Sad sad news this week as scientists uncover even more evidence that God is being manipulated by Satan, and the human race draws one step closer to an explanation for why God wasn't allowed to make a third afterlife option for the non Christians He loves so dearly.

The Light Warrior Files
“Satan! Let our Savior go!”

His emails are in blue & mine are in black and white.

As more and more evidence is uncovered it has become nearly impossible for science to deny the scary truth about

God, Satan & who’s really in control.

Since the very first transcript of the Bible mankind has tried to explain why God didn't created a safety zone (of sorts) for non Christians who don't want to spend an eternity in Hell.

God made the Heavens and God made the Earth... but His blueprints for Eternal-Safe-From-Devil-Land had mysteriously vanished... or did they?

We've known from the beginning that our God was susceptible to Satan's tools of evil, but Satan's power over God seems to go far beyond that.

Several months ago the Hubble Space Telescope took some astounding photographs of what we're supposed to believe is a one-billion year old structure of gas.
Those who know better have been referring to it as "The Lie in the Sky".

Cone Nebula
More smoke and mirrors created by God at the hand of Satan.

"Cone Nebula" (as it has been titled by science) is clearly another sign that Satan is forcing our God to use His miraculous powers of creation to manifest these deceptions and steer the human race away from the Bible's teachings. Scientists know this because it's a proven fact that only God has the ability create a galaxy cone.

Scientists carefully study the deceptions of Satan.

Satan has no boundaries when it comes to rounding up human souls... and this week he has gone and done it again. Scientists know that only God has the power to create and alter time, space, or rewrite history. Satan also knows this, and he's got God doing even more of his dirty work.

In central Africa archeologists have just unearthed "the oldest trace of a pre-human ancestor"... yeah right! It's a “remarkably” intact skull of a previously unknown species that they say walked upright as far back as 7 million years ago.

Sorry Satan, we ain't fallin' for that one again!

So why is Satan using our God to fabricate history? The answer is chillingly clear; Satan wants you in Hell... and not in some "Safe-Zone" created by a Merciful God of Love.

“Why do you hate God so?”

Subject: Why Bob?

Dear Bob: Why do you hate God so? And why are you so hard on his son Jesus? IM just curious, and this is not hate mail.

A friend,

Dear Light Warrior Number Three,

The main reason that I hate God is because He makes us all go through so much pain and suffering. I'm not just talkin' about volcanos, starvation and printing press mishaps, I'm also talkin' about things like loneliness, deadly diseases, and not answering all of the prayers I pray by the deadlines I set.

I suppose that I take it out on Jesus because I really couldn't draw a "God Dress Up" or if I did no one would get it. Everyone loves Jesus so much and everything He does is always so perfect and holy. I guess it's more resentment than hate.

So there's your answers. I hate God because He makes bad things happen to good people and I take it out on Jesus because I resent the both of them.

Good questions! Any others?

“It's good to know that you do believe in God.”

Dear Bob:

Thank you for the return e-mail. It's good to know that you do believe in God. Have you read the bible where God gave us a choice to follow his law or we could choose to go our own way? Most people choose to go there own way.

There are consequences to going our own way. A lot of people blame God when things go wrong in their lives, but it's the other spirit (Satan if you will) who has come to rob, steal, and destroy the human race. Your right, bad things happen to good people, that's true. But it's not God doing it, it's the accuser whose acutely doing it. I to have had prayers go unanswered, but some have been too. I trust God to know what's best for me in my life, that's where the faith part comes in. I have also had miracles done in my life too.

Without faith, there is no pleasing God, because he is a faith God With Adam we became a fallen race, we Jesus we became redeemed race. And once again have fellowship with the creator of all. No wonder people love Jesus so much. Don't be discouraged, just believe Bob, I sense that you still do. If I can be of any help to you at all, to talk or what ever, I am at you service.

God bless you in all you do,

No no, you don't understand. Sure I hate God for the typical reasons other non Christians do (loving us no matter how much we try and push Him away, not letting us into Heaven for our good deeds, bad-things-to-good-people stereotypes) but there's also another reason.

The other reason I hate God/Jesus/Holy Ghost so much is because they fabricated the 50 million year reign of the dinosaur to lead us astray from what really happened (Adam 4 days after Earth was built). It totally irks me! I can't believe that God would go through so much trouble burying those dinosaur bones and planting pre-human skulls in Africa to make it seem like man evolved and Earth existed for longer than several thousand years (even though we both know it started in Eden).

