Thanksgiving is for giving...
and thanks.

Giving the gift of art.

Their emails are in blue & mine are in black and white.

Hey Bob, it's me Katrina. Long time no talk huh? I see how it is, ::sniff::. Guess what! I made ya something!

It's not perfect, but hey, it's something.
::Waves:: Katrina

Dear Bob
I simply adore your page. Someone sent me the link and I spent the rest of the night looking through it until my eyes hurt and I was wondering why the birds were singing, it turned out the sun had come out and I had just been so caught up in your page that I didn't notice, that I had spent all night looking at it.

I think you are a very talented artist and I love your sense of humour. I live in Denmark so I don't really have any first hand experience with very religious people, but I find those who write you hatemail very entertaining.

"Jesus doesn't wear a tutu you faggot motherfucker! Love Carl" It never stops being funny that they will insult you and then sign it with "love" another loving detail is when they insult you poor mother who has nothing to do with making the page. How very Christian of them.

I have spent many hours playing with Dress up Jesus. I even find myself drawing little costumes for him on my computer. I am sending you my Marie Antoinette Jesus and hope you enjoy it. I've also done Pippi Longstocking Jesus, Conan Jesus, nude Jesus, Jesus with a snake, pirate Jesus, hairy drunk Jesus, Jesus in a corset and Robin Jesus!

To all the mad Christians who hate you Bob I would like to point out that they will not go to Heaven behaving like that. There is no Heaven there is only Valhalla where you will be greated by Odin and Thor. There you will have fun fighting all day. When the battle is over the chopped of parts will magicly grow back and you will spend all night drinking beer from a bottemless cup and eating as much pork as you desire. But please remember Christians that you can't go if you die in the bed straw like a cow. You will need to die in battle like a real man. :)


Hi Bob,
Sorry to almost spam you at the moment, but I've just dicovered something great that you maybe don't wanna miss.

First I enjoyed listening to that radio-interview, which is great fun btw, and then I went to mankow.html to play around a little--- the outcome: by using mankows head and a dogcatcherjacket you can turn Jesus into a girl, heeheeeee. If mankow knew that!! *g* It's not perfect, but I don't think the doctors could do a better job with turning a man into a woman!

I hope you somehow like it.

Shroud Dress Up. Did for cheap laughs on a message board, and figured i'd forward it on.


I remember having "Colorforms" toys when I was little, and your site is like an online version of that. Where you got the inspiration to have Jesus as the subject of it I don't know, but it works for me. I also used it as the Normal Bob Dress Up site (see attached). Thanks for a good laugh on an otherwise tough day.


“Keep it up; I'm sure there are hundreds of other people who, like me, instead of taking offence to your site, just laugh at it.”

"Oh Kenneth, Your hurt feelings are not my problem. Be a man. It's a God damn email. Your God-talk was boring me and I do not appreciate your attempts to convert me. I do not love people like my grandmother loves Hummels. You've missed my point entirely."

This is a reply you made to some hate mail. I was amused when you replied, 'I do not appreciate your attempts to convert me.' When I read through 'God ate my balls' I had the feeling you were trying to convince me that God doesn't exist. 'Your God talk was boring me' I'll be honest; your Anti God talk was boring me. I just found the hate mail section funny, because you get so worked up. Keep it up; I'm sure there are hundreds of other people who, like me, instead of taking offence to your site, just laugh at it.

Stacey Goldberry

Hmm, I suppose you're right. That is kind of a double standard on my part. I guess I'm not annoyed by my own God-talk. Go figure.

“I will pray that God will open your eyes to understand the great Love He has for you.”

Dear Bob-
I was interested in the contents of your site. It seems as though you are angry at God-(at least his Son anyway) for some reason as you make Him the subject of your angst. I would like to say that God is not shocked by anything-and it doesnt alter Gods Love for you whatever you do or say against Him-Jesus still died for your sins the same as mine.

I will pray that God will open your eyes to understand the great Love He has for you.

Tim Dodge

“I found your humour very funny”

Hahaha-thanks for your reply-your drawing is great-I found your humour very funny-

I hope my email didnt come across as sanctimonious if it did I apologise-my intention was only to try and say to you that from my experience-Jesus is for real-and hopefully to encourage you to see the 'flesh and blood' God who understands human life completely-and that he is not the plastic, distant, judgemental, one often portrayed by some people.

I believe the Scriptures which say God understands the heart of a person and doesn't judge by what he sees-that is also my experience.

God Bless you Bob-
Tim Dodge

“Oh please, tell me that you don't like haveing this stupid race worship you. ”

Hello BoB, still leading people astray........Excellent! keep it up I wanna watch this race die.

