yourself a favor, get an education, get a job, stop offending millions of people, and stay close to your family like you say you are. In otherwords get a life and Grow up. Oh yeah and Since it is Holy Thursday and Tomorrow is Good Friday, Saturday Blessed Saturday, and Sunday Easter I will pray for you in Church on these next and most holiest days.

God Bless You
That Guy - You will never know my name

You have no idea how refreshing these letters have been for me. Your assessments, insight and clumsy communication skills have inspired me more than you could possibly imagine. So my reply to you is immediate and anxious for retort.

You do not know it yet but at this point in your life you are a perfect example of "Too much education, not enough experience". It is apparent by your lack of observational skills, nonexistent sense of humor and the stereotypes you've been told are out there.

It doesn't take a Ph.D. to see that I am a high school graduate and that I have a degree in art. It should be clearly assessed in my writing, drawing and computer skills alone. It is the combination of all these things that has allowed me to work full time in a creative environment illustrating to my heart's content. It is only after my 8 hour day that I enjoy the freedom of expressing myself on these pages and the occasional freelance opportunities of my picking. Thankfully my talent has prevented me from ever having to be on Welfare.

It does not come as a surprise to me that you believe a non-Christian to be an uneducated, unemployed, welfare sucking, nymphoid acid head. These ignorances of yours will wane as you venture beyond a frathouse environment, and begin socializing with a wide variety of cultures, personalities and religious beliefs... if you're lucky.

T.G. I am not a Christian. I am being funny. I realize that Mother Thersa and the Pope aren't in Hell. I don't think that anyone is in Hell because I do not think that Hell exists.
It is clear to me that your grab-bag of jokes consists only of name calling. This is another unfortunate symptom of your over schooling.

Despite the exhausting amount of education you've gotten yourself into, the quality of your writing is that of the ten year old (a mentality you claim to recognize in everyone else). Over 2 dozen spelling/punctuation errors and unnecessary capitalizations up the butt! You should be ashamed letting a God forsaken, acidhead loser like myself run rings around you grammatically. These are the 3 items I'd advise you to begin improving upon before you attempt another debate of the issues at hand, but you will not.


"when you're roasting in the fiery pit of hell, true Christians will be enjoying their eternity at God's side."

you have got to be the sickest SOB on the face of the earth. people like you give mankind a bad name. you are the kind of person that made GOD destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. when you're roasting in the fiery pit of hell, true Christians will be enjoying their eternity at God's side. hope you like HOT, honey. if you don't, you'd better move to Louisiana and learn what torment can be before you die. hopefully, God will touch your heart and save your soul before hell becomes a reality for you.

the faithful of south louisiana
michelle hunter

I am still immensely entertained by the notion of a billion souls roasting (as you put it) in the fiery pits of Hell while all of the true Christians (like you Michelle) enjoy an eternity watching them burn. It's such a simple, sensible conclusion in a Christian's mind.

Christian • Good • Eternal reward
Non-Christian • Bad • Eternal punishment

Thank you Michelle for your assessment of life and those progressive and insightful Louisian ideals

" i don't care if you think i'm a nut..."

you have got to do something in your life to keep from losing your soul to eternal damnation. i don't care if you think i'm a nut, a fanatic, or what. it doesn't matter. you have got to ask jesus christ to come into your heart and turn you away from hell and damnation. because believe me, bob, that's where you are headed. if you don't like church, bible study or anything like that, read the left behind series by tim lahaye and jerry jenkins. this series has opened my eyes and changed my life. if you read it and you still don't come to christ, then i know that i have done my best to help you. i will pray for you and put you on our church's prayer list. even though i don't know you, i still care for your immortal soul. may god bless you, bob.

michelle hunter

Michelle, what you fail to realize is that on top of me thinking you're a nut and a fanatic I also, and very simply, do not believe. I do not believe in the Devil. I do not believe in God and I do not believe that Jesus was the son of God.

However, if your god accepts Earthlings that pretend to believe, then I may still have a chance.

Tell you what, let me know if your god takes in "make-believers" to Heaven and I'll go backwards against myself and begin my new life of lies, just for you, because you care for the ghost that lives in my body.

"your stupid!!!!"

your stupid!!!!

Marie-France Jean-Louis

I believe you meant to say "You're stupid!!!!" stupid.

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