I've been wanting to take a breather from the Hate Mail section of but the letters I've been receiving have just been priceless.

All of the Christian emails will be in blue and my replies will be in black and white . Enjoy!

There has been much talk about being offended here at What it all boils down to is, if it offends someone should it be permitted? To most the answer would seem clear.
Now I've had to first figure out if I've ever been offended (it's such an overused term lately that it seems to have lost all meaning).
Definition according to my handy Franklin WordMaster:
"To cause hurt feelings or deep resentment"

Now every time my feelings have been hurt it's been from someone that I care about. I don't even think that "feeling offended" exists between two parties who are not personally acquainted.
Yet here are a multitude of responses to JesusDressUp and they are all offended (feelings having been hurt).

Following are reactions after the site was posted on CyberGrrlz by moderator Irina Wolf.
Keep in mind that little girls are probably offended more easily than any real person would be.

that was so uncallled for. i'm not usually an offended Christian but that was uncalled for. I like CG the way it is, non offensive to others, but if you know something is going to offend people, why do you post it? another thing, fi ou don't know why it's offensive, its because Jesus is the symbol of purity. He died on the cross wearing only the scarf (for obvious reasons) and the crown of thorns. Dressing him is like saying "he's naked and that's a sin" but being naked isn't a sin, Adam and Eve had no clothes when they started out, it is only society who deemed these rules.

that site is sick, and it strikes at the basis of compassion in today's society. The problem is not with Jesus being dressed up, the problem is that they used the image of him hanging from the cross. Why not just use a crime scene photo, or photos of rape victims? Wouldn't that be funny? What about pictures of little Jon Bennet Ramsey after she was killed? You could dress her up, that would be funny right? No?!? Why not? What about dressing up Joan of Arc as she's burning at the stake? You could put celebrity faces over her burned flesh to cover her charred face. That's gotta be worth some laughs right? No? Why? Then why is the torture and murder of an innocent man funny?!? How anyone could find a picture about dressing up a murdered man funny is beyond me. If this was a picture of Jesus ALIVE and being dressed up, I would have no problem with it. The fact that the person used a picture of Jesus being tortured to death is sickening. This has nothing to do with Christians at all. This is simply a matter of someone having a sick mind. How anyone could find pleasure in the pain and death of another human being is beyond me. Regards

Even if I didn't worship Jesus, I think I would be uncomfortable. I'm not black, but I would certainly be VERY uncomfortable and angry if someone posted a hate site, or a swastika or something like that. That was my thought. He's dying, freakin nailed to a piece of wood, and people are laughing? Even if it wasn't Jesus...but some other person being crucified, it would be just as disgusting (the devil suit got to me purely on a religious level).

Ok, I know it was my own fault for clicking it. I said that already. I just think that was disrespectful to post something that you knew would be offensive to people. What if someone here thinks child abuse is funny? Or slavery? What if they posted a link to a site that mocked something so tragic as Christ's death? People would get pissed off, I guarantee it, so why do it? Cuz you think it's funny?

the person behind the site is irrelevant. Remember, what it all boils down to is... "Perception is reality." My statements are based on my perception of the website. Heck, for all I know the person behind the site could be a devout Christian. Look at Jesus Christ Superstar (the musical). It was written by two 'non-believers' and ended up becoming a celebrated musical. The difference is that Jesus Christ Superstar is a representation of the life of Jesus. That site is not.

I'm offended as a HUMAN. Personally I could care less WHO was being tortured and killed on the wooden cross in that picture. Whether DarkPierce believes Jesus ever existed is up to him. My contention is that the person depicted on that page was a HUMAN BEING. When did society become so callous and cold that they would find humour in the degradation of a man being tortured to death? When did the respect for human life carry so little meaning that we could trivialize the ritualistic murder of a human being? Whether anyone believes the person was Jesus makes no difference. Whether you are a Christian makes no difference. What bugs me is that some of the same people who laughed at that site are people who think abortion is murder. They say they believe 'all life is sacred'. Well those people are hypocrites in my eyes. Personally I was saddened when I saw that people here thought it was funny. I expected more compassion for human life from people here. It looks like I was mistaken.