"The reason that I've created this site is because so much of the Internet is a bore, done by people who don't care, who link up other people that don't care that link up more people, and so on. Everyone seems so anxious to push off the responsibility of quality onto someone else."
This is what you said.......RIGHT? So you gain no comfort in having thousands of brain-dead humans behind you It is ingrained into the bastard human race to reinforce something they are not quite sure of.....but want to believe.

I could very well have a website for unembodied beasts in human form, but why don't I? Because I do not need the reasurence. LIKE you DO. What I am not right.....Oh please, tell me that you don't like haveing this stupid race worship you. Some of those braindead bimbos do think that way about you and you love it.

Kind of think of yourself as the Jesus Christ of ignorance.....speaking of course on an eternal level, I am sure you are quite smart on an earthly level...WHO GIVES A SHIT. Anyone can get a book and learn useless junk....Anyone who can read that is.

Hooray for you BoB, HOORAY for you and the downfall of man.

What is the use of living for eternity if you don't have your true self.

“...have fun supporting shit and believing lies.”

I really did not think you were going to put that in the hate mail section. Oh well, I was really looking forward to your reply, or how you would respond to this type of mail. Why did you not reply......COME ON it is something that is alot different then your typical save your soul shit right?

Unfortunately I am very fucked up by the standards of this type of reality, but it does not matter...I guess this is just what happens when an entity has the wrong form. So what are your desires BoB? Everyone has thier own wishes no matter how fucked up it may seem, everyone has that wonderfull DARKSIDE.......

I just can't support the idea that you are completely happy with this boring lame as world but if you are then I guess I am wrong...But I don't think I am. I can just imagine how horrid it must be to think that all you are is a brain and nothing more, and when you die ..UHOH no more BoB...but he was a good mound of brain..HAHAHAHAHAHHA HA AHHAHA how fucking stupid.

Well have fun supporting shit and believing lies.

I can look semi normal see

Oh yeah one more thing, again I AM NOT YOUR ENEMy, I just don't want people thinking I am a hardcore christian because they are slaves as well. As for me, I have no master.

But it is your site so do what ever. Again...FUNNY FUCKING DRAWING love it!! ------

Oh Christ, you want a reply so badly? I think that I answered the way I did before because that's precisely what I was thinking. At least in this last email you've asked me answerable questions and it doesn't look like you're trying to put on a show for me.

I am content enough right now. I've actually got a number of projects keeping me busy. My move to New York is also a very nice change. I get a lot of satisfaction leaving places that I'm sick of.

I'm not sure what you want me to pinpoint in regards to a "dark side". I don't think you're talking about my freak drawings or how I shit all over Jesus Christ. Are you wanting to hear my most perverted thoughts? The things that I do when I'm alone in the dark? Everything I don't tell about myself on this silly web site? Okay... you go first.

I keep my brain busy enough to keep me from useless worrying. And all of the things that you're probably stewing over about the human race are what I enjoy dissecting, toying with and making fun of. It's a lot better than getting angry and letting it ruin a day.

I wasn't sure where to post your letter. I knew that it didn't belong in Fan Mail and our exchange just fit so perfectly with the Thanksgiving theme of the hate Mail page. In the end I didn't think you'd mind.

I find it interesting that you've accused me of "supporting shit and believing lies". Tell me what it is you're referring to. And you must tell me what you're buying into and why it's the truth. It only seems fair.


“Well I would like to tell you of my true exsistance, but do not know if I should.......It might make me look crazier then you already think I am.”

Well I guess I could learn to not let the stupid things of humanity get to me...BUT THEY ARE SO know what I mean. I guess I just have not reached that maturity level yet, oh well at least I know how I am a fuck-up....something to work on I suppose. No I do not want to know about your sexual perversions(if you have any) I was mostly pointing out how everyone has bizzare thinking. I don't really need to know about your personal life, sometimes I just get on a roll and start typing without constructive thinking.

I am a little jelious how you can particapate in the world. Unfortunately my haterd of this reality, race ..whatever has stopped me cold, and led me to a standstill as far as interaction with the race. I could be that much more powerfull in my desired influance, very powerfull if I could just get the motivation. I do not know if haveing a high intellegence feeds this hatered or not, I am not even really convinced that this race can correctly measure I.Q.

Well I would like to tell you of my true exsistance, but do not know if I should.......It might make me look crazier then you already think I am.

Good day BoB, Dragon

“I will pray for your soul!”

I am sorry for you if you are a Christian. I think your site is deplorable. What you think is funny I believe is a mockery of my Lord Jesus Christ! I will pray for your soul!


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