Hooray for Hate Mail!
Nothin' cheers me up more than a heapin' helpin' of good ol' fashion hate mail. Thank you everybody!

Oh, and there's some fan mail too.

Their emails are in blue
& mine are in black and white.

You're site is really awsome!

I loved the Jesus Dress Up, and the Normal Bob Smith Revenge was even better!!

I'm not you're typical Agnostic, nor Witch, nor the person you would probably respect surfing your site. Lol. Only b/c of my age though. Despite that, I thought I'd email you anyway.

I really love your site, and what you've done w/ it. The "Satan's Salvation" comic, your responses to hate mail, and everything that is connected is awsome. Your site has great graphics, and works well. Kudos to you, Bob!


P.S. I sent you a pic just for the hell of it. I'm the girl in the black.

Hi Bob. A couple of months ago I started reading a page or two of your site every morning over coffee in the moist dungeon that serves as my work place. I'm a little sad that I'm nearly caught up on the Hate Mail, and hopeful that you don't grow tired of it anytime soon. I know I won't.

I discovered you when I was putting the e-moves on a cyber-cutie that had you linked on her site. In an effort to gain some insight into her pants, I intended to study those things that interested her. Especially what she thought was funny, seeing as how I have a face like a foot and funny is the only thing that gets me laid on a semi-regular basis. Holding my breath against the reeking miasma of regurgitated Creed fan pages and wacky joke lists, I was thrilled to find a glint of intelligence nestled in the stinky web poop. Thrusting elbow deep into the steaming pile, I plucked forth the single piece of sweet corn that was your site.

Since then I have worshipped the Super Chicks, admired your art, prayed for Satan's Salvation, and having been dumped recently, commiserated with the Love Diaries. I think I peaked at age 12. I truly enjoy the Hate Mail, and I'm impressed that you are able to respond in different and entertaining ways to what are essentially the same two emails over and over. The letters from the slope headed potty mouths are always good for a laugh, but you do your best work when responding to the Soul Collectors. Has Christianity offered some sort of prize to the constituent who brings you back into the fold? They already have eternity in Paradise, why in hell would they need a set of steak knives? But what I admire most is that with your site you seem to have invented a method for sifting all of the open-minded hot chicks from the rest of humanity. Bravo, Bob. Bravo.

If I may, I would like to share my experience with Jesus Dressup. My father is atheist and my mother is Baptist. Growing up, both of them answered our questions without pushing their beliefs on us. As a result my sister goes to church, my brother can solve a Rubik's Cube with his feet, and in my 28 years I've never doubted for one minute that I'm atheist. Until Jesus Dressup dredged up hidden feelings of shame and guild I never knew I carried. After a month I was about halfway through your Hate Mail when I realized I had been reading about Jesus Dressup and had never played it myself. I had clicked on the links and smiled, but hadn't put so much as a bunny slipper on him. Why was this? I've gone back time and again to the Bob Dressup. I've relished every method of torture and humiliation you've so thoughtfully put at my disposal. My favorite is to place the alien face-hugger over the cartoon Bob's crotch and then touch his bad place so it looks like he's enjoying it. Making a chocolate Jesus is equally funny to me, so why had I subconsciously avoided it? Was I just worried that it might offend a pious coworker? Was it possible that I actually feared a smiting? Could I be a closet Christian? Being attracted to the occasional guy would be less disturbing for me. I mean everybody fantasizes about Johnny Depp, right? I'm not made of stone. With mild but embarrassing trepidation, I loaded Jesus Dressup and began to play. Oh, how I played. Slowly at first, as I nervously chose the Dr. Seuss hat to replace his thorny crown. The urge to look over my shoulder was insistent and humiliating. I began to dress Christ more quickly, as my anger prompted me to try new and more ridiculous attire. I began to relax as I moved to the Halloween and Holiday Dressups.

I'm doing better now. When I earn enough to see Jesus in Hollywood I know I'll be cured. Maybe then I can stop knocking on wood, look in the mirror proudly and say "Candyman" three times.

With Thanks,
Eric Gibson
P.S. any chance of a Johnny Depp Dressup?

hey! my name is sandy and i have a cheerleading web site but on the bottom of it i have links that lead to sites

i really think you're funny & entertaining. i have put yours there and i have recieved a few complaints on the 'jesus dress up' site but i still like your site and if you could visit mine and leave a message, read all the messages people have written to me, its quite funny. but im sure it doesnt compare to your compalints, you have my okay!

check it out all right...thanks

“I don't have a problem with you atheists at all.”

I don't have a problem with you atheists at all. Not your beliefs. What I have a problem with is your methods of doing it.

You demonstrate remarkable arrogance and act as if you have a monopoly on the truth. You seem to think of yourselves as superior beings; as an intellectual-elite who've adopted pure logical thought and rose above the silly superstitious mindless nonsense that's plagued mankind for centuries, held back science and so blight your fellow citizens. I'm an agnostic, and I guess that means I haven't made up my mind, but I find atheists like the people who run this site annoying, and I don't like christians much either.

You atheists, and christians both hate each other. And that's all that matters. You want to annihilate christians and christians want to annihilate you. I have another idea. Let it go. Sure there are many times I wanted to hit somebody or hatch some form of revenge, and I didn't. Show some restraint.

The fact that you do not appear to be physically capable of restraining yourself, combined with the fact that you are intolerant to not only christianity, but to all religions and all those who practice them, you appear very similar to the fundamentalists you speak out against.