" is not productive to be anyone's adversary."

I don't know you personally nor will I judge you for you "material". Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion or views. Although it is your first amendment right to post your opinions or speak your thoughts, it is not your "right" to offend anyone if they have not invoked disrespect onto you. It is simply out of "respect" that one should not insult or degrade their moral/religious/ or civic beliefs, something that you may want to consider. Afterall, it is not productive to be anyone's adversary. Don't you think, Bob?

Just like I do not partake in "heterosexual parades", nor should I have to be exposed to the beliefs or rights of a homosexual. That person has all the right to practice whatever sexuality he/she may prefer, however, they do not have the right to impose their view onto me, as you do not have the right to impose your view onto anyone else, unless they are asked of you. Your views imposed on my personal beliefs and I am writing this letter because it is my reciprocating right to do so. In light of this, If I may make a suggestion, try not to instigate or impose upon another...It's just not nice. And by the way, if you consider yourself above and beyond anyone, try joining MENSA. They just love to laugh at douche bags like yourself who think they're intelligent! Thanks for reading.



HP (I wouldn't sign my name to that letter either)
I was very pleased to receive your email this morning. To see someone break it down so simply answered a lot of questions I'd been having. It is only now that I realize I do not have have the first amendment right to offend anyone if they do not invoke disrespect onto me.

I believe that it is the lack of adversaries in your life that has left your brain so stagnant.

So let me get this straight,
In your world, people are not allowed to offend each other (without just cause) and anyone having infringed on those rights (by the act of offending) should be fined or even arrested, depending on the level of offense the victim feels. If people would just learn to accept without question (for penalty under the first amendment offending law) then this world would be more productive (no adversaries) and our society would then truly evolve.
I think your vision of how the world should be is neat.

Oh yes, if there's one thing that I never want to be described as, it's "nice".
Thank you

"...I can show you the scriptures to back it up."

I can see what you mean about the horror of people going to hell. There is much condemnation in the Christian world and none of it is from God. It is from demonic forces deceiving the Christians. God is a God of love only and I can show you the scriptures to back it up. I will not be long winded but only hit a few high points. Everyone from Adam to now are children of God and has and will live with God. God only looks at the heart people. Anuone who said in their heart that there must be a greater one because of the beautiful life on earth is with God. Your Mormon friend is very well with God also. The only people who may have not been with God are the ones who do not want to be with God. God also wants them with him but there is little he can do if one does not want to be with God. The old testament saints first went to Hades which was composed of a paradise and hell. There was a gulf between these two chambers ant they stayed in paradise until Jesus rose from the grave. I do not blame your anger to the Christian world. There is one Church that teaches God does not Condemn us and he only loves us. It is the Word Of Faith movement Churches. Hope you can see the truth in His

love Kenneth


Hold on a second! Are you telling me that there's scripture on all of this stuff? I had no idea that such strong evidence was backing your beliefs.

In the past I've had friends turn into Christians. After that, all they could do was quote scriptures to me. Everything that came out of their mouths was read out of some book. It can be very annoying. They all acquired that same one-track tone to their words that you have.
"God wants you with him.... God loves you... God will send you to hell..."
There wouldn't be a conversation that didn't involve God. By the way, did you know that you said "God" a dozen times in your 1 email to me?

I'm not impressed with your "deer in the headlights" explanation. I'll just stick to what I believe and you should go see a therapist about your obsessive/compulsive thing you got goin' on there.


"You do not show any care for my feelings."

"deer in the headlights"

Sorry do not understand. You asked about what happen to people who died in the old testament and I answered. You saye you love people. Seems to me you just want to be mean. You do not show any care for my feelings, so I wonder how much you care for anyone.



Oh Kenneth,
Your hurt feelings are not my problem. Be a man. It's a God damn email.
Your God-talk was boring me and I do not appreciate your attempts to convert me.
I do not love people like my grandmother loves Hummels. You've missed my point entirely.





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