The People Ask "Why?"

As usual the Christian emails will be in blue and my replies will be in black and white . Enjoy!

Why you ask?

To make people happy! Here are some emails from folks who found the site HILARIOUS! For those of you who did not include photos of yourselves I am posting an "assumed" likeness next to your letter.
If you want your actual photo here people, you're going to have to send it to me!
Nudes preferred.

I'm so relieved to see the world has a few people that actually use their brains!!! I find your site very humorous! I played with Jesus this morning!! How fun!!! Wildirishrose is just another mindless, sheepish, insecure twit who needs to convince herself time and time again that there is some justification for worshipping a God! well guess what..? Nobody is going to save you Wildirishrose..
YOUR LIFE IS NOW.... make it as you will...and don't wait till tomorrow to live.!!!!. OH and just to clarify something.... just because people dont believe in God.. doesn't make them satanists..because if we don't believe in God we certainly don't believe in the devil!!! *laughing hysterically and guess what? We're good people with good hearts and good morals.. we just tend not to buy into all that "hooey" about going somewhere else after we die..and living with angels.. WE ARE REALISTS... WE ARE YOUR NEIGHBORS WE ARE DOCTORS AND LAWYERS AND TEACHERS WE WE ARE SCHOOL BUSDRIVERS, WE ARE EVERYWHERE so grab your bible and run to your church and go cry to your God there... if you don't like sites like this THEN DON'T COME IN!!!! OK there's my 2 cents.... oh p.s. Wildirishrose ( you're probably not really Irish either) what maybe a few generations back? You are going to be so disappointed when you die and finally figure out you're gonna JUST be worm food like the rest of us!!!!!!

Dear Bob, firstly, thanks for putting a smile on my face on an otherwise dull day - I saw the link to your site from a discussion forum on my own website and had a look. The specific item linked to was the Jesus Dress Up page - very entertaining (and actually quite disturbing the sort of images one can create - bring back memories of tabloid sleaze scandals 'vicars and choirboys' etc.).

Me, I'm a Buddhist myself.. even if you did a Buddha Dress Up page I'd have the sense to smirk a little rather than ranting and making a mockery of both myself and Buddhism at the same time ! I think Buddha in Ray bans (especially considering the climate in Asia) would go down a treat :-) Keep up the good work, and a small note to any Christians who might read this (if published) - stop starting wars (we would got away with it if it weren't for those pesky kids!)
Alex Goodey

Dude!!! You are messed up man.... messed up and yet funny!!!
Mike Richard

This is the best use of talent on the Internet that I've ever seen. May you get fabulously wealthy or whatever it is that might make you happy. Grins, Karin

Hey fun-boy I tried very hard to dislike your site - I really wanted to contribute to your hate-mail selection (it was the best!) and sucky "Ohmigod! I love your site!" letters are boring & nauseating to read AND write. My only complaint? TOO SHORT. Fuck, man, I got three more hours to kill at work here. Quit your day job, make more stuff. Your illustrations are incredible & you can sign me up for a couple T-shirts when they're ready. (Can I have a T-shirt with hate-mail AND an illustration?)
B Covert
ps - I'm not moving until you post ALL Top 10 Worst Movies.

Bahb, I thoroughly enjoyed creating a burn-out-tranny Jesus from the "Jesus Dress Up." Sick humor is why gahd put me on this planet. Folks like you make my prostate quiver!!!!! Just to share.... I saw an improv comedy troup in San Francisco last week....they were feeding off the audience and creating the sickest shit I'd ever seen (next to Co-ed Prison Sluts at the Annoyance Theatre in Chicago, that is) They said... somebody give me an illness or malady to which I screamed: CHRISTIANITY!!!!!!! The guy who acted that out made up Joan Rivers with Christian "Terrets" Syndrome (I'm sure that's spelled wrong and will be pointed out!!) I'm sure if you were there you would be deeply moved. I love hate mail, I think we need a page. (I'm sure Khakis is spelled wrong also) It could be an Old Navy-Gap hate mail site...... earnin' & burnin' buelanne
Blaine Crowley

Excellent! Well done and very clear. I admire someone who has the directness and ability to actualize it in a practical medium, such as the web. Love the "blaspheme man" in hate mail.
M. Newbern

Jesus Dress up is the funniest fucking thing I've seen in a long time! Fuck em!