The notion of not believing in God is not exactly a hard-idea, but it's the fact that you're in everyone's face about it. I saw a picture of a person shoving a cross-up their ass "take this cross and...". Now, even I think that's disrespectful. I can figure out many ways to express dislike, or even outrage over things without depicting a person putting a crucifix in their rectum. After all, you guys would be outraged if someone drew a graphic of an atheist on a cross.

You wonder why you guys are disliked by Americans? It's not because you don't believe in God. In fact a recent poll said a large number of Americans had no problem with people who didn't believe in God, but they did have a problem with atheists. LOL, try and wrap your mind around that one. When most Americans think "Atheist", they think of the kind of atheists that go into a christian chatroom and yell out "THERE IS NO FUCKING GOD!!!" You honestly strike me as those kind of people. Although truth be told, the word Atheist comes from the A-Theos which means "Without God".

Trash away if you want, or do nothing, I don't care

For someone claiming to have no problem with atheists you sure do have a long list of problems you've got with atheists.

OK, as I've done countless times before I am going to once again demonstrate how unbelievably tolerant I am by responding to your accusations of intolerance.

The reason that I come off so remarkably arrogant (as if I've got a monopoly on the truth; an intellectual elite adopting pure logical thought, rising above silly superstition and mindless nonsense that's plagued mankind for centuries) is because that's how I am. Yes, I'm sure it can be annoying at times.

Believe it or not, I don't hate Christians and I don't want them annihilated. Jesus Dress Up is cute and funny. It is not hate. Saying that it's disrespectful for someone to shove a cross up their ass while telling Christians to "go fuck themselves" deserves a heavy handed sarcastic clap pointed in the direction of you. The difference is that mine is cute and funny. Back in December of 2000 I only offended myself a tiny little bit when I drew a picture of an atheist on a cross.

I think it is so amusing when I am accused of being "in people's faces" with my beliefs. I imagine someone at their computer typing the words NAUGHTY JESUS MOCKERY" into a search engine, looking over each shoulder before clicking on the link to Jesus Dress Up, then gasping in horror as they drop and drag the scuba mask to Jesus... then the yellow dress... then the red pumps, and so forth. It's kinda like how you tell me to "show some restraint" then write 6 paragraphs on everything you hate about atheists.

The saddest thing of all Sivar is the remarkable arrogance you've displayed here today while saying absolutely nothing at all. OH! Except for the info on the origins of the word "atheist". That was very impressive... and consistent with your agnostic stand-for-nothing charm.

Thank you.

act your age not your shoesize”

you need to act your age not your shoesize, this page is not cool


You'll be astonished to know that I wear a size 28 shoe... and you know what that means!
“SICK scumbag..”

u r a SICK scumbag..i'll be praying for you.


Will you refer to me as "Sick Scumbag" in your prayer? If so then I don't really want you praying for me. You're liable to sway God into not liking me even more!

“im sorry i called u a sick scumbag”

ok, im sorry i called u a sick scumbag, but y in the world would u do that??? r u an atiest or sumthing?


Nah, you were right the first time. I'm a scumbag. You?

“im a scumbag”

ok, if ur a scumbag, im a scumbag, but really, y would u make that website???


I made it because I think it's funny, clever and harmless. By the way, yes I am an atheist.

“y did u become an atheist???”

y did u become an atheist??? what in the world happened to u to where u became so disconsolate to think that there is no God??


Um, I thought it through... logically... with my brain.
How in the heck were you sold on it?

“sold on it?”

what do u mean? sold on it?....ok, well then how do u explain how we got here?


"Sold on it" as in; Why did you so readily believe that Adam was created 4 working days after the universe was made? Then God took one of his ribs and made the woman you call Eve? What makes you think that really happened? That's my question.

My explanation is that we evolved over time, like all those cavemen you see in the museum. Important people with high paying jobs and a lot of intelligence have dug up artifacts, studied them and found that the Earth has existed for millions and millions of years, not several thousand like the Bible claims. And I don't think that a talking snake has ever existed either.

I think you've got more thinking to do.


well heres an intresting thought for you: EVOLUTION HAS ALREADY BEEN DISPROVED. and by the way, theres been plenty of intresting facts in the bible that talked about stuff thata hapened right? and every single scientist laughed it off....but then, what? could it be possible? every thing that was laughed at, after actual research, WAS true. how do u evplain that?

i think U need to think this through,


Evolution has not been disproved. Whoever told you that is high, and I have no idea what you're talking about when you say that scientists have proved that the Bible is true. If when you say "scientists" you actually mean "crackheads" then you may have a leg to stand on.

Please clarify.


“prove it.”

prove it.


Look in the mirror. You stand less chance of reproducing than a most people. This is evolution working right before your very eyes Brinana!

“historical evidence shows and proves that what the bible says IS TRUE”

umm...okaaaaayyy. Not really. Evolution contradicts iitself IT HAS ALREADY OFFICIALLY BEEN DISPROVED. even scientists will grudgingly admit that the historical evidence shows and proves that what the bible says IS TRUE


Yes, and scientists also begrudgingly admit that dinosaurs are a lie as well. You've really got to poke and prod them but after a couple hours they'll tell you they've scientifically proven that God exists.

By the way, if the person is in a straight jacket, they're probably not a scientist. Does the head nurse know you've been abusing your email privileges?

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