There'a a fine line
between saving souls
and sabotaging them.

The Christians take on the challenge, in hopes that they're doing the "saving" one.

As usual all of the Christian emails will be in blue and my replies will be in black and white . Enjoy!

More fan mail...
and the penalty for not including a picture with your email.

I love your site. I got a link to the Jesus Dress Up through a Bulletin Board i post on, and then i saw NormalBobSmith at the bottom so i went there, and i've been enjoying reading all the different stuff you have up there. i cried with laughter reading your review of Welcome Home Jellybean... especially on this part:

"I'm not sure what the moral of this story is. Dad left the family and Joe's talent show dreams got shot out of the sky. But somehow, Geri having fed the neighbor dog marshmallows was an appropriate ending for this director.

i cracked up. You definitely have one of the funniest sites on the web, and i'm telling all my friends about it. I've done the normal and Holiday Jesus Dress Up, and the Hangman one... read God Ate My Balls, Special People, everything. it's awesome. i'm currently on page 5 of the hate mail, and i'm really wondering about some of the people that inhabit my planet (that's right, MY planet! heh.). They all seem to write to you with the thought in their head that their email will make you realize the error of your ways, and repent. They spew their "God Facts" to you as if it's the OBVIOUS truth, and anyone who doesn't concede to it is wrong wrong wrong! and their obsession with anyone not believing in God being "evil"... dear lord, what's wrong with the world?!

I used to believe in God... we never were a huge church-going family, but we believed nonetheless... and as i grew older, and watched more science shows (i'm fascinated with space and all that), and more George Carlin, hehe, i started to lean back off my beliefs... in other words, i smartened up. i don't mind if someone else has to believe in something... but it is pretty silly to me. anyway, i won't go on and on "preaching to the converted" as it were.

i just want you to know that i love your site, and i can't wait until you add more and more things up there, cuz i tend to read pretty fast.

please forgive my non-capitalization, and my use of the word "cuz", i only use internet shortenings if it really saves me some typing, i despise the use of things like "r u an idiot" or "b4 i was a moron" or whatever. and i really don't like using the stupid shift key. anyway, i've rambled/babbled on for long enough to ya. time to go finish reading hate mail!


"...and i bet his vengeance -if you don't fray for forgiveness- will be horrible."

Shalom my friend,

JESUS CHRIST is your one and only opportunity. say yes to him because he loves you man. if i understood it: why don't you? no... you are going to fool the king of kings and i bet his vengeance -if you don't fray for forgiveness- will be horrible. yes, i know you will erase this message or you are laughing now: but i told you about him. i am saying you are a sinner and just tell this to GOD and ask for forgiveness through the blood of JESUS CHRIST. now you know about everything and if you don't take it for your reality it is your fault. not mine! take care and GOD bless you.

Asked to be anonymous

I read and reread your message several times and you just barely told me what you were supposed to.
I tell ya, if there was a God and it were up to you to spread the word, there'd be many a confused soul fraying for forgiveness. The abundance of fraying would most certainly traumatize the fashion industry. Grunge would be a celebration of Christianity and crosses would be replaced by decorative yarns, frayed to their limits. And upon being turned away at the pearly gates, these fray-clad souls would be cursing your name.

Fortunately for us, you are not the chosen one, there is no God and your average missionary of Christ can greet with a proud "Shalom!" knowing for sure that his truth is the right truth.
Now that makes sense.

"...I will pray for you that you will see the light and not get the urge to make fun of something so serious."

Dear Jackass,

I think your little joke of our lord and savior (at least he is mine) is not something that anyone should be proud of. The fact that he died on the cross to wash us of our sins is enough just to make me want to thank him. You though, think it would be funny to make fun of him. I think not. I pity you sir. I am afraid of where you might go after you die and I will pray for you that you will see the light and not get the urge to make fun of something so serious.

D.J. Wade

A peculiarity about man that stands out to me is that he can be proud that he follows invisible spirits and believes outlandish tales to be true while, at the same time, possessing no ability to see the humor in it all.

To me sir, your god is as absurd as bowing down to some elephant, that's part human, with six arms, sittin' in a golden throne... holdin' stuff.

In return for the pity you have bestowed upon me, I shall pity you as well. You fear what lay after death. I am afraid of what your lifetime is. I will not however, get on my knees, bow my head, and whisper to myself words of hope that you will see the light. Instead, I have chosen to make fun of something that is so serious, once again. You!

" should be ashamed of yourself for putting such a descracefull site on the web."

This web site is not at all humorous, and you should be ashamed of yourself for putting such a descracefull site on the web. You are a very low and ignorant person and this shows that you have no moral value and you have no respect for the religious beliefs of others. and may GOD bless you!

Not humorous!? You've got to be crazy! Are you positive it's my site you're talking about? The one with Christ!?
If dressing the very messiah, whose blood was shed for me, in scuba gear isn't funny... tell me Queen D. Jelly, what is?

Discraceful indeed! If you've got something funnier, so help me, I'll drop to my knees and but for the crace of God, I'll repent.

"...i hope to hear from you soon....and please don't bother to email me unless u come up with a good and reasonful excuse."


dear Sir (?)

i am writing this email in order to express my opinion about your site at ... actually i am unable to understand its there any purpose for this site to exist?
The only reason i can see is your possible intention to humiliate jesus christ....needless to say that it is unacceptable, offensive, purposeless and it alters the real meaning of the existance of the web. So, i hope to hear from you soon....and please don't bother to email me unless u come up with a good and reasonful excuse.

yours Stavros Kyriazopoulos


I have several reasons why I created

#1 First and foremost is because it is funny. The crucified corpse of any messiah put on display like a glorified mannequin... well, it's nothing short of hilarious.

#2 Now, beyond my own selfish amusement, I also view it as a gathering place for many who do not believe the stories that the Bible claims to be true. A gathering place much like your "churches", only with less emphasis on faith.

#3 Finally, it could be argued that by dressing up one's own savior in a variety of quirky duds is another way that a believer can get just a little closer to God.

That last one isn't considered very reasonful by a majority of God-wannabe's ... "ahem", I mean Christians, heh heh.

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