Email me your shit at




Why would you do this? What is the point of making this website?

Jim Cody


Thank you for your question Jim. I have been asked many times what my inspiration was for the Jesus Dress Up web page. Let me start by saying that I consider myself an artist. I adore being able to express myself with a drawing. It isn't often when one's own art creation expresses one's own feelings, thoughts and beliefs to the extent that did for me.
That, and I thought it was fucking funny!

My inspiration is simple. I do not think that any sort of drawing can hurt anyone. And what better way to prove my point than creating In fact, I'll even go so far as to say that not only is it harmless but it is also a benefit to society. I believe that freedom of expression used to its maximum opens the doors for exposing the crazy nutbags.

Every time I sit in front of a piece of paper with a pencil in hand I am on a quest to convey a message. The message that I wanted to convey with

Religion is silly.

Unfortunately, despite religion's obvious silliness, there are countless folks who depend on it in their everyday lives. They may have very legitimate reasons to do so. Maybe they fear death. Maybe they have no other purpose in life. Maybe they need to feel superior to everyone else. Whatever the reason, many people depend on God, Jesus and the Devil. Turning that corner and accepting responsibility for one's own actions is a big step, and for many that step is blasphemous.

I am one who hopes that we progress as a society. I am for cloning, lengthening life spans, robot limbs and pig hearts. When I turn on the TV and see a doctor performing heart surgery on an unborn fetus I see how far we have come and where we still could go. If we still live in a society that fears my Jesus Dress Up web page then we might as well be running from our shadows, bowing down to an eclipsed sun and smashing cameras for stealing our souls.

"The Lord looks down from heaven on the ebtire human race..."


only fools say in their hearts,there is not God. They are corrupt,and their actions are evil; no one does good The Lord looks down from heaven on the ebtire human race he looks to see if there is evenone with real understanting one who seeks for God . But no,all have become corrupt Noone does good not even one

Fernando Pullini


Goodness, you're a kooky one. I'm not sure where to begin.
You mentioned the human race of Ebtire in your email. This Lord who looks down on them sounds a lot like this planet's "Santa Clause". He looks to see that everyone is good and those who are evil don't get any presents come Christmas. Only, here on Earth, the one's who still believe in him are the fools. It's odd that on this planet Ebtire where you are from, it's the ones who don't believe that are considered foolish.

Here on Earth fools are easily weeded out. They write and say foolish things, stating bizarre beliefs in divine miracles and how everyone is "evil". Fools here make it very easy to pick them from a crowd. All you have to do is post a wacky, "sacrilegious" website and they come out of the woodwork.
Peace to you and your fellow Ebtiranian people.

"One day you won't think its funny...and it will be something to live with for eternity."


I find this site disturbing and distasteful, not to mention -- IT'S NOT FUNNY. Can't you think of something better than to mock the very person that died for the sins of mankind. I pity the person that created this, for it is an abomination to God. I can't even believe someone sent it to me. One day you won't think its funny...and it will be something to live with for eternity. I would repent and undo this site.

Anna Pittman

I bet that being in Hell for a web page is a lot like going to prison for unpaid parking tickets.
"So what are you in for?"
Hitler: "Oh, I massacred hundreds of thousands of people because they were"
Normal Bob Smith: "I made a web page where you could dress up Christ in a variety of paper doll type clothes."
Next scene is Hitler telling me to pick up the soap with his pants around his ankles.
Now that's funny! Disturbing and distasteful, yes! But pretty goddamn funny indeed.

Wait a second, why would Hitler be getting his jollies in Hell? He's being punished, right? I suppose that I'd be getting it from some demon guy, huh? Hey, can you tell me what the Bible says about this scenario?

Anyway, I would like to thank all of my readers who find my pages funny. I'm getting more than a hundred "thank yous" a day. It's that kind of support that drives me to be so goddamn funny.

"I doubt that Bob will publish any of our letters in their entirely..."


