“...all I wanted to say is that I think that it is not rigth”
Louis Blackburn

I hope you all had a happy holiday.
Some of us still had to answer to
Hate Mail!

Their emails are in blue & mine are in black and white.

Sometimes I wonder if I've sealed my own fate. I've created a forum that virtually begs for the attention of girls, then I spend my time frustrated that the attention is only through my computer's Inbox. It's a difficult thing to deal with when you're at the level of losing your heart to a Jpeg while you

I just wanted to email you and say that you are great, and I wish I could kiss you :)


curse all couples with prettier faces than you.

Subject: You Rule even though you didnt add me to your fan mail =( Your the fuckin best bob..Your my god

The Holiday makes it worse; emphasizing the silence. I did however enjoy my Christmas. It was the first encounter with the extended family since they all discovered the site. It was satisfying to have cousins lean into my ear and tell me they didn't care what anyone else thought, they loved the site.

My excuse for being so antisocial is that I'm still getting settled in New York and the first few months are the most crucial if I hope to make it here. But the simplicity of what would seem now to be

the cure for my ills is what's most frustrating.

You don't just walk up to everyone you're attracted to and ask if they'd like to go to the movies.

Would I open with "Do you love Jesus"? Should I smile more? Do I continue to push forward with my career and hope that somehow fame or money will solve this? What insecurity could these beautiful girls possibly have? Does my profile really protrude that much? How did that clod holdin' hands with her do it? Christ, I gotta stop that snowball.

Dear Bob: My Absolute Love. Never in my life have I ran across a website that was so finely unique. Your flavor by far surpasses that of the "Normal Bobs" I have had the acquaintance of meeting throughout life.

When I first came across your website, I was in total awe.

My dear, sweet, maniacal Bob, make me a Super-Chic, and you will not be disappointed.

Niki Wooten

Turn around and ask that girl whose been

Hi Bob, Just a quick note to tell you I damn near peed my panties when I read some of the hate mail. I found the Jesus dress up thing really amusing. It never occurred to me that people would find it harsh or insulting, and further more.. I'm amazed that they just couldn't figure out the little 'x' button on their browser window. Or the back button. Or the home button. Damn! Lots of choices there!

Anyway, just wanted to say keep up the good work.
*wink* Jenna

looking at you through the window's reflection if she's got the time. I'll sit here and watch girl after girl sit down while scary, idiot men ask her if that seat is taken, tell her she's pretty, ask her her name until she stands and walks away.

It's a different word girls live in. Guys don't deal with this. Guys don't relate. We assume it's a compliment. We sacrifice our dignity. We create an entire soap opera when all she did is brush past an arm.

And even if you do ever conquer the fear there's still no denying who has the advantage in this situation... and it ain't the guy whose head turns with every flowery scent that walks by. What's my dealio?

Where was I? Oh yeah, here are some more of those fan letters from girls I was telling you about. Enjoy.

I think the first thing that caught my eye (I don't know, a year ago maybe?) was the hate mail, it had me rolling on the ground with laughter, both the e-mails and your replies are hilarious.
When I read God Ate My Balls I was pointing to the screen and yelling "Yes! Exactly!" so I guess I can just really relate to what you're saying. Except that I never was a real christian, my mother tried to raise me that way, but even as a kid I was way too sceptic and cynical to ever believe it.

I love the new things you constantly come up with, I guess the christians will always stay the same (god forbid they actually grow up) but fortunately your site keeps growing and you keep finding new and creative ways to mock them :).

Keep up the good work.
love, myra

“...all I wanted to say is that I think that it is not rigth”

Dude hey well I like the whole Osama thing but the Jesus Dress up really needs to go that aint even funny that is wrong and sick I just thought you should hear my opinion but I know you probably wont care but hey atlest I got it off my chest all I wanted to say is that I think that it is not rigth.....

Louis Blackburn

“you dirty bastard........”

Hoe, Hoe, Hoe this shit isnt funny!!!!! you dirty bastard........

Louis Blackburn

“I know this is not the first time you cant sit there and lie about it”

Bob Smith~

Why Why you gotta be so stupid, Atlest have a heart about somethings because you probably dont have a heart it shows with your little dress up thing, just have some respect for others and their religon, and I know your going to be like what ever but I bet this is not the first time you had gotten an e-mail about the jesus dress up I know this is not the first time you cant sit there and lie about it, but all I am saying is please have a heart........

Louis Blackburn

I am dying to know what happened in the 14 minutes it took for you to go from "at least I got it off my chest" to "You dirty bastard... you gotta be so stupid".

Did you make yourself angrier as you dressed Jesus up in stuff? Did you go and ask someone how you should feel then return to clarify your stance? Are you just wishy washy?

Anxious for more of your responses.

“one day you will bow before the same jesus...
and you will confess that he is lord.”

just to let you know that one day you will bow before the same jesus whom you ridicule, and you will confess that he is lord...

Katie Carrot

I think that people like you should not be Teaching the young impressionable people About Jesus in this manner, they may be Naive enough to believe what you say.

I just wanted to say that I was absolutely Livid that you would put up such an incredibly Offensive site about our lord and savior, Jesus. Very few people will appreciate this site, and Everybody who does will burn in the fires of Satan's hell for all of eternity. It's just not cool And I think that people like you should not be Teaching the young impressionable people About Jesus in this manner, they may be Naive enough to believe what you say.

May God have mercy on our souls.
Patrick Toye

May be naive enough? Of course they're naive enough! That's the whole point! Only at such a young age are their minds impressionable enough to buy into the superstitious nonsense you'd rather they be taught. The only use that I myself am getting out of all that B.S. is now I'm able to mock it so very wonderfully.

You described a burning for all of eternity in the fiery pits of Hell for all those kids who appreciate my site. I wish someone would have shown me another viewpoint when I was that age. Unfortunately now I regret to say that I hold some resentment against those who put their fear and guilt into my head at such an impressionable age.

Christ isn't more important than those kids. Your priorities are frightening to me.

“...other people can make fun of christians much better than u”

go to a pschiatrist or something cos ur site sucks and basically ur humour too other people can make fun of christians much better than u do cos they got something u lack GOOD SENSE of humour.......pathetic

Maria Koutelidaki

You think that there's someone else out there who makes fun of Christians better than me? Who? What's his URL? What academy of geniuses does he belong to?!?

You'd better come up with some answers and fast!

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