You know, if He doesn't want us in Heaven He doesn't have to confuse and mislead us like that. It's so deceiving! I hate it!

Yeah yeah, I understand that God is a jealous god (that being the one sin He let's Satan control Him with) but it doesn't seem like God should lie to us. It makes it seem like He's not lookin' out for our best interest, ya know?

Unless Satan DOES control God? Huh. I hadn't considered that. It'd explain why God hasn't simply created an alternative to Hell for non Christians.
Wow, that really got me thinkin'. What a scary thought, but it really adds up. Thanks for offering your services French. It's starting to make a lot of sense now.


“I think dinosaurs and the early bones of a man like creature, are attempts of Satan to deceive the humane race.”

Dear Bob, Satan has always been called the great deceiver, and in the end times the word says, that he will deceive the very elect of God if they aren't watchful. He has always been a copier of God's works, and it isn't hard to see he has set up his angels in a like position of the Holy one's government.

When he was cast out of heaven, after the rebellion, he came to rule here on earth for a season. The loving God doesn't want to destroy his creation, because Lucifer was a cherished angel, before he decided to try and be like the most high. I think dinosaurs and the early bones of a man like creature, are attempts of Satan to deceive the humane race.

Heaven was never intended to be man's home, Earth was created for man, Heaven is a temporary stop until we come back to a new Earth. God himself will come and live here with his most favorite creation, man. forever!!

Again Bob, the bad things that happen to us are a result of sin, and man's inhumanity towards man. The word says that the heavens and earth itself groan, because of sin. Volcano's and natural disasters are a result of that sin, the Earth hasn't been right since Adam.

God loves us so much, he doesn't want us to be with him, if we choose not to be. If we don't want him, then we must want to be with Satan, and so we will be. The real hell is a separation from the God who loves us. Those are the choices for man, God or Satan, life or death, (spiritual). I choose life.

Jesus loves you and won't give up on you, that's why he follows us, even though we don't want him. In my own life, I resisted every attempt of him to reach me because I loved the pleasure that sin offers. Until one day those pleasures lost it's appeal. Guess who was waiting for my call, right. Jesus.

He was right behind me, and washed me clean with is own precocious blood, which he gave up for all mankind. I hope we can continue to converse, you seem to be a very intelligent man. And I enjoy our dialog. I am 49, a biker, married with a 14 yr. old son. We live in south Jersey near Atlantic City. I am a Marital Artist, weight lifter, and a handgunner. Tell me alittle about yourself.

A friend,
A friend,

Wow, that's pretty wild. I'm shocked that someone who's into Jesus and the Bible is also into such cool stuff like handguns, weightlifting, bicycling, AND a martial artist. I bet you surprise a lot of people when you tell them you're a Christian, 'cause you seem like a bad ass and you make a lot of sense.

I'd never considered Satan having the power to create those 50 billion year old universe illusions, fool science with fake dinosaur bones and frozen cavemen, and planets that appear to have been around for millions and millions of years. That's scary, the trickery of Satan. Christ, I don't even feel like I can trust the back of my hand in front of my face now... or even the Bible for that matter! It's no wonder that God is so vulnerable to Satan's evils; jealousy and even loneliness. Ha! We have Satan to thank for our existence, weakening God with the pains of being lonely! That's a trip!

I tell ya, now it totally seems like God is easily being manipulated by the Devil. I mean, all of Satan's unbelievable powers of deception against or stupid human brains. It's obvious why we are so easily duped. And just because we might believe Satan's lies doesn't mean we want to live with him forever. That's why Satan doesn't let God make a third afterlife option. No one would choose eternal suffering (except for Satanists and the gays), I just know they wouldn't!

Man, I don't know if I could ever bring myself to worship a god that's under the powers of Satan. How do you respect Him? Satan really figured this one out good.

Thanks for answering all of my questions. It's obvious that you're a really cool guy. I'm 33, an administrative Vending Machine Supply Host with my own business that I run out of my van, I'm also President of, an In-home business I've just started up. I have 3 kids that I see pretty regularly when their mothers let me come by, and I LOVE TO PARTY HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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