I don't hate you, I pity you. I am sure that is not what you meant to accomplish, but it is the only thing I can feel when I see a fellow human ignore the Truth. I fear that you disregard the reality of salvation through Jesus Christ and the sovereignty our creator. It is obvious to me that you do know who our savior Jesus Christ is, otherwise you would not make such a concerted effort to discount him...yet in the end He will be the victor. His promise to humanity is far greater than both you and I could ever comprehend. It is not too late for you, He will listen, but you must be faithful. If He does not answer you at first, you must remember that all happens in His time, not ours. I encourage you to at least read a gospel of the Bible, perhaps the book of either John or Matthew, or both. You will come to know an inner peace and strength through Christ that you have never known before. All else fades away, but our Lord is enduring.

To all my brothers and sisters out there who may have visited here out of sheer curiosity and anguish, I too have felt remorse over this unfortunate website. I have watched as numerous co-workers around me have laughed at it's absurdity, and I can only hope that some of those are nervous giggles muffling the inner anguish they must truly feel. We know that true contentment comes only through a relationship with Christ, yet they are still blind. Yes, it may be an easier road the lost travel, but in the end we know where that road dead ends. Think back to your life before Christ, remember the filth that our lives once involved...all are redeemable through Christ. We must remember that Christ was persecuted, and as He suffered, so will His people. Perhaps we must consider that this is an opportunity to rebuke and bear witness to Him. Perhaps we can find a way to glorify the Lord through our common discord over such a blasphemous display of heresy. It will only get worse my brothers and sisters. The day of the Lord is at hand. I doubt that Bob will publish any of our letters in their entirely, but if he does, perhaps we can find solace in that alone...God bless you all. And Bob, may the Lord have mercy on your soul.

Bill Zankich

Wow Bill, you really got me. You're right, I didn't put these pages up to be pitied. Holy smokes, I don't know what to say, jeez!

You're just so sure that every non-Christian is filled with inner anguish and living a life of filth.

First of all, ignoring the truth is the exact opposite of what I'm doing. Did you read any of what I had to say? I receive so many letters from Christians. Not one of them has an argument for any of the statements/questions/facts that are on this site.

But I was most amused by your assumption that I would not publish your letter, or if I did I'd edit it. Do you think that that email was so powerful, I'd dare not publish it on my site? If I did post it, my entire argument would be pointless, thus discounting my web page empire and finally leaving me no choice but to pull it all down and repent? Come on Bill, I censor no one. I don't have to. There's nothing you or anyone could say that would make me forget all that I know.
Read my pages again, consider the possibility of the Bible's absurdity and get back to me.

"I have come to understand that there are forces in another realm that we can somewhat interact with..."


Bob, I am wondering about you and what motivates you. A friend of mine sent me the "Dress Up Jesus" deal. I don't quite know what to think.
On one hand, I love taking shots at the fundamentalist Christians (I used to be among the most hardcore of them) but on the other hand, I do think that Jesus Christ was killed that way. I have seen a bumper sticker that I like that says,"Doing my part to piss off the religious right". My beef, though, is with the people that have perverted the original message that Jesus PROBABLY had and have turned it into something that serves them and gives them power. (Sorry about the run on sentence, I didn't do well in english in school-especially grammer). I don't believe in the God that the christians do anymore nor do I believe in a devil or much else in that religion.
I have come to understand that there are forces in another realm that we can somewhat interact with and that by living a certain way, you can expect certain patterns and a quality of life. (That's been my more recent experience).
So, I'm just curious. Do you hate everyone or almost everyone or just certain people?

Joe Price

What motivates me? Well, it most certainly is not wishy washy, fence sitting, crazies like yourself. You seem to have come to very few conclusions about what you believe. I'm guessing that it is related to your inability to focus on the obvious.

Somehow you've concluded that I must hate. I do not hate anyone, Joe. To hate, you must have anger and I am rarely angry. I am very patient, thought-out fellow who grants hate for special things like car alarms, slamming my thumb in doors, and biting down on razors in Halloween treats...Youch!

If you've read my pages and see it as "hate filled" than you're way too tender to be here and you need to upgrade your sense of humor from the "bumper sticker" level it's presently at.

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