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All of the Christian emails will be in blue and my replies will be in black and white . Enjoy!

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I am not a Christian. I can't say that I am an atheist either. My in-laws believe that I will burn in hell, but they're still nice to me and hug me when we visit.

I do believe that Jesus was a fairly decent person and it would have been fun to break some bread and drink some wine with him. I can't though, because he is dead. He was nailed to a cross close to two thousand years ago not for my soul, but because people were idiots back then too. It's a good thing that Jesus is dead because I think he would be pretty pissed off at what the Christians have done with his persona, using him as a weapon the way they do. I don't think he would give a shit what you did with it. Seems pretty benign to me.

Sometimes when I read your site, which I enjoy, I think that you might be mixing up the teaching of Christians with that of Jesus. No, this is not where I try to sell you on Christ, I really do believe he was just a man. I was brought up Catholic, and we only know a little bit of the bible. I think that Catholics try not to waste too much time on the actual words in the bible. But from what I remember, Jesus did very little condemning and was mainly about love and forgiveness.

I'm sure that not only do I have mispellings and poor sentence structure, but horrendous paragraph formation. I wonder what Jesus would think of all the Christians who tried to get you to make an Allah site just so crazed Muslims or Hindus (I don't know who worships Allah) could come gunning for you.

Paul Hallaroo

" I don't care if u have a website for dressing up the devil..."


I think u have a very big problem..u have no right to open a website to the world letting them think dressing up Jesus in a devil outfit is appropriate!!! He was they holiest man on Earth. I don't care if u have a website for dressing up the devil but I will not tolerate having my Savior be dressed up in a devil costume!!!!!

Lauren Schaffer

So dressing up the Devil as Jesus is OK? It's an odd request. One that I hadn't considered, but the more that I think about it, I like it!
Dress up Satan as Christ, or a priest, or a nun!
I commend you on your courage to put forth such a controversial idea.

You're a true original AOL Gurl number five hundred and twenty four. I'll give you full credit and 50% of the royalties generated. Good job!

"Wait, wait, wait..."


Wait, wait, wait...I never said to dress the devil up as Christ! I said not to dress up Christ as the devil..

Lauren Schaffer

Hold on there Lauren. You specifically said "I don't care if u have a website for dressing up the devil...". That's an exact quote, letters representing words and everything!

If you are willing to relinquish your responsibility for this idea I would be happy to take full credit. Give me your "OK" and I'll take this one and run with it.

"Jesus came to this earth so that you can love Him."


Hey, look, Jesus came to this earth so that you can love Him. So that you would one day be with Him. you have no idea how much this hurts me as a Believer, and how much your Lord cringes. This stain can be washed from your hands. As long as you ask Him to forgive you. But you are running out of time, friend. Do not wait. All you have to do is ask and Jesus will forgive you.

"There is not judgement awaiting those who trust Him. But those who do not trust Him have already been judged for not believeing in the only Son of God."
John 3:18

Rebecca Rober

To me it seems that we as a species have long since passed the threshold of evolution that allows someone to say "...came to planet Earth to be loved."

Why is it that being pursued by invisible enemies is certifiable but being pursued by an invisible friend is considered... well, considered?

I cannot relate to how it must feel seeing my god humanized. To me the idea of having a god is problematic to begin with. Just ask the Bushman that worships a Coke bottle. Why this god? Its objective is what? Why blue?

I hope that you can see how I would find the act of asking Jesus for forgiveness completely ludicrous. You can believe what you will but you shouldn't be so shocked that others think it a bit bizarre.

"For a god that judges a man that He made of the free will that He gave him is a backwards and pointless god indeed."
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"fuck off"


that was very wrong what ya did to jesus so fuck off

I don't think that Jesus himself could have put it any better.

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