The Hate Never Ends!
Jesus Dress Up has been quite popular with both the Christians and non-Christians alike.

As usual all of the Christian emails will be in blue and my replies will be in black and white . Enjoy!

I realize that it's been awhile for a Hate Mail page. I've been concentrating more on the art lately... and that eats up a lot of time. But you benefit! Not only do I have a completely new "Dress Up" concept for you all to enjoy (Mr. X's Hangman Dress Up) but I've also created a brand new Jesus Dress Up page. The new Hollywood Jesus Dress Up lets you dress up Christ as your favorite super star! Choose from such giants as Hulk Hogan, Evil Knievil and Robo Cop. Dress up the King of Kings as the King of Rock, or the King of Pop! There are more than a dozen characters to choose from!

All that I ask is a donation of as little as $1 (although more is allowed), then the link is yours to do with as you please. But, seriously, act fast! I've broken many trademarks and patents with this page. It's just a matter of time before, one by one, the outfits have to be removed as per the request of the "victimized" corporations involved. Click here

Enjoy some more of the interesting fan mail that I have been receiving.
All of the attached photos came with the emails that follow.

Hi Bob, Who the fuck wants to be normal????? Tried it, wore the t shirt, pissed on the hat and picked bogies from our noses with the pin of the badge.

We're Elf and Bear from England. We like to play and have fun. Hedonism is the only God..........just so long as you always at least try to respect others and their differences. NOTHING AND NOBODY SHOULD BE AN ICON. Not even normal Bob Smith, but we think we know where you're coming from.

Attached is a pic of us about to enter a Witches and Warlocks Halloween party a few weeks back. What few items we're wearing, we weren't wearing an hour later!!! Great fun. We've told so many people about dressupjesus. You're bound to go straight to hell and ain't you tickled pink about that?

Lots of love Elf and Bear XX

Hello, my good sir Bob. I have one question. Almost a metaquestion, but I'm tired and delirious, so I refuse to hear that noise. The question is as follows: What am i supposed to "Ask Bob"? Is this a religious "Ask Bob"? Are you taking a position as an advice counselor? Should I merely posit those ever-popular querys that dance in my head like sugarplums? Animate sugarplums, of course. Dancing and singing "Take A Chance On Me" by ABBA. Actually, it's more that the music accompanies them, and seems to emanate from the tops of their plump, sweet forms. I strongly approve of "Holiday JesusDressUp". Do yu plan to return to your work on Neptune? We still lack Irra Riehard and the Sack-Skinned Lady. Thank you for the expense of your precious time. The enclosed image, sadly enough, is not of this personage, but of a friend. Evening.


i'm a reborn cristh .. :) .. that's why a have a such "magnigique" life .. you can see it .. .. it's on portuguese .. have to translate to a minor language ..english perharps .. :).. you should see it .. my ocupation is .. fuck all kind of chics .. :))

Miguel Romão

Subject: Hello Robert, this is God writing you!

Ha ha ha, just kidding man, I know, probably not too funny.. Well, I thought it would get a laugh out of you..

Anyway.. Did you at one time work at


"your web suite is in very bad taste..."

your web suite is in very bad taste and I hope you dont clame to be a christian please take down wthi blasphemy its to your benifit Jesus did die on a cross for sin and He died was burried and rose on the 3rd day. He is the perfect sacerfice for sin and death which He overcame by his death durrial and ressurection and if you belive that you shall be saved and you should take down your web suite if you have and questions or comments please write.

Lance Kyle

Is it wrong for me to claim to be a Christian? It seems that my web suite is being misunderstood. I too believe that he overcame his resurrection and I do not understand how a child's dress up game could stir up so much confusion and upset so many people.
I took special care to only put up nice outfits and not anything sexual, violent or curse words. Please tell me why so many people are writing such hurtful things to me.
Thank you,


you are sick! that is very sacreligous:~( When you die you will go straight to the devil. I would fix this website right away Buster.


I do not think that I am deserving of such an unfriendly email. To say that I am going straight to the devil, hurts me.
I am writing you in hopes that you'll reconsider our friendship and give me a chance.
Your friend,

"your a sick fuck."

your a sick fuck. you should rott in hell

I believe that you meant to use "you're a sick fuck" and not "your a sick fuck". Do you see? What you said made it sound as if a sick fuck belonged to me, and I'm guessing that you actually wanted to convey the message that I was a sick fuck. Am I right? Anyway... fuck you and I hope you rot in hell you son of a bitch.


"You make hypocritical accusations that some one's sentence structure is base and unlearned and then reply with the same lack of grammatical fortitude."

I don't find your site offensive; It's mildly amusing. However the arguements you make in referendum to your hate mail are rather poorly formed. Examplifying this would be "his father's the one who made us think logically right? So why would we believe his 'Tall Tales'?" You make hypocritical accusations that some one's sentence structure is base and unlearned and then reply with the same lack of grammatical fortitude. I don't know what you're gunning for but the "Jesus was forced down my throat now I'm rebelling" act is over done. Try being as original in your debate as you are in your Dressup Jesus doll.


If you can't see the difference between a letter written in the way someone talks and just plain idiocy I partly blame you for all of the horrible entertainment on the web. You can't entertain 10,000 people a day with "referendum", "fortitude" and "exemplifying" (I had to be the one to spell this correctly).
Loosen your bow tie, kick back and have a little fun for God's sake! .... well, not God's sake I guess,


"Are you the idiot..."

Are you the idiot that thought up this idea?

Max Shiff

Are you the idiot who couldn't figure that out on your own?


Why would you make such a thing?

Max Shiff

Do you have a sense of humor?

"Yes, I do."

Yes, I do. But I didn't think that was funny......did you?

Max Shiff

Yes, I think that it is a funny thing. Perhaps you don't have a sense of humor? You should ask an unbiased party their opinion as to the existence of your humor senses.

"My children and I found this website..."

My children and I found this website to be extremely offensive. You should be ashamed.

Liz Fry

Jesus Christ! Your children too?!?


You should be aware that God is not mocked, It may be a few years, but you will answer to the very one you mock. Jesus loves you no matter what you do, why not make Him your Lord?

"Deep peace of the Running Wave to You ....
Deep peace of the Quiet Earth to You ...
Deep peace ... of the Son of Peace to You ..."


Dear Thomas Tigerchild (That name is so very awesome).

Did you see my site? God is easily mocked. You need to try out the scuba flippers, ballerina skirt with the space helmet. Now tell me that's not mocking.

To me it seems idiotic to make something that doesn't exist your lord. My first priority if I were "god shopping" is His existence. Then I'd look for things like accessibility, sensible explanations and some other source of proof that he's God other than a book that He wrote. I hope that this answers your question.

By the way, is that John Tesh?

"aren't you just a little bit afraid of being struck by lightening?"

aren't you just a little bit afraid of being struck by lightening? Talk about irreverent.......... Shame on you

Oh yes, that scares me very much. I am also afraid of having my soul stolen by cameras, being abducted by aliens and eaten by the Loch Ness Monster.
Thank you for your silly email.


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