(The only picture that I could find of Rodney. I hope he doesn't mind.)
Dude! what the fuck is up with the website?

It's bad enough I have to wait so long for your updates. Now you're going offline?!!!

Rodney Saenz

No, I wasn't shut down by the Christian right...
but that sure would have been more interesting.

Their emails are in blue & mine are in black and white.

Jesus Christ! What the hell happened?

At first it was supposed to only be down for 24 hours, then that turned into the weekend, and now suddenly a week has gone by and still no site! I've got things to say! Wise cracks to mouth off and people to offend! Oh, and I missed you all so very much. I had no way of reaching you, I felt so helpless and unpopular. However I have to admit that the Yahoo Group came in handy through all of this.

Now for those of you who schedule your life around my updates or feel that you're owed new material every few days, I've got some troubling news to share. I'm going away next week (August 11th - 17th) to New York to get away from the hustle and bustle of Chicago. What a relief it'll be! That week there will be no updates, no replies to your emails and no godless mockery of our savior, judge and best friend Jesus. I promise however that when I return I will share with you my New York stories.

If you're starting to feel panicy and troubled about this I suggest that you go back through the site and relive those special moments while I'm away. Take a scroll down memory lane in some of the earlier pages of Hate Mail. Open up the first page of Fan Mail and work your way forward, or simply search the site for the pictures of me to gaze at in quiet fascination, lust and even awe. That's my advise. Really you should probably just go take a walk outdoors or plant a tree or something. It really doesn't make a difference to me, I just hope that you return the week after next when I do. Oh, and would it kill ya to forward my URL to some religious strangers while I'm away!??! Christ!

So here is another slew of beautiful girls who say that they love me. Mind you, I never see any of this action.

I was reading through your site and when I read the 'hate mail' it made me laugh;

I mean, I knew people were generally oversensitive, touchy whiners but my goodness the stupidity that dripped from those letters was so much in volume that it could have drown a small country.

People really need to learn how lighten up. Not to mention they should stop talking out of their asses.

I read one message from a guy saying that he was a hammerthrower and if you didn't take all the stuff about Jesus off your site that he was going to throw a hammer at your head, or something like that.

I just have one thing to say to the person who said that, even though they most likely will never see that I said this. Kid, you're so full of shit, be carfeul next time you go take a crap, you may lose IQ points.

Anywho, I think your site is pretty damn interesting. As are the social rejects who cry about what's on your site.

I'll admit, I haven't gone through the site in its entirety yet but what I like the most is rather than just posting up all the mail you get, you actually take the time to reply to it all. And there seems to be A LOT.

Good stuff, I'm off to explore this 'Dress up Jesus' deal.


Bob, Bob, Bob, why do you do these sorts of things? Because of your hilarious website, I stayed up too late AGAIN. It's midnight, and I still need to eat dinner, find clothes for tomorrow, feed my cats, and somehow fit 8 hours of sleep into the next 5 hours. I have a meeting in the morning, and I'm going to feel all sleepy and sacrilegious.

I still have more of your site to visit, but I've loved it so far. I forwarded jesusdressup to all my friends (all FIVE!), but my favorite so far is the Satan comic. The ventriloquist act with the damned soul fucking killed me. Keep up the great work!


P.S. - Though I despair of my e-mail or picture being interesting enough to post, I've attached my picture so you can see what a midwestern atheist looks like. Scary, 'eh?.

Subject: hey bob

Hey bob i was looking thru ur site and its amazing and ive fallen in love with you, your smartass remarks and hate towards christ (or lack there of) draws me to you like a fly to honey,
ur my panda bear -


This is me at 1 in the morning. I'm Jesse, fellow atheist/evolutionist. I kind of believe in reincarnation based on science...by the theory that energy/matter can neither be created or destroyed. What about you? What exactly do you believe or not believe in. I know about the god crap but what about everything else. talk to you later.


I just wanted to say that your site is great. People take offense at a lot of things. It's not like you're proclaiming that killing people is great or anything. It's all fun! Take care!

Oh, please don't cite my email address...you rock, but if I get Christian spam mail as a result, I'm gonna barf.


