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More of the wonderful pictures from my beautiful fans!

I love the pray for Satans salvation are very witty. I like that in a guy! *winks*

Once have amused me! Keep up the good work..I love it!


Subject: Thanx for existing, even to me! :o)

Hi Bob! I've been reading your home page, and must say you're impressive!

I've also let myself get harassed by people (I choose to term them «neo-nazis») who put themselves up on a pidestal and judge me for not being exactly how they decide that everyone should be.

I'll make some links to your site from mine, because we all need a refresher every now and again.
From one of your fans:
Bjørn Føyn

"And like a parade of penguins you are all blindly waddling off the cliff of life into the very clutches that restrain both Christ and God from saving you."

Are you talking about penguins badly!? How dare you! You want them to fall off a cliff? And why are they blind? Geez saying something like that is WAY worse than!! I am horribly offended by your prejudice to Penguins. I love penguins. Screw God, it's all about the damned penguins! Don't mess with them.

Love, Ashley

P.S.- Hehe, my dear Bob, I just kid with you, but I do fancy penguins. I love the site, keep up the good work, Sexy! BTW, I put a pic of me in the mail since I know you hate it when people don't include one. Revel in my ugliness :( Hope to hear from you soon. (Are you gonna post my letter?? Just curious ya know..)

I personal think this a awful way to have fun. Jesus gave his life for our sins and he deservers our respet. I don't think you should make fun of someone who has given you so much. I will pray for you and hope you feel the love for Jesus that he has shown you.

Harold Fishy? Oh my god, what does that mean? You might want to reconsider that screen name. No babes (and I mean none) would Re: a "Mr. Fishy". Oh, unless that's your real name. Ak! Sorry.



As a passionate atheist myself, I look at your site and one thing came to mind. Hypocritism.


Wow. What a silly, misspelled, nonexistent word to have come to mind. You weren't as passionate about school were you?

“you fucking saternist...!”

you fucking saternist suck my ass and choke bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What is this regarding?

“I really hope you are not a Christian...”

I really hope you are not a Christian, because this display of stupidity trivializes Jesus' death on the cross. I am really offended by this game. It is sick to think that people would find humor in such a disgusting game.

Kerry Tubridy

Don't worry Kerry, I'm not a Christian!
"Whew!" I apologize for that misunderstanding.
Boy, but can you imagine if I was! Oh man would my face be red!

“U seem to be motivated by emotions therefore putting logic into second place.”

Pretty simple shit really. Basic principle of physics : "Energy never wears off it just changes form" Humans are motivated by energy as well as all living creatures so logical conclusion is that their energy, what u can call soul psyche whatever, lives on and on. Also ok i agree with u on the evolution theory but why is it that it proves that god does not exist? It's too simplistic and naive.

U seem to be motivated by emotions therefore putting logic into second place. It's a fact that for instance science knows some stuff, such as the neurostransmitters and the endorphines" that cause "happiness" to the person but their huge COMPLEXITY is unknown. That complexity is god!. Or you can call it "god" if u like or any other word u can think of ...And don't go on start going about me being against progress because i strongly support it it's just that i am not as naive as you to believe the human mind is unlimited.

Ilias Koutelidakis

Yes, very simple. U've worded yourself very good yes.
Now here's a question for you:
If energy never wears off and it just changes forms then where does the soul of a darling little sea horse go when its precious "energy" passes on? Fishy Heaven or Horsey Heaven. It's the eternal question. And don't go and tell me that sea horses aren't living beings and they're another one of Satan's twisted illusions to throw us all off course. I'm sick of that answer.

Evolution doesn't need God. People do.
Evolution isn't fair. God is.
Evolution doesn't cater to feelings. God does.
Evolution doesn't give you long warm hugs and love you unconditionally.
If I were motivated by emotions I would have invented some way for me to get out of dyin' and another way for everyone who's hurt me to suffer forever.



I hate generalizations but in this case i cannot neglect the fact that the americans are how can i put it in a polite way.........IGNORANT!

From your answer to my e-mail about how the existence of a superior power which you can call "god" I concluded that you are not as educated and aware and also open-minded as I thought you were.I seriously believe you could use some counselling to support you a bit.

Another thing , I don't much care wether you put the stuff I e mailed you on you site. Here in Europe we generally look down on the Americans as they have no culture whatsoever and their technological progress is based up to a lrge degree to the fact that many European scientists (Italian, German, Greek, Swedish etc) offer their brains and services over there.

Personally I like the Americans (NOT the american foreign policy though) cause they re people fun to be with and I have an american friend here in Athens. Why am I saying all this now and which point I am trying to make? Well i though that you were an excption from the dumb consumer -robot "US Citizn" (hahahahahaha) and you don't much deviate from the average therefore we cannot communicate. I know I sound arrogant but it is not those are facts you re not to be blamed because it just sort of happened that you were born in this kind brainless social environment but you managed to deviate (and i give you 10 outta 10 for that) even a bit.

Greetings from the country of Greece

Ilias Koutelidakis

SOKRATES "I know one thing;That I know nothing"

Wow! You've really gone nuts on me pulling America's foreign policy into all of this.

Thank you for your insightful retort. It will be posted on another screwball episode of Hate Mail!

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