More Hate Mail...
and a little bit o’ love.

Their emails are in blue
& mine are in black and white.

Here is a letter that I received from a fan someone:

As I begin my descent down this wonderfully spiralling website I have just one question.

What made you hate Jesus?

This is neither hate mail nor fan mail, yet something more like curiousity mail. From what I have seen so far I must admit that this is one of the more well layed out websites I have managed to stumble upon.

The way I see it, there must be something that must have triggered such a grand disgust for christianity. I know that the whole idea in itself can be quite unsettling but to go out and put forth so much effort towards it's much deserved damnation makes me ponder the question as to what is the reason behind it all.

Perhaps you have one, perhaps you are in it just for the popularity, regardless I am just curious as to why. Maybe you have all ready unvailed your reasons out here on your website and I haven't found it yet. anyway I was just curious., but this will not be the last you hear from me. I have other subjects which I would like to discuss with you.

until then,


Wow, “HATE” Jesus?

That's quite an accusation, and it reeks of agenda. It isn't like I've riddled my pages with "Fuck Jesus, that son of a bitch! I hope He and His disciples are rotting in HELL!" and drawn pictures of me stabbing him in the heart with a butter knife. What I have done however is constructed some extremely witty religious satire and a clever Dress Up style game (that could have very easily been more offensive & violent).

Would you have thought I was filled with hate and disgust if it'd been, let's say Kiefer Sutherland Dress Up? Would you have written me saying; "I have a question for you. Why do you hate Kiefer Sutherland so much? The way I see it, something must have triggered such a grand disgust for Mr. Sutherland. Perhaps you're just trying to do it to be popular."

My opinion is that if it weren't funny then you'd have reason to say "why?" You'd have reason enough to ask yourself "What could have sparked such a nightmare?" But it is funny and and the reason is staring you right in the face. The reason that it IS Jesus and not someone else is because it is the funniest possible execution (pun intended) of the joke. No one else would have been funnier.

There you go. There's your answer.

Oh yes, and it's the God Ate My Balls section that you're looking for.


“How will you explain your action. ?????”

One day Sr. you will have to answer to your creator God the Almighty, King of King, and Lord of Lord. Keep this in mind. How will you explain your action. ?????


Juanita, I think that it'll go something like this:

"Heh heh, uh, hi Jesus. I sure didn't expect to see You here! Heh heh. An explanation? For what? Oh, Jesus Dress Up! Well um, it was just kind of a playful spitting on your sacrifice... a lark! You know! Um wait, it's kinda my way of showing how You (Jesus Christ) are continually being crucified again and again... even today! Like how your suffering is ongoing therefore adding value to your death. It's actually a pro-God statement! Artistic freedom?
Sure I believe! Look, I'll pray right now! What? It's too late for that?
Ya know, I thought sure that the Bible said something about this particular kind of mockery being OK. Seriously. If You get me a Bible I'll show You where it said that."

Then I'd slowly leaf through the Bible page by page until I saw just the right moment to turn and RUN!

That Juanita is how I think the explaining of Jesus Dress Up to Jesus will go.
Any other questions?

“don't mock me”

i know that everything i say has already been said by my fellow HUMANS! don't mock me, mark my words u will go 2 hell! r u afraid? prob not cuz u don't bleeve in it. if you did u would be afraid. u r not funny...u just piss ppl off. i bet ur just a sad man fat and old in his chair, fucking lil sheep and gurls while makin this webpage! well shame on u. i don't care if u mock me..go ahead. that's all u ever do to any one and gets boring. new material is not a sin!

i am just a JESus lover cuz he lives for us

Fine. I may have a bit of a weight problem, but just because someone's HUSKY (5'4", 348 lbs.) does not necessarily mean that the only thing that will have sex with them are sheep (such a lucky guess).

In my 54 years of life I have yet to understand why there's such a stigma attached to obesity... and excessive body hair. We're human too!

I am not going to give you the honor of being mocked by me. You're not worth it!

Proud to be me,
Normal Bob Smith




Unrespectful? I don't think that word is allowed.

“say some christian kid came in and was told to look for a web site about jesus!”

oh yeah? well say some christian kid came in and was told to look for a web site about jesus! he would get well done by his | her parents. are u christian? thought not. im only giving u my opinion, oh and by the way, its not .com u peenarse.


“i am only a kid”

i am only a kid u know!





OK OK, you're just a kid. My apologies. I suppose that I can allow "unrespectful" this once... but I don't want everyone thinking they can go on a dis/un flip-flop free-for-all. Now for future reference, I am being disrespectful: Having or exhibiting a lack of respect; rude and discourteous.

So you presented the scenario "say some christian kid came in and was told to look for a web site about jesus". I don't think that there's anything wrong with a child stumbling across It's cute, whimsical AND it's reality. It is reality because not everyone has the same opinion about Jesus, reality because it's OK to question it, and reality because there's humor in it.

I think that a kid who's doing research on Jesus and comes across my site will think more about Jesus than a kid who goes to only pro Jesus web sites. One opinion requires no thought. Ya know, I think we've both proven my theory here today. No need to thank me. Anything for the children.





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