Dear Normal Bob- I just wanna say that I think you are very funny and no matter what anybody says, you're my hero! Who is this Jesus guy that everyone keeps talking about though? He sounds like a sweaty slimeball that likes to lick young mens balls! Whoever he is, I love dressin' him up. :-)

ps. some people haven't figured out that religion is a disease. Give them time...maybe they will wake up one day. If not, who gives a fuck!

Nina Whett

“...we've (yes we) have been lied to for decades.”

I know that you don't believe (yet) but do yourself a favor. The only alternative to Creation is evolution, right? Do yourself a favor, and anyone else who happens across your disgusting web sites...study evolution. I mean STUDY it. You'll discover what a bankrupt theory it really is and how we've (yes we) have been lied to for decades. I'm sure then, you'll know the truth. If you need help getting started, I'll be happy to oblige.

God Bless You.

Chuck S.

Acts 13:41

A scoffer seeks wisdom and finds none, But knowledge is easy to one who has understanding. (Whole Chapter: Proverbs 14 In context: Proverbs 14:5-7)


Last month's issue of U.S. News & World Report (July 2002) focused on the topic of evolution and where modern science presently stands on this theory since the discovery of that seven million year old skull dug up two weeks ago. My favorite quote from the issue is: "Scientists say that evolution is no longer 'just another theory'. It's an every day phenomenon, a fundamental fact of biology as real as hunger and as unavoidable as death."

It's an absolutely fascinating read and I strongly advise you picking up a copy for yourself to study.

Sure, your conspiracy theories, falsified fossils, evil scientists, Satan's devious schemes and the talking snake make for a fine episode of The X-files, but when you're dealing with real life the answers will be sensible and often quite obvious.

I adore the study of evolution and the absolute logic and simplicity of it all. You only have to see the similarities in every living creature to understand what's occurred over the last 3.8 billion years here on planet Earth.

Somehow you've made the story of Adam & Eve the perfectly reasonable explanation for how we got here, how the animals got their names and how Noah had to start it all over again from scratch. So as you might have guessed, I'd be delighted to watch you try and validate a theory so bankrupt. I am taking you up on your offer Chuck. I want to know the truth. Please enlighten me.

Highly anticipating your explanation of how things aren't,
Normal Bob Smith

“I was curious as to why you hated the Christian faith so much?”


Yes I am a Christian, and yes I don't like your website. I'm not exactly sure why I am writing this email, but I just felt a compulsion to. I'm not going to rant and rave at you, or quote much scripture at you, owing to your intense dislike and/or disdain for scripture.

Firstly, I would like to say that I did find Jesus Dress Up amusing, and would like to congratulate you on your artistic ability and creative imagination.

I was curious as to why you hated the Christian faith so much? I know that you believe that religion is silly, and sure, I can understand. I know I used to think religion was utter nonsense, and simply an emotional crutch. But I have seen the truth, and I know that to be a Christian requires a lot more bravery than going along with the crowd.

In your response to Jim Cody's email, you essentially stated that Christianity was an attempt to escape from facing up to ourselves, as is evidenced by your comment (not taken out of context), that "Turning that corner and accepting responsibility for one's own actions is a big step, and for many that step is blasphemous."

Truly Bob, Christianity is not about denying responsibility for one's own actions. Christians do not walk around saying "the devil made me do it", indeed I would challenge that Christians take more responsibility for their actions than athiests. Christians can ask God for forgiveness, but will only recieve it if they ARE truly repentant, and "the devil made me do it" is not an excuse. Christians truly face up to their lives. Athiests can hide behind the wall of relativism and the idea that my way is the right way... for there is, in their worldview, no absolute morals; and there is no purpose to life, so why obey the morals of society if there are no cosequences. Christians are called to take responsibility for their own actions.

I fear you have a misconception of Hell. Hell, for want of a better word, is not, as popular fiction likes to promote, a place of fire and brimstone, where little men with horns, hooves, and a tail, poke you with tridents. Hell is eternal separation from God, from all of God's creation and goodness, residing instead with evil, which is simply the lack of Goodness. There is no enjoyment in hell, but no physical pain either. Just pain at the knowing of what one has forgone. (starting to sound too evangelical here, so I'll cut it short). Simply put, we are all carnal beings, and we all deserve hell. Salvation is a gift, one that we are called to take... to live eternity with God, or separated from.

I apologise if I was slightly long winded, but I certainly thank you for taking the time to read it. I hope that you would post it, and would be disappointed if you didn't. I don't expect you to grasp the truth in what I say, and certainly not because you are unintelligent, you clearly are an intelligent man. But I was once in your position and thought exactly what you though. And it took a work of God to convince me otherwise.

In conclusion, I'd like to leave you with one verse of scripture; you can do with it, and comment on it as you will... "The time will come when people will not listen to sound doctrine, but will follow their own desires and will collect for themselves more and more teachers that will tell them what they are itching to hear" 2 Timothy 4: 3

Yours sincerely,
Andrew King

“I was wondering if you could post this nearby...just for some hardcore fundamentals.”


If you are going to post my email... I was wondering if you could post this nearby...just for some hardcore fundamentals.

I did find the dress up Jesus amusing. Admitedly, the cross was a little distasteful, but to all those other Christians out there, whilst I don't like this site (no offense intended Bob), there is a lighter side to Christianity, and that page was the epitome of it.

Andrew King


After everything is said and done, after all scripture, religion, good teachings and morals, one still has to believe in the existence of God. That's the bottom line. You can't fake it, there's no pretending, you can't prove it, no response, no reason, no accountability.

Being an atheist in NOT about indulging in the desires of sin, preferring evil over good or hating Christians or those who pretend to be Christians. Atheism is having the belief that there is no God. An honest, pit-of-your-stomach, psychologically sound, heart-felt (sometimes heart breaking) belief that a supreme being does not exist. A supreme being that is susceptible and succumbs to the evils of jealousy, loneliness and selfishness. A supreme being that needs love then invents the dinosaur. Oops! A supreme being that gives us the gift of life who's souls are predestined for eternal suffering. A supreme being who hides but demands our attention.

An atheist believes there to be a very clear and obvious reason why the idea of God doesn't make sense. A Christian believes that the reason it doesn't make sense is because faith is what's more important.

You and I both know all of these things, I just word it better.
“why dont you make fun of yourself... so... you would fell the same way lots of people feel when they see that stupid web page.”

Its cristal clear that you must have a big life acceptance issue. Incredible, this is 2002, and people stil are making fun of god. look, Im not a christian freek or anything, but you are ridiculous.

Try to reset your brain a little, and get a job. money that comes easy ... goes easy. becarefeull, you are just human. (I hope)

Its funny, I understand, but why dont you make fun of yourself... so... you would fell the same way lots of people feel when they see that stupid web page. Please... GET A JOB BOY, ( you must be a child), with family problems, or even no family at all, into drugs and with a very low self steem. Well, its not your fault, you never had luv. I understand I~ve been there. Take care, and... try to make something more into 2002, JESUS COMICS AND DEVIL ARE REALY OLD FASHION.

Willian Carlton Scholze - web masters Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Portugal.

Oh my god! Make fun of myself?!? If I did that then I'd feel like all those people I've ruined the lives of with my Jesus Dress Up! What a horrible idea!

I am happy to inform you that you are INCORRECT on almost all of your assumptions of me. Sure I'm jobless and I don't have a family anymore (due to my PRESCRIPTION drug problem, and I've been clean and sober for 11 days straight, thank you very much), but I am NOT a child, I'm a grown up. HA HA! Boy you sure look stupid saying such things!

Who's got the "big life acceptance issue" now?

“I will pray that the stronghold Satan has on your life will be lifted”

To Whom it may concern.

I will pray that the stronghold Satan has on your life will be lifted and you'll see the error of your ways. I am deeply saddened by the material on your website. I hope you understand before its too late.

Brian Porter

God bless you Brian,
I am so very lost... and time is running out.
Pray harder than you've ever prayed before.
Do it now, before it's too late!

“your all going to hell.”

hi your webb site is sucks
your all going to hell.

Jim Blair

"You're all going to Hell" is what I believe you meant to say. What you stated makes it seem as if I own a "all going to Hell". It doesn't make any sense what you've said, you see? I just wanted to point that out to you so you'd see it was you who sucked and not